Another Try

Secret Window


"Hello?" Mort answered the phone. He had just awoke from his regular slumber.

"Mort?" A familiar voice said.

"Hi, Amy." Mort said grumpily. Mort and Amy Rainey spoke for a few short minutes then the call was ended with a ding. Slowly rising from the bed, Mort saw another him; what we call Morton.

"What?" Mort said to his imaginary self. It was usual for him to do this, living all alone...not a soul to care for. Just you, you, and only you.

"What do you really think about Amy? Tell me about her." Morton said.

"Like All the things I've felt and never shared.
All the times that she was lonley with me there?" Mort said, a bit coldly.

"Yes." Morton said taking a spot next to Mort. "What have you ever held back?"
"Tears I wouldn't let fall from my eyes.
And how I let her go without a fight. " Mort thought of how he just let Amy leave off with Ted, so easily, -It was strange talking to yourself, but it was easier then to a stranger.

"What do you know?" Morton said, anxiously.

"The reasons I'm alone, I know by heart. But let's just leave it at that." Mort slumped down in his spot. Morton gave him a dissapproving look.

"But I don't wanna spend forever in the dark. " Morton nearly pouted. "Do you ever think about second chances?"

"A second chance with Amy?" Mort nearly laughed.

"Yes." Morton said stupidly. Both exhanged looks for a second.

"The reasons I'm alone I know by heart...but I don't want to spend forever in the dark."

Amy sat with her good friend. Both laughed at random things that came to mind, but both stopped when the name "Mort" came up. Amy's friend, Victoria, started it off with "You know, there's no changing in things that we regret." Amy looked upu and nodded in agreement. " The best that we can hope for is one more chance." Amy shook her head sadly. She loved Ted, she thought, but it was just heart breaking to think about the past.

"If the hands of time could just move in reverse. " Amy said slowly.

"If you could be with her again-" Morton was cutoff by Mort.

"I wouldn't make the same mistake again with her."

(pretend theres a two way screen here)

Amy and Mort both chanted "The reasons I'm alone, I know by heart. But I don't want to spend forever in the dark."

"So, would you ever go back to, Mort?" Vic said to Amy, curiously. Amy sat up a bit and took out a small picture of her and him. "Oh..I guess..If.." Amy said between breaths.

"You'd take her back?" Morton nudged Mort.

"OH, if love ever gave me ..." He was cut off by thoughts.

"Well?" Morton said a llittle impatient.

Amy and Mort looked up to the windows of their indevidual houses. You could hear a small sigh, then both quietly whisperd:

"If love ever gives me Another Try."

-Copy rights belong to Stephen King for Secret Window characters.

-Copy rights belong to Josh Turner for Lyrics