Everyone, except for Carlisle and Esme, were leaving the house for the day. After half an hour of arguing, we all finally decided on one place to go to. That would be, drum roll please, the zoo! Carlie and I hadn't been there since we were two. I remember it being pretty awesome though.

We're going to the zoo! We're going to zoo!" Carlie had her silly grin plastered on her face as she silently chanted this. She was looking out the window, trying to hide her excitement but Edward, Jasper, and me knew just how thrilled she was. I want to see the giraffe! Maybe I could even feed them! Oh my gosh, this is going to be SO, SO, SO, SO, SO much fun! Haha! I can't wait! I wonder if they have lions too? Wouldn't that be awesome to just admire them instead of drinking them for a change? Haha, that's so funny! A group of vegetarian vampires going to the zoo to admire animals! Oh the irony!

I had to laugh at her thoughts. It was true. What were the odds of us going to admire our prey?

She looked over at me and grinned. We were riding in Uncle Jasper's Audi with Alice up front, Dad by the right window, Carlie in the middle, and me by the left window. It had taken forever for us to convince her to get in the middle, since my sister had to be stubborn about everything. She hated sitting in the middle and always made it known to everyone until we've reached our stop. Luckly she finally shut up after Jasper used his gift to take her anger and annoyance away. Thank God we were riding with him and not Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rosalie.

"Are we there yet?" Carlie grinned as she leaned over to rest her arm by Jasper's head rest. I guess this was her way of getting back at him for using his gift on her.

I could see Jasper's mouth twitch, fighting back a smile. "Do you see any animals yet?"

Carlie smiled and looked around, only seeing cars on the interstate. "Well some of these humans do resemble grizzly bears."

That sent everyone off into laughter. "Ain't that the truth."

"We'll be there in nineteen minutes and thirty two seconds." Aunt Alice smiled at my sister.

"That long?" Carlie whinned with a loud sigh. "What am I going to do for that long?"

"Let's play a game!" Alice grinned as she turned around in her seat to face us. I'm thinking a game of good ole' punch bug

"Yeah!" Carlie squealed.

"No." Edward was glaring at her. "Last time we played that, it ended in a fight."

She laughed and looked at Carlie and me. "Let's let them decide. Do you two want to play punch bug?"

"Sure." I grinned. How bad could it be?

Bad. Very bad. I looked over at Dad who had a serious look in his eyes but I could see the amusement on his face.

"Yeah! I love this game!" Carlie laughed.

"This is how we play it. We get into teams, let's use boys verses girls this round. The first person to see a voltswagon has two seconds in counting to punch every person on the opposite team, including the driver. Who ever gets the most hits, loses." Alice explained. "It's going to be hard because Anthony and Edward can hear our thoughts but I can see the cars coming with my visions. Try to control your thoughts, Car."

I grinned at this. This was going to be so easy. "Lets start!"

"Alright." Alice grinned and closed her eyes. "Go!"

I turned in my seat to look behind me, looking for any signs of a beatle. Edward was looking to the sides while Carlie was trying to see up ahead. Alice had her eyes closed, looking for one in her vision.

A blue voltswagon was about to come up beside us in one minute and thirty two seconds. I was about to punch Carlie after I read it in Alice's vision but wasn't fast enough.

She had quickly hit both of Edward's and my arm, screaming, "Punch bug, can't punch back!"

Alice had hit Uncle Jasper's arm too, squealing with excitement. "Girls rule!"

I growled in frusteration. Okay, maybe this wouldn't be as easy as I thought it would be. We played for awhile, and were all tyed at a total of twenty two beatles each. Next win won everything. We all got ready, none of us wanting to lose. Aunt Alice had been too quick when reading her visions for either Dad or I to see them. Her and Carlie had some secret code to say when they saw one. Of all times for Carlie to master blocking her thoughts, it had to be now.

Sadly though, we pulled into the zoo parking lot, our game ending. It was pretty fun too...

"Punch bug!" Carlie squealed as she hit Dad and me at the same time. I turned to my left to see a bright yellow beatle parked side ways.

"No fair! The game was over!" I tried to reason but was cut off by Aunt Alice and Carlie's victory squeal.

"We won! We won! We won!" They sang as they laughed along, dancing as well.

I glared at Car but she just turned to grin at me as Uncle Jasper parked the car. I climbed out the car, letting her out before I shut the door.

"Don't be such a soar loser, Anth." She grinned at me as we headed for the enterance. "Face it. I'm just better than you at almost everything!"

I smirked at her teasing tone, letting my mood lightin' up. Her and Mom were the only one's who could get me out of a bad mood. "Oh yeah?"

She smiled teasingly at me. "Yep. About time you faced the truth."

I smirked as an idea came to me. I quickly grabbed her arm and threw her over my shoulder, carrying her along as we walked passed the hundreds of cars.

"Anthony! Put me down!" She started to kick her feet but even if it did hit me, it wouldn't hurt. Of course, it wouldn't look normal if someone was kicking me in my stomach and I wasn't even flinching.

"Don't make a scene, Carlie." I told her. "People will get suspicious."

She growled with frusteration. "Well put me down!"

I smirked. "Take back what you said."

I couldn't see her face but I could hear the smile on it, as she spoke, "I can't take back the truth, Anth. The truth shall set you free!"

I laughed and shook my head. Of all the girls in the world, I had to be the twin of the crazy one. Oh well, at least she isn't a complete idiot.

"Dad!" Carlied whinned, which only caused me to laugh more. Now she was hollaring for Daddy to help her? I knew she'd break that promise to herself. She's definitly going to be a daddy's girl.

Edward laughed and shook his head. "This is between the two of you."

"Please Anthony, people are starting to stare!" I could just imagion the blush that was plastered on her face, which sent me into another round of hysterics. Gosh, I loved to embarrass her. It was so easy too. Carlie, like Mom, hated a lot of attention. Pretty hard to hide when you look like either one of them had. I used to purposely cause attention to them, just to watch them blush. You have no idea how much amusement it brings me...

As we approached the front gate, we met up with Rose and Emmett. I decided to be nice and place Carlie down but as I did so, she pushed me down on the concrete. Her eyes were narrowed, her face still flushed and I couldn't help myself, I start to burst out laughing. Pretty soon she was cracking up herself, laughing just as hard as I was. I don't know what was so funny and I'm sure Carlie didn't either.

"Hey, come on you two." Edward was chuckling at us as we composed ourselves, walking along with everyone to the ticket booth.

"Look!" Carlie squealed as she pointed to the monkey cages that were in view.


"Can we go see them?" I turned to look at my family, who were watching me with a smile.

"Sure." Edward smiled down at me and grabbed my hand, walking me over to the cages. Anthony walked to my other side and grabbed my other hand, grinning down my favorite smile of his.

I giggled, feeling more like a little girl than I had in years. I swung our arms around as we made our way to the monkey's, who were just as amazing as I remembered. I giggled at them as I cocked my head to the side, watching them swing around and make noise. One of them was dancing around the cage like a moron. It was so funny!

I looked over at my Uncle Emmett and laughed. "Uncle Emmett! He's acting just like you!"

He laughed and pulled me into a loose headlock while everyone laughed. "Hey!"

I giggled as he let go, taking Dad and Anthony's hands again. "Where to next?"

"The bears!" Anthony yelled excitedly.

"Yay!" I shouted as I started to skip along, making Dad and Anthony have to as well. The bears were so huge, almost like Uncle Emmett! They looked like they could eat me any second but of course, I would win if we had got into a fight.

"I wonder if they can fetch?" Anthony thought outloud as he looked at two of the enormous bears.

"It's not a dog!" Aunt Rosalie laughed.

I giggled at her laugh; it sounded so pretty.

Jasper had his arms around Alice as he watched the animals wrestle. I smiled over at them. I wonder how someone so quiet ended up with someone as hyper as Aunt Alice?

Edward chuckled at my thoughts before shrugging his shoulders.

"I want to pick next!" Emmett yelled like a five year old. "Let's see...lets go look at the tigers!"

I squealed and nodded my head. "Yeah! Lets go, lets go!"

"Come on, Car." Uncle Emmett pulled me up on his shoulders, giving me a piggy back ride as we walked over towards the tiger exhibit. I giggled as I placed my hands in his curly hair, ignoring the stares I was getting from all the humans. I hated the attention and I just knew my face was beat red.

"Look how big they are!" I grinned as I looked at the ferrous kitties. They were so cute! I wish I could keep one as a pet but Anthony might drink it.

Anthony laughed at this. "I just might."

I glared at him. "Just like Rover!"

Anthony frowned. "I didn't mean to!"

Rover was our pet dog when we were kids. I had went to spend the night with a friend from the neighborhood one night and when I got back, Anthony had drank Rover! Rover was a bassist hound and one of my best friends at the time. After Anthony did that, I wouldn't talk to him for a whole week, not even in thought.

Dad looked up at me amused. "How old were you?"

I turned my attention to Dad instead of Anthony. "Five."

"Panda's next!" Alice squealed as she dragged Jasper to them. We followed behind her, laughing at poor Uncle Jasper.

The panda bears were adorable! I just wanted to pick one up and hide it under my shirt, taking him home with me! They were so cute and warm and fuzzy!

Emmett put me down, as him and Rose decided to walk over to see the mountain lion. Jasper and Alice came along with Anthony, Dad, and me as I lead them to my favorite zoo animal, the giraffe. My eyes lit up as I saw the huge animal and a giggle escaped my lips, I walked up to the gate and leaned on it, stretching my hand out to try and touch one. One of the beautiful creatures came up to me and licked my hand, making me laugh more.

"Mommy! Mommy!" I took off running as soon as I saw their long necks. It was love at first sight, or so I claimed. "What are they, Mommy?"

Mommy laughed at me as she knelt down to me, which was a five year old height, even though I'm two. "That's a giraffe."

"A giraffe?" I tested the word on my lips. "I want one!"

She laughed again, hugging me from behind. "You can't have one, baby. They belong here, at the zoo."

I smiled up at the creatures. "This is their home?"

She smiled down at me and nodded. "Yep. Here with it's brothers and sisters."

Mommy picked me up in her arms, placing me on her hip as she leaned over the fence. "Want to pet it?"

My eyes lit up. "Yeah!"

She laughed and leaned me forward as the giraffe came up. As soon as I stuck my hand out to pet it, it licked my hand. I started giggling as it came even closer. It reached over and licked Momma's face, making Mom burst out laughing. I squealed as Momma pet the giraffe with her other hand, still laughing.

I remembered that day. Anthony had fallen asleep in the stroller half way through the day, missing the giraffes but I made sure I didn't. That was probably the best zoo visit ever.

Edward smiled at my thoughts and grabbed my hand. "Ready to get something to eat?"

I nodded my head, still smiling. It was starting to not hurt as much as it had been, remembering Mom. I missed her so much but I'll always have her memories. I'll always have a piece of her, no matter what happens.

"Are you hungry, Anthony?" Dad asked him as we head over to some picnic tables.

"A little." He admits as we both sat down. Aunt Alice and Jasper decided to stay with us while Dad went and got food. That's when I saw them. A group of human teenagers were starting to approach the food court, laughing as they did so. The two girls were major sluts, wearing hardly anything with their blond and brown hair around their necks. The guys just screamed player! One was tanned from the sun with brown hair, while the other was black but had deep brown eyes.

The brown haired guy looked over at us and grinned. "Why hello there."

He was cute, that's for sure. He didn't look like my type though, but I decided to have a little fun with this. "Hey."

The girls were instantly at Anthony's side, glaring at me as if I was his girlfriend. Psh..please. Can you say ew?

Anthony smirked at them and I just wanted to knock his head off. If he goes off with one of these hoes, I'd kill him! He winked at me, letting me know he was just going to lead them on. I nodded back, deciding to have some fun myself.

"What are your names?" The black guy asked.

"This is Alice and Jasper." I pointed to my aunt and uncle, who were watching with amusement. Uncle Jasper didn't look pleased but I guess Alice had seen this in a vision and had warned him a head of time, letting him know it was nothing to worry about.

"That's my twin brother Anthony and I'm Carlie." I smiled flirty at him.

Both guys were grinning down at me but the brown haired spoke. "I'm Chase, this is Luke, and that's Marie and Jenny."

I didn't even bat an eyelash at the other girls. "Nice to meet you."

"Do you want to go -" He was cut off by Dad coming towards us. Oh crap.

"Who is this?" He was glaring at the guys and at the skanks.

"Um..." I looked over at Anthony.

Anthony grinned. "This is Luke, Chase, Marie, and Jenny. This is our older brother, Edward."

Instantly the girls eyes lit up at him. "Hi!"

"They were just leaving." Anthony grinned at me.

"What?" The girls asked confused.

I had to laugh. Okay, I guess I'll put it in simple terms. "This is when you leave instead of gawking like a fool. If you're not sure how to leave, it's very simple. You just put one foot infront of the other."

They glared at me but I just smiled. I loved ticking off girls like them. "What if we don't want to?"

I laughed at that. Even though I had no intention on following out with my threat, I decided to say it anyway, "I guess you want me to redue your face. Maybe once I'm done with you, you could actually be pretty."

They looked at me confused. "You're going to give us a make over?"

I gave Anthony a look. You have to pick the stupid ones, don't you?

"Do you want us to leave?" The brown haired one asked Anthony.

"Yes." He simply said.

"I'll see you around though, right?" The blond purred.

Anthony grinned. "Of course you will."

Chase turned to me and smiled. "What about you, babe?"

I smiled my best fake smile. "Why not."

He chuckled and carassed my face, causing Edward and Jasper to growl. "Bye baby."

Luke came up and kissed my cheek, making me blush. "Bye now."

"Later guys." I smiled as the group left. I turned to see the guys glaring at me. Alice laughed and came to sit by me while I took the plate of food Dad had brought back. "This looks good."

"What was that?" Anthony was glaring at me, his eyes turning black.

I rolled my eyes at him. "What?"

"You know what?" Dad had the same exspression on his face.

"You act like I kissed him! I can't help it if those idiots came up here!" I was starting to get ticked off now.

"You could have slapped him!" Edward yelled at me.

I glared coldly at him. "Oh yeah and when I hit so hard, he goes flying what will I say?"

He glared at me but didn't say anything.

"Why the mess did you blush? You just turned the guy on more!" Anthony yelled back at me.

I glared. "Do you think I can control my blush?"

They both growled at me before I decided to leave. "Whatever! I don't need this!"

With that said, I got up and stormed off, deciding to go find Emmett and Rosalie. I was not about to be yelled at for something out of my hands. They were such hyprocrites too! Gosh, I can't stand the thought of them right now!

"Carlie!" I heard Dad call but I didn't look back. He had his chance to talk this out with me but he blew it.

On my way to find Emmett and Rose, I stopped to look at the snakes. I hated snakes. They scared me so much. Mom used to be terrified of them too. One year, Anthony decided it would be funny if he put toy snakes all in our beds. When Momma and me woke up, we both screamed our heads off, nearly in tears. Anthony was grounded for three weeks for that stunt.

"I knew we'd meet again soon." I turned to see Chase approaching me.

"Oh, hi." I turned back around, deciding to ignore him. Maybe he'd get the hint and leave.

He wrapped an arm around my waist and I instantly stiffened. "How about we have our fun now?"

"Let go of me." I glared at him, yanking out of his grip.

He glared at me. "Don't mess with me, pretty girl. I always get what I want, one way or another."

I glared back at him. "Well not this time you don't!"

He pulled on my arm but thanks to my vampire strength, I pulled out, walking away from him a little spoked out. What was with that creep? Before I could think any more on it, I was suddenly pushed down with such hard force, I blacked out for a few minutes.

When I opened my eyes, we were some where dark. I could tell we were outside because of the sounds but it appeared I was in some dark ally. Was I still even at the zoo? Oh God, what happened?

It was then I noticed I wasn't alone. Chase, Luke, and three other guys I hadn't seen before were all around me. I sat up but instantly regreted that. My head was pounding and my arms felt heavy. Why couldn't I be more vampire than human?

"Pretty girl's awake guys!" Luke was grinning at me with sick, lustful gaze.

"Leave me alone." I hissed out. Even if I did use my vampire strength, I'm not venomous so I couldn't kill them. I'd end up murdering them by my strength, which would leave way too much evidence. I was a sitting duck either way. Oh please Aunt Alice, see this in a vision! Please!

They approached me slowly and my fear rose. What were they going to do? Were they going to rape me? Oh God! I wished I would have stayed back with Edward and Anthony! I'd much rather they yell at me then this!

It was storming pretty bad and we were all soaked. I saw Chase holding something and zoomed in with my good eye sight, gasping when I realized it was a knife. I'm going to have to use some of my vampire strength. I'm going to have to do something!

I focused all my energy on the wind current as I closed my eyes. I summoned enough energy and quickly formed it, hoping I wouldn't regret doing this. A tornado appeared out of no where, landing right between the scumballs and me. I blew it their way, hoping they didn't see me do so. Screaming was all I heard as the storm headed down the ally and into the street. I prayed it didn't injure or kill any innocent victims.

"Carlie!" I turned to see Dad jump off the roof above me. He was at my side before I could blink and lifted me into his arms, one arm sliding under my knees while the other wrapped around my back. I could hear him sobbing and started crying myself, the reality of what could have happened filling my mind.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Dad sobbed out as he held be in an iron grip.

Everyone was here now and Anthony was beside me in an instant. "Oh God, Carlie! This is all my fault!"

"N-No it's n-not." I sobbed out as I cried into Dad's chest.

"It's mine." Dad choked out. "I had no right to yell at you like that. I should have went after you. I didn't think you'd actually get into trouble until Alice had the vision a little too late. Oh dear God...they could have..."

"It's n-not y-y-your fault e-either." I sobbed out, feeling safe now that I was with my family.

"Yes, it is." He choked back a sob. "It's all my fault."

"S-Stop! P-please stop." I managed to choke out. I couldn't stand him taking the blame for something that was my fault. If I hadn't had flirted with them, had ran off from Dad, I wouldn't be right here.

"Carlie Renesmee!" Dad scolded me. "This is not your fault!"

"Yes it is!" I cried out as I held tighter to him, not wanting him to let me go.

"Shush honey. I'm not going any where." He hushed me, his voice just above a whisper.

"You're safe." Anthony whisper to me, smoothing my hair back.

Rosalie was by my side too. She had a heartbreaking look on her face as she rubbed my arm. "It's going to be okay, Car. No one will ever harm you like that. No one. Over my burned body."

I hiccuped, nodding my head. Dad stood up with me in his arms, turning back to face the rest of them. Everyone had a sad exspression of their faces, mixed with anger. It kind of scared me.

"Shush." Daddy soothed. "I guess we should get her home."

"I'll call Carlisle and tell him to be home. She hit her head pretty hard and we need to make sure no damage was done." Alice pulled out a phone as we left the dark, cold ally. I shivered and snuggled closer to Dad's cold chest.

Jasper, who had been wearing a leather jacket, took it off, wrapping it around me. I smiled gratefully at him but he just nodded, a look of anger was on his face but I could tell it wasn't directed at me.

We piled in the car quietly and I got into the middle, not complaining this time. Well, the zoo had been fun while it lasted. I turned to rest my head on Edward's lap, propping my feet up in Anthony's lap. Dad stroked my hair soothingly, whipping away every last tear while Anthony massaged my legs and feet.

I was getting tired and wanted to doze off but Edward wouldn't let me. "You need to stay awake, baby. Your head injury might be serious so we need you to stay awake until we get home and Carlisle looks at it. I promise, you can go to sleep right after he says it's all clear.'

I wasn't happy by this answer but the worry in his tone made me not say this out loud. My head did hurt but I was so tired, I didn't want to wait. I didn't have to wait long though, we made it home in record time thanks to Uncle Jasper's crazy driving.

Dad carried me to the house and layed me on the couch. Carlisle was already sitting on the coffee table, hit medical kit in hand as Dad placed me down. I looked up at my grandfather a little scared. Jasper must have felt this because he quickly calmed me down, deciding to sit in the arm chair as Carisle examined me. Anthony was sitting by my feet while Dad was by my head.

"Okay sweetheart, tell me if this hurts." He touched my head and for a second it didn't hurt but once he reached the tender spot, I cried out. "I'm sorry."

He felt it more gently now, a thoughtful look on his face. "She's going to be okay. It's just very tender."

"Can I go to sleep now?" I asked tiredly, my eyelids feeling heavy.

He chuckled and nodded. "Yes sweetheart."

I briefly felt Dad pick me up and place me in bed. He had turned to leave but I grabbed his arm, holding on to it with all the strength I could muster. "Don't go. Please...stay with me."

I felt him kiss my forehead and lay down beside me, wrapping his protective arms around me and holding me close. "Of course baby."