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The water rippled, distorting the reflections cast on its surface as Kakuzu halfheartedly threw another rock.

Sasori always said that ditching was good for your health, Kakuzu didn't exactly know whether or not that was true, but it seemed a better alterative then going to school after what happened the day before. He had wandered around town, picking arbitrary directions as he went. His mind was foggy, chaotic thoughts clashed within.

His feet started to follow a familiar path, muscle memory taking over, as if it had only been a week ago that they had traveled down that path, rather then four years. The familiar sent of polluted water filled his nostrils, his skin grew moist in the humid weather.

He followed this path until he reached a cement bridge. Underneath were lush grass and wild flowers, blocked off by a fence that extended from the start of the bridge to the waterfront of a wide river, covering the fence however was an unruly grape vine, that had even tried to attach itself to the bridge above. It didn't feel like it had been four years, everything looked the same, even the rusting fence had yet to be replaced. In the lower right hand corner of the fence was a small hole, created by generations of teenagers looking for a place to smoke. Either the hole had gotten smaller or he had gotten bigger – neither of which he was very excited about – but in the end he made it, at the expense his clothes, and some of his skin.

Tetanus shot here I come.

He crawled across the grass, savoring the feel of the thin blades brushing against his palms. He flipped over so that he could lie down in the lush greens. The heat made his eyes feel heavy, his stress ebbed away as he was lulled to sleep in the paradise of his adolescence.

The sun hid behind the bridge, tinting their hideout a dark orange. Sasori was lying in the grass with a towel over his head, Zetsu was fast asleep in a patch of wildflowers, Pein and Konan were sitting together and whispering about something or other. Kisame and Kakuzu were sitting at the bank of the river, skipping flat river stones. It was quiet, but it was the peaceful kind of quiet.

There was a shuffling sound and everybody except for Sasori and Zetsu shifted their heads to look at the fence. Whoever it was, was obscured by the grape vine, so they waited for the person to come in or go away. A pale hand was the first thing that appeared, and then a pale arm and finally a pale person. Itachi slipped through the gap with relative ease, an ability that Kakuzu has always been somewhat jealous of.

"I'm sorry, my club ran late." And with that everybody went back to what they were doing, except for Kisame who wouldn't stop staring.

"And finally the crown prince, heir to the Uchiha clan graces us with his presence!" Itachi moved to sit beside Kakuzu, but Kisame jumped up and said. "Oh no please take my spot, in insist!"

"Kisame, what's wrong?"

"Yeah, you're acting like a dick." At this point everybody was looking at Kisame, even Zetsu and Sasori had bothered to open their eyes. Itachi frowned, obviously trying to understand why his best friend was acting like this.

"OH COME ON! HAVEN'T YOU SEEN IT?" He screamed. "HE ONLY HANGS OUT WITH US WHEN HE CAN'T HANG OUT WITH THOSE STUPID ANBU ASSHOLES!" Kisame was shouting at the top of his lungs, his voice echoing in the enclosed space. He stepped forward and shoved Itachi. "JUST ADMIT THAT YOU LIKE THEM BETTER!" No body knew what to say, Kisame was always so laid back, his outburst just seemed so sudden.

Itachi just turned around and left, but everybody had seen his face, and the anguish it held. As soon as he was gone Kisame grabbed the biggest rock he could find and hurled it at the river. He was breathing heavily, and nearly jumped out of his skin when Zetsu magically appeared by his side.

"Maybe you should take a swim, it might cool your temper." Zetsu started to move towards the exit but Kisame grabbed him.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Zetsu brushed him off and continued on his way before saying "Itachi looked hurt, he might need someone to comfort him…" Everyone knew exactly what he meant by comfort. Zetsu wasn't a bad person, but that didn't mean that anyone trusted him to be alone with a distraught 16 year old. The words barely left his mouth when he was thrown to the ground my Kisame.

"Don't you dare fucking touch him!"

"Why?You obviously don't care." Kakuzu locked his arms under Kisame's so that he couldn't start beating Zetsu. "Only an idiot would chase away someone they cared about." With that Kisame stopped struggling, Kakuzu tentatively loosened his grip, but the other boy just pushed him and ran for the exit.

They watched him go, and even listened as he called for Itachi. A sly smile slid across Zetsu's face as he was helped off of the ground. A thought crossed Kakuzu's mind, "You wanted that to happen."

Zetsu brushed off the dirt that had settled all over his clothing before answering. "Don't worry, I'm not turning nice, Kisame was just starting to annoy me."

Everything calmed back down after that, when the other two came back. Itachi sat next to Sasori, but from his attitude everything was fine between them. The rest of the day was uneventful, except for when Kisame punched Zetsu because he was singing "Scotty doesn't know".

It was dark when Kakuzu came home, he walked through the rooms and slid into his bed without bothering to turn on the lights.


It was noon when he woke up again, he had slept through most of the day before. A cold plate of pancakes waited for him in the kitchen, and It was clear that everyone had left long before him, there wasn't even coffee. He sighed and returned to his room to change, cooking was too much of a hassle in his currant state of mind.

The door jingled merrily as he stepped in. the café was fairly deserted, being the middle of the day. Kakuzu stepped up to the counter, behind it was a kid that looked like he had just stepped out of high school into this job. He ordered a coffee and 3 doughnuts, but as he turned to leave he saw a familiar albino sitting alone at a table. Hidan became closer and closer until Kakuzu realized that he had been walking towards the other man. Before he could stop himself he sat across from Hidan.


Kakuzu didn't know exactly what he was supposed to say, Hidan didn't know him, and he couldn't exactly say that he looked like someone else he knew. He wracked his mind for some possible excuse but somehow the words just seemed to slip out as if rehearsed. "It looks pretty pathetic."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Sitting alone. It looks pathetic. This way it looks like we aren't alone." The lies just flew from Kakuzu's lips, one after another.

"Hey aren't you the guy from the party?" Kakuzu mentally cursed, he had completely forgotten about what he had done. "Don't you hate people?"

"Now I don't"


"Is it that obvious?" Kakuzu wanted to scream, or hit something, he wanted Hidan so badly but at the rate he was going he was more likely to get a restraining order.

"I'm not fucking stupid, and I know that you have been stalking me too!" Kakuzu felt his heart stop, Hidan had known all along! And now he had no chance what-so-ever! If Hidan knew from the start then that was game over and that meant… wait… if he knew from the beginning…

"If knew then why didn't you stop me?" Hidan froze in his spot, slowly turning red, sounds started coming out of his mouth but none of them formed a word. Kakuzu's heart shot up into his throat, he had found an opening and he was going to jump on it. "Or was it that you didn't want me to?" He leaned in closer. "Are you the kind of person who gets off on that kind of thing? That is kind of kinky."

"WELL AT LEAST I'M NOT A FUCKING STALKER LIKE YOU!" All of the eyes in the room turned towards them. Kakuzu grabbed Hidan by the arm and dragged him out of the café, completely ignoring all of the other man's protest. He pulled Hidan into a secluded ally and backed him against a wall. Hidan's face turned red as he realized what sort of situation he was in.

"Now that we are alone we can talk freely."

"YOU CALL THIS ALONE! WE ARE IN A FUCKING BACK ALLY!" Kakuzu put his hand over Hidan's mouth to keep him from being too loud.

"Your voice annoys me." He removed his hand and replaced it with his lips. He moved closer to Hidan, running his hands all over the other man's body. He forced his tongue into Hidan's mouth, but cursed when it was bitten. He bit down on the albino's lip in revenge, but didn't expect the excited gasp that escaped from Hidan's lips.

Kakuzu took a step back to look at Hidan. His face was flushed and he was hard. Kakuzu raised an eyebrow in questioning. His teeth were clenched and his body started to shake, he grabbed Kakuzu's arm and dragged him back out of the ally. As soon as they were out he stepped behind Kakuzu and pushed him forward. When Kakuzu didn't move he said "Look, I'm not some two cent whore, and if you want to fuck it has to be somewhere nice." His face was turned away, and he just stood there pouting.

Without a word Kakuzu grabbed him and led him to his apartment. When they got there Hidan bounced around, looking at every little thing. "This is your place? It's fucking awesome!"

"I share it with friends."

"Then…" Hidan moved in front of Kakuzu, and gave him a seductive smile. "where is your room?"

"End of the hall, see ya later!" Kakuzu turned, pretending to leave when Hidan grabbed the back of his shirt. He tried hard to suppress a smile as he turned back around and said "Oh? Sorry, did you want me to join you?" it was almost impossible to control his lust with the face Hidan was making, it was just too damn cute.

They stepped into Kakuzu's room and Hidan pressed himself against the closed door. "Before we start, do you mind if I text my friend?"


"Cause it will piss him off." Kakuzu nodded and started taking off his shirt, wile Hidan flipped out his phone, and punched out a quick text. When he was done they closed the distance when Kakuzu's phone buzzed, he was tempted to ignore it but the name that flashed on the screen spiked his interest.

"I'm about to fuck some guy. Dude scars are fucking hot!" San's text sat on his screen as he slowly put two and two together. He looked up at Hidan, who had a cheeky smile plastered across his face.


"The one and only!" the last thing Hidan remembered was Kakuzu punching him.

Three months later

"Hey stick-dick! Pass the syrup!"

"You're too noisy." Sasori slid the syrup towards Hidan.

"Wait… we are still talking about breakfast right?" there was a chocking sound from across the table. Deidara looked pale as he tried to remove some pancakes that had lodged themselves in his windpipe.

"I d-don't think I'm hungry any more, yeah." He said as he pushed his plate away.

"Oh come off your fucking high horse! It isn't like we can't hear you! Oh master, MASTER! Right there!" Deidara turned dark red, and Sasori hid his face, but from the look of it he was laughing.

Kakuzu walked in, took a seat, and smacked Hidan over the head in one fluid movement. Hidan cursed and lightly smacked his partner in return, but there was no other retaliation. "Why did you do that!"

"Why not?"

"Abuse! ABUSE!"

Kakuzu pressed his lips close to Hidan's ear and whispered. "You like it." He moved back and gave Hidan a small smile. A crash was heard from the doorway, where Konan stood, around her feet was a pile of broken plates.

"Kakuzu… smiled…" Konan wobbled out of the room looking blissful. "it does exist…"

"KONAN YOU SAW NOTHING!" Kakuzu chased after her, in hopes that he could get her to forget. However Hidan sat in his chair, just smiling as he watched as Kakuzu shouted death threats.

"I guess I should save her…" Hidan walked over to his lover and pulled him down into a passionate kiss. When they parted he just walked away, leaving Kakuzu standing there looking a little surprised.