This was the first time I've ever been on a plane. I hope it's my last time too. I'd much rather run across the country then fly. Besides, I'd be able to get there faster by foot anyway.

If you're wondering how's that possible, it's really not hard to explain. You see, my twin brother and I are half vampires. Our mother, Bella, was human and our father, Edward, was a vampire. Of course I don't know Edward personally. He left our mother a long time ago, before even Bella herself knew she was pregnant. It's pretty dumb if you ask me. Who claims they love someone and then takes it all back just like that? My jerk of a father, that's who. What best friend doesn't even call or at least visit when you need them the most? My dumb aunt, that's who. So what if Edward is your 'brother'? Friends are forever, guys are whatever! Hadn't she ever heard of that?

Anthony gave me an amused look as he arched one of his brows up. Anthony is able to read minds, like our no good father. A very annoying gift, if you ask me. There is absolutely no privacy in our home what so ever. Very frusterating. Well, at least our old home. Now our home is at Charlie's, my grandfather I haven't seen since I was four. Mom moved a lot and we didn't have much time to spend with our grandparents. Not that we really minded. We never really had the chance to get to know them. At least not until now.

Last week our mom had passed away in a stupid, smelly hospital. This wasn't the way she was suppose to die. Shoot, she wasn't suppose to ever die. Not so young. Not without me. Bella had some how managed to live through our births, even though she nearly died. Only her best friend, my 'uncle', was there when we were born. It's not like she could have gone to a hospital, since we aren't human. Remembering that just makes me love her more than before. Bella was so must stronger and I ever could dream to be. She was my best friend, besides Anthony, and was always there for me when I needed her. Except now.

Cancer. That's what killed her. A stupid virus killed my beautiful, strong, hopeful mother. We had to sit around and watch her slowly die in some stupid white room. She said she'd make it through. She would fight it. In the end though, she wasn't strong enough. My mother, who could handle her true love leaving her, a crazy vampire, Victoria, chasing after her, giving birth to not one but two half vampires, raising two kids on her own, working two jobs and still have time for us, and etc, couldn't fight off some stupid virus.

I'm not mad at her for it. It must have been tough because I know Bella and she doesn't ever give up. Not without a fight. She'd proven that to me, time and time again. The last thing she taught me, the most important thing she claimed, was that to live life and never give up, because the days we are given are gifts from above. She told me to always rememeber to live life to the fullest, love with all my heart, no matter how big of a risk I might be taking, and to always forgive. I struggle the most with the last one. She had already forgiven my father and the rest of his family. I couldn't. I couldn't see how she could dare forgive someone like them. She would always get upset if anyone spoke horrible about them, though I don't know why. They deserve it after all.

"Please put your seat belts on, we're about to land." A voice over the speaker said as I started to feel the weight of the plane start to ease down. I complied and hooked mine back up, even though I didn't need to. I could jump off this plane and I'd still be alive.

"Hey don't think too much about it." Anthony smiled at me sadly. "It's not like we're ever going to have to worry about them."

I smiled at my brother and nodded. He was older by three minutes and never let me forget that. He had our mother's brown hair with green eyes. I guess the eyes came from our father. He was about six foot two and well built, making all the sluts fall for him. If he goes out with one more tramp, I'm going to rip his head off. You'd think with his good looks he'd have higher standards.

He chuckled at this and ruffled my bronze colored curls. I had Edward's color hair but Charlie's curls, that went down to my airbows. My eyes were the same as my mother's but you could see the hint of some green in them. We both had pale skin but unlike Anthony, who heart doesn't beat, mine does. Unfortunately, I inherited mother's blush, something Anthony got a kick at. He lived to make Mom and me blush. Well, now just me.

We finally landed and hurried off the plane. I may not be venomous but Anthony is, and it's hard for him to stay in a place with so many humans sometimes. Especially if it's crouded like it is here. At least I don't have that problem. With my anger problems, something I got from my father, claimed Mom, I would end up killing them. Beside's my pale skin, which is oddly warm, and my now never aging self, my gift is the only thing that really states I'm half vampire. Anthony and I grew at a fast rate and after six and a half years, we were finally full grown. We looked to be sixteen but we're really elevan. My gift is to control the weather. I can make it rain, snow, hail, sunny, and even can cause a tornado. Our major human abilities are that we need to sleep, can eat human food but we really don't like to, and we don't shine in the sunlight.

"Carlie! Anthony!" As soon as we grabbed our bags, we heard a male voice call our names. I turned to see Charlie walking over to us. His once dark hair was now turning gray and he had a lot more wrinkles then I remembered. I guess time does work it's toll on a human.

He hugged us tightly before letting us go, taking a good look at each of us. Mom always said that Anthony looks a lot like Edward. She said I looked more like her but acted a lot like him though. I always got mad when she said that. I didn't want anything to do with that man and I certainly didn't want to be told I acted like him.

"It's good to see you, Gramps." Anthony said with a crooked grin. Anthony was always a joker and loved to give people a hard time. I pitied poor Charlie. He was going to be the butt of his jokes for awhile.

Anthony grinned at my thoughts and pulled an arm around my shoulders, sqeezing me. Of course it didn't hurt but it did manage to annoy me to death. Anthony could annoy me like non other but could also make me laugh like no one else could. That was just the thing about him. He was laid back and lived life to the fullest everyday, like Mom had always wanted us both to do. I was more serious and independent, sometimes taking things too seriously.

"Hi Grampa." I smiled shyly at him as I blushed a little. Anthony was loud and outgoing while I was shy and quiet. We were so much alike, yet so different.

We talked a little before we grabbed our stuff and headed out to his police cruiser. Now I understood what Mom ment when she said she hated riding places with Charlie. This car would definitly embarrass the heck out of me. Anthony of course, found this absolutely amusing. He sat up front, making me sit in the back where criminals belong, as he played with every button and the CB, pretending he was in hot pursuit, much to Charlie's annoyance. Thank God he doesn't know how to turn the thing on.

"We're going down! We're going down! Chief, chief, I need back up!" I couldn't help but laugh at the idiot in front of me. Charlie blushed and looked out the window, an annoyed look was planted on his face. This was going to be interesting living with him.

"I am the chief." Charlie muttered but we both heard him perfectly.

Anthony's wild spirited eyes lit up more at that. "You're the chief! Oh my gosh! That's so awesome, dude!"

"Oh gee." Muttered Charlie, which just sent both of us into hysterics.

"Man, I can't believe Mom didn't tell me this." Anthony laughed out. "Well at least we can bond now, huh Gramps?"

Charlie just nodded and shook his head. I can only imagion what he's thinking. Anthony burst out laughing again, confirming my thoughts. We finally pulled up infront of a little two story house. When we walked in, it was small but homy and I was instantly comfortable. This little home reminded me so much of our old home in California. Small but cozy.

"Y'all two are going to have to share a bed room. I hope you two don't mind." Charlie mentions as he leads us up the stairs.

"That's fine. As long as I don't have to share a bed with sleep talker over here." Anthony joked as I blushed, causing him to laugh harder.

"Shut up." I mumbled, knowing he heard me as we were lead to Bella's old room. It looked exactly how Mom left it last time we visited, except that there were two twin beds crammed in here now. One was Mom's with her purple comforter still in place as the one beside hers was designed with blue.

"Y'all two will have to share the closet and dresser." Charlie said as he rubs the back of his neck, looking as ackward as I felt. "I'll be down stairs in you two need anything."

"Thanks." We say as the door is firmly shut behind him. Anthony grins at me before jumping down on his bed, making the walls shake.

"Well I guess this is it." He sighs.

I looked around the room. There was a dresser against the wall beside my bed, a desk against the wall to its left, and then the closet. Seperating Anthony and my bed is a little table with a lamp and an alarm clock on it. On the other side of his bed is the old rocking chair that's been there since Mom was born, and the window that Edward used to sneak into her room. By the door was a book shelf with a sterio on top. Simple enough. Just how Mom liked it.

Thinking like this made my eyes fill with tears. It hurt so much to think about Mom but it hurt worse to not think of her. She was such a part of my life and I don't know how or if I can live with out her. I miss her so much...

"Hey now." Anthony's voice is soft and comforting as he comes to lay by me on my bed. "It's going to be okay. Don't think like that, honey."

I curled up against his side as he wrapped his arms around me, rubbing my arm lightly. I leaned my head against his chest and closed my eyes as the tears fell one at a time. Another human trait about me, I can cry. I hated that human part of me the most. It always, always gave me away. I hated myself for being so emotional.

"Don't cry, honey. Don't cry." His voice was like velvet as he hushed my cries. "Mom wouldn't want you thinking like this. She wouldn't want you lying in bed, crying your eyes out. Besides, you've got me kiddo and I can't live without you. Always remember that darlin'."

I soon stopped my crying, realizing he was right and just laid there, feeling safe and at ease in my brother's embrace. He may be an idiot at times and a total goof off, who falls for any girl showing her thong, but he could be comforting and sweet when he wanted to. Deep down, he's just a giant softy.

"Watch your thoughts, little missy." He growled playfully, making me laugh.

"You know it's true." I giggled as I looked up at him. I didn't know what my father looked like but I wonder if Mom was right. If he really did look like the splitting image of Edward.

"From her thoughts, yeah I saw him. I did inherit a lot of his good looks." He grinned as he said this. "And the only thing true about your earlier thoughts were that I can be sweet when I want to be and I'm a goof off at times. I do not fall for any tramp that shows her thong."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, okay."

He glared playfully at me before tickling my sides, making me sqeal in laughter. I begged and pleaded breathlessly, trying to reason with him to stop as I tried to get away at the same time. Niether plan worked and I was trapped until I finally took it back, his fingers eventually stopping their torment. I huffed and rolled off the bed and away from him as I got my breathing back to normal. That jerk!

He laughed at this and rolled his eyes. "Am not. I take it we're going to have to start eating human food, aren't we?"

I sighed at this thought. Human food was alright but we both perfured animal blood. Anthony had to drink a lot more blood then I did and I could eat a lot more food then he could. One deer would fill me for a week, while he needed at least four or five. I could eat an entire stake dinner with corn, bread, and chocolate cake for desert, while he could only eat the stake before being full. If he ate more than what he could hold, then he'd throw it all back up. It was so gross when he did that.

"Lets go see what's on the menu for tonight." I said as I grabbed my make up bag, reapplying my eye liner and mascara that was washed off by my salty tears. I added a little lip stick before turning back to Anthony. "Ready?"

He grunted and followed behind me. Charlie was watching TV but soon muted it once he saw us coming down stairs. He got up and gave us a small smile.

"Do you two want to go out to eat tonight? There's this little dinner that makes some good chicken." Charlie looked too hopeful for me to say no. I'd have to offer to cook tomorrow.

"Sure." Anthony said as he zipped his black hooded jacket up. At least he matched today. A major pet peeve of mine was when people don't match. I basically had to pick out both Anthony's and Mom's clothes every day. I guess you could say I like shopping. Anthony was wearing dark, denham jeans with a green shirt that matched his eyes. He always wore the same black jacket that had a strange looking dragon/snake on the back of it.

I looked down at what I was wearing. I had on some faded jeans with holes in them, caused from running in the wilderness before the plane ride. My shirt was light blue and I had on a black jean jacket, my hair down and surprisingly still neat. We both wore black converses, except his had blue laces while mine had purple.

"Lets go." We were soon out the door and into the cruiser once more, only this time Anthony decided to leave the CB alone. Thank you Jesus.

"You know it was funny." Anthony grinned as he whispered low so Charlie wouldn't hear.

I rolled my eyes. "A riot."

The diner was small but homy and everyone seemed to know who we were. I lost count on how many hugs I received from strangers as we made our way to sit down at a booth. When we first met Charlie at the age of four, we looked to be nine at the time. Bella had ended up explaining as much as she could about what we are without really saying anything. She couldn't get away with the fact about how we aged, since Charlie was a smart man and wouldn't buy her lies. Charlie had agreed to no know everything, he claimed the less he knew the better for his sanity. He couldn't be more right.

"What do you kids want?" He didn't know we mainly drank blood. That would be too crazy for him.

"I just want a hamburger. I filled up on junk food on the plane." Anthony lied easily.

"I think I'll have a hot dog with fries. Maybe a sunday afterwards." I smiled at the picture of the chocolate syrup ontop of the white, foamy whip cream, above the ice cream. That sure looked good.

Charlie gave me an odd look but shook his head while Anthony rolled his eyes at me as he shook his head, a smile dancing across his face. A quick fact about me, I was a chocolate freak. Anything chocolate, I would love and vacuum it up in seconds. You'd think I'd be two hundred pounds because of all the junk I eat, but that's surely not the case. I was barely pushing one hundred pounds.

We ate in a comfortable silence. Charlie and Anthony would talk about sports for a little bit before changing it to work. Anthony was absolutely fascinated by the work of a chief of police and I was already getting a bad feeling about this. I just knew it was only a matter of time before Anthony does something stupid, like stealing Charlie's car in the middle of the night to play cops and robbers.

Anthony grinned evily at the thought and I didn't have to look up to know his eyes were wide with excitement. "That's a great idea, little sister." He whispers low so Charlie doesn't hear.

"Oh no." I muttered and shook my head.

His grin doesn't fall in the slightest and I knew I had to come up with a plan to get him to forget about that idea. Of course he would just read my mind to see the plan and not fall for it but hey, it was worth a try. Maybe I'll hide Charlie's keys and not think about where I put them? Or maybe I'll stick them in my bra.

He gave me a discusted look as he put his burger down, causing me to laugh. He always hated when I would think thoughts involving my boobs or butt. Like the time I was worried that one of my boobs were noticeably bigger than the other. He nearly bit my head off for that one. If he would stay out of my mind though, we wouldn't have this problem.

He glared at me as I finished my sunday, smiling innocently back at him. He was so easy to make fun of. Of course, he'll probably find some way to get back at me for these thoughts. Like the time after I thought about my boobs, he put up a bunch of playboy posters up around the house, knowing how much I hated to see whores. Mom had a business date that night at the house and oh boy did he get it. Mom said her boss never looked at her the same way ever again, and wouldn't believe her when she tried to explain that she wasn't gay.

He laughed at my thoughts as we headed home. Charlie gave him a weird look before turning his eyes back to the road. Forks sure was small. Barely a thousand people live in this small town. I didn't like that one bit. I could just hear the gossip now. Bella Swan's kids are living here now. I wonder if they're possibly Edward Cullen's kids. Of course they couldn't be. They wouldn't be that old if they were. I rolled my eyes at the thought. At least I didn't have to worry about ever seeing that man.