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Original Days



Two weeks later.

On a silent afternoon, in Arlington National Cemetery, a lone figure stood unmoving. The wind tossed around his shoulder length black hair, and a dull pain resonated from the right side of his face, but his eyes never left the object of his focus; a smooth, pitch-black granite headstone, with one name on it.

Mathew Black

Suddenly a voice rose up behind the figure, and he wasn't alone anymore.

"Usually when someone checks out of the hospital, they want to forget about stuff like this."

Stopping to the right of Jason, Fisk looked at the name written on the stone for a moment, and then asked "Who was he?" Jason kept his red eyes on the stone. "My older brother; he died during a military drill when his chute failed to work." His eyes finally left the name, moving to focus on Fisk. "Not exactly the best way to go, uh?"

Fisk could only nod in agreement at that. "Were you two close?"

"Actually," Jason began as his eyes returned to the stone. "I hated him. He was the elder son, the inheritor, the one our parents would leave the family business and all of their riches to once they passed on. It really didn't help that he succeeded in whatever he did. And then there was me," he said, closing his eyes in thought. "I was the kid who wasn't meant to be born. It's not that they hated me or anything," he said quickly, noticing the way Fisk had been clenching his fist. "It's just that, as the second-born, I had no use. I would not inherit anything, I would not run anything, and I wasn't even very good at the stuff that they did give me to do; I was completely without use to them.

"But when he died, I realized something. I realized that even though I hated him, he was always there for me; always helping me to improve and grow, even if it was only by being an obstacle to overcome. And I guess that's what older siblings are for."

Fisk looked at him as Jason went back to staring at the headstone, and muttered "I wouldn't know." After that they both stood in silence.


After a while Jason yawned and said "Well, that's enough being emo for one day. Come on, let's get out of here." As they walked to the exit, Fisk began filling Jason in on everything he had missed while in the hospital.

Lucy and Tommy were both recovering from their respective experiences very well, and would be just fine soon enough. Tommy was even back to making jokes, and upon hearing that his wife had gone back to help fight White said "Thank goodness I didn't marry the damsel in distress, uh?"

Church was still in the hospital recovering from the injuries caused by the grenade. Apparently his operation had been very touch-and-go for a while, and if Angela hadn't been there he would most definitely be dead. Jason was also happy to hear that once he had recovered fully Church would be joining the company.

Ryan and Netton had been able to come to a mutually satisfying agreement, though as soon as Fisk began trying to explain Jason yawned and waved it off, saying that he had no patience for politics. Silently agreeing, Fisk moved on to other, more pressing matters.

The day after White was stopped; Ryan led several agents on a raid of White's apartment. Inside they found dozens of empty cases and folders, evidence that some of White's men had escaped capture. Ryan had immediately ordered that the apprehension of those men, and the recovery of that research, was their highest priority, before someone had the idea to follow in White's footsteps. Jason shuddered at that thought; he wasn't sure if his body could handle another fight like the one he had gone through. Fisk silently agreed with that as well.


Eventually they made it to the gates leading out of the cemetery. Jason looked over at his partner, his friend, his cousin, and sighed. "Well, now that everything's back to normal, I suppose that you'll be leaving pretty soon, huh?"

Fisk looked at him with an inscrutable look on his face; but before long it changed to a smirk, and then to a full grin. "Well, about that. Elizabeth and I talked long and hard about this, and came to a decision. I'm staying to work with the company." After Fisk said this everything went quiet, and the look on Jason's face was priceless. After a second of silence he came up with a most intelligent reply.

"Say wha?"

"I said I'm going to keep working at the company. I left in the first place because I was afraid; afraid that I wasn't living my own life, or following my own dreams. I was afraid that I was justliving a shadow of my father's life. But now I think I understand; beyond serving our country, we all need to find our own personal reason to do what we do, no matter what that is. That is what defines an original life. I don't think White had that other reason, I think he became so focused on the country that he forgot what made up the country; people."

Jason nodded in understanding. "So, what's your new reason, your new drive to do this job?"

Fisk began walking away to his car, but not before giving his answer. "Family; whether it's at home waiting for me, or on the field fighting beside me." Jason smiled at that; knowing that no matter what struggles came in the future, no matter what pains and sorrows would assault them in the days ahead, he knew that they would face this new, original life, together.

The End


Ending Credits

Song: What I've done, by Linkin Park



Fisk Black-Christian Bale

Elizabeth Black-Nichole Sullivan

Ryan Tobs-Mathew Fox

Jason Black-Dante Basco

Senator Zimmer-John Noble

Tommy Erikson-Danny Cooksey

Lucy Erikson-Christy Carlson Romano

Jay Oralyn-Jason Marsden

Mr. White-Ron Perlman

Angela Faunt-Grey DeLisle

Senator Netton-Jason Isaacs

Erik Faunt-John Mahoney

James Black-Peter Cullen

Asim-David Kaufman

Aiko-Stephanie Sheh

Derek Church-Burnie Burns

Guard who groped Lucy and got his face smashed for it-Jason Saldana

Guard 1-Gustavo Sorola

Guard 2-Geoff Ramsey


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