Thicker Than Water

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Chapter 1


It was in the dimly lit parlor of Riddle manor that Severus found himself kneeling. The assembled Death Eaters were all doing the same, waiting for their leader to address them.

"Friends! For too long we have been oppressed! We hide in fear of persecution from the inferior being! The muggles control the world when it should be us! Even now they infect their influence through their 'magical' offspring. We cannot accept these tainted beings! They are a poison to our society, weakening it from within." Voldemort paused in his speech and looked at his assembled followers. Even though they all wore masks, he could tell that they were enraptured by his words.

"It is our duty as the most noble of society to rid ourselves of this plague! What say you?"

The masked group cheered, totally caught up in the moment. Here their leader was saying everything that they had hoped for in their fondest dreams.

Voldemort then turned to his right, and picked out of the crowd, a very specific person. "Severus, remove your mask and come here." He beckoned, pointing to his right side.

Severus got up from his kneeling position and obeyed his master's command. He marveled at the changes in the Dark Lord. No longer was he the hideous snake-man that he once was following his resurrection. He had somehow, slowly regained his human form, and now looked the same as he had before his downfall.

Reaching his side he bowed. "Yes, my Lord?"

"You disappoint me Severus." There was a real tinge of disappointment in the Dark Lord's voice that oddly made Severus feel guilty.

Severus didn't even have time to react as Voldemort's left hand snaked out to grab Severus' left arm.

"My followers! It seems we have a spy in our midst!" With that proclamation, Voldemort pressed his wand to Severus' dark mark.

"As a follower you will be punished, you are no longer fit to wear this proud mark!" The intensity of the magic forced Severus to his knees, although it was not painful, it was still exhausting.

He felt a pull on his magic, and suddenly the dark mark disappeared with a cloud of black smoke. Gasping, he looked up at Voldemort; fear was coursing through his entire body. This was surely now the end. He had always known what the price of his failure would be.

To the confusion of his followers, Voldemort pulled Severus to his feet. "Severus, you have been punished as a follower, now you will be punished as my son!"

Severus' eyes widened at that revelation. His father was acknowledging their relationship!

"And so your punishment will be…" Every one in the room was hanging on Voldemort's every word, wondering the about the price of betrayal. "A spanking." He finished

The silence in the room was almost palatable, he explained to his followers. "As a father, it is my duty to guide my wayward offspring. I will punish him as any father should."

He released Severus' arm. "Bare your bottom and lie over my lap." He commanded.

"My Lord, please! This punishment is for children!" Severus said his face bright red, he quickly got to his feet and jumped away.

"That is 'Father' to you, young man!" Voldemort scolded. "Now come here!"

Through gritted teeth he pleaded, "Crucio me! Or kill me! Anything but this! It's embarrassing!"

"That is part of the punishment Severus. You may not be a child any longer but you are MY child. You will never be too old to find yourself over my knee."

"No! No you cannot! You cannot spank me, not in front of everyone!" Severus exclaimed. He felt he could lose nothing at this point by his defiance as he would vastly prefer a crucio or quick avada kadavera and maybe his disobedience would force his father's hand into one of those manlier, less embarrassing punishments.

"You disappoint me with your disobedience." Voldemort said with a sigh. He then took out his wand and muttered 'Imperio'.

Severus found his traitorous body moving of its own volition, and to his utter horror and humiliation he lowered his trousers and pants and went to lie over the Dark Lord's lap.

Voldemort then conjured a wicked looking paddle and put it to his side. Not wasting any time, he brought his hand down HARD on the upturned bottom. Severus gasped and arched his back as the searing pain spread through his buttocks.

Voldemort started in at a furious pace, landing the spanks fast and hard. With every smack Severus' body gave an involuntary twitch and his legs kicked out. He was yelping almost from the beginning, and was squirming after the first twenty swats.

Severus' bottom was on fire! It was unbelievable how much it felt like hot coals were being pressed to it. After a flurry of especially hard spanks, Severus couldn't help but let himself go and tears fell from his eyes.

"Please OWWWW! My Lord! OWWWW! I'm OWWW! Sorry! OWWW! Please, Father!" Severus pleaded.

Inwardly, Voldemort was pleased, but he kept a stern expression on his face as he brought the paddle into play.

"When you swear oaths, SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! You are expected to keep them! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! You will NOT spy for that muggle loving Dumbledore! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! You will never again deceive me! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! Is that clear?" Voldemort questioned

"Yes, Father!" Severus cried out, and collapsed over his father's lap, sobbing heavily.

Voldemort delivered another twenty hard smacks to Severus' bottom.

Severus yelped with every new swat as the sobs shook his body and to his further humiliation he tossed his hand back in an effort to stop the swats.

Voldemort simply tisk'ed and trapped the offending, wayward hand in one of his own holding it firmly against Snape's back and landed one harsh swat to each thigh.

"You do not attempt to thwart your punishment by putting your hand in my way young man." Voldemort scolded as he finished up the paddling with five searing swats to Severus' sit spot.

Severus yelped and kicked as the paddle hit his tender thighs, covering up, had perhaps, not been his best of ideas as he found it hurt much worse to have his thighs swatted at.

He gave in, becoming nothing but a sobbing mess, when the final five fell on his already sore and reddened sit spot.

Looking at his son, who was a teary contrite mess Voldemort could not help but feel a little sad about the he had missed in his life. He looked so young and in need of his father and he looked so very much like his mother that it sent Voldemort on a trip down memory lane.


Out by the Black Lake a young girl sat curled up on a picnic blanket leaning into a boy who was about her age. She reached up and straightened the green and silver tie he wore, that was identical to her own.

He leaned down and kissed her, tucking a long black strand of hair behind her ear. She was perfect; a pureblood, from a long line of respected powerful and rich wizards and witches. The Prince family had just the kind of lineage that he prized and he would settle for nothing less in the girl he would marry.

"Mmm, Tom we should go, we have transfigurations and Professor Dumbledore will not be happy if we are late to his class again." She said after she reluctantly broke the kiss.

"Eileen you worry too much, but if you insist we shall head back to the castle." Tom said leaning in for another kiss.

Eileen dodged the kiss with a giggle as she rose to her feet, pulling Tom up by his tie that she had yet to relinquish her hold on.

"I insist." She giggled out in a failed attempt at firmness.

Once Tom was on his feet she let go of his tie and took hold of his hand nearly dragging him towards the castle.


Tom smiled at Eileen as they walked through the snow-covered grounds towards the edge of the forbidden forest.

Eileen seemed entranced by its beauty as she walked hand and hand with Tom. She had no idea why he had wanted to talk a walk when it was so cold out. Tom didn't usually care much for the cold even though Eileen herself loved the snow, Tom cared more for warm days of late spring and summer.

Tom stopped at the edge of the forest just before the first line of trees that marked the place that students could go no further then.

Turning to face Eileen he reached a hand out gently and brushed a strand of long black silky hair from her face and stared deep into her deep charcoal eyes.

Sweeping his robes back he kneeled in the fresh blanket of snow. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a small black velvet box and held it out before him. Eileen's eyes went wide as she watched him she knew his actions could only mean on thing. Her heart stopped a moment before starting to work double time as if it wished to burst out of her chest.

Tom flipped the top of the box open to reveal an engagement ring, a large diamond flanked by two emeralds in a platinum setting. She gasped; there was no way Tom could ever have afforded such an expensive and exquisite piece of jewelry and she wondered idly if he had spoken with her father.

Mr. Prince loved Tom, and they had, had many a political conversation most of which Eileen chose to stay out of. Mr. Prince thought Tom to be a smart, powerful and talented young man that would be a wonderful addition to the family. He had asked them last summer when Tom had come to visit, if he planned on marrying his little girl, so it was very possible he had gotten the ring for him.

Eileen didn't much care though as Tom smiled up at her and she smiled back.

"Eileen, will you marry me?" He asked looking up at her with adoration.

"Yes!" She swooned and Tom placed the ring on her finger before standing and sweeping her into a hug and passionate kiss.


Eileen watched with wide obsidian eyes as Tom performed a spell on a small group of their former classmates.

They had graduated the month before and were set to marry in the month to come.

The men kneeling before him writhed in pain a moment and an image of a skull with a snake coiled through it appeared in the air before an identical image magically branded itself into each of the kneeling men's forearms.

She waited until the men had been dismissed and were gone before stepping into the room and alerting Tom of her presence.

"What were you doing?" She demanded with bravery she did not feel.

"Marking the first of my followers," He answered as if there was nothing wrong with the incredibly dark magic he had used. The dark magic Eileen could still feel crackling in the air around them.

She placed a protective hand on her abdomen an action that's significance seemed to be lost on Tom.

"Tom, what you are playing with is incredibly dark and dangerous. Please stop before something really bad happens." She pleaded with him.

"Stop? I have only just begun, only just begun to purge the world of its filth and make it a better place for the truly worthy, those of pure wizerding blood." He told her proudly before turning on his heels and heading for bed leaving a scared and worried Eileen alone in the parlor.

He woke the next morning to find Eileen's side of the bed still empty and cold indicating she had not slept there the night before.

On her side of the bed was a folded piece of parchment and atop the parchment rested Eileen's engagement ring. He opened the bit of parchment to reveal Eileen's familiar neat handwriting.

"Dearest Tom,

I love you with all my heart but I cannot bear being around such dark magic. You scare me sometimes and I wish not to live in fear and I refuse to bring a child into it.

I know you desire an heir but I will not provide you with one. I have packed all of my belongings and will not return. Please don't come looking for me, if you ever loved me just let me go

Love always and forever,


Tom ripped the letter up before setting the pieces on fire and tossed the ring across the room. He then collapsed back into his pillows.

He had lost the love of his life and though he had no way of knowing at the time, his son as well.

Eileen had been two months pregnant at the time she left but she had never told Tom not wanting to tell him before the wedding.

It was shameful to conceive before marriage and she knew Tom looked down on it even more because his mother had, had him and she was not married to his father and his father had abandoned them.


A teary sniffle from the younger man, still lying over his lap, snapped Voldemort out of his reverie and he ran a hand through the sweat soaked locks of his son. Replacing his clothing, he righted the younger man and had him resting with his bottom between his legs and his head resting on his shoulder as Severus continued to cry softly.

Behind his mask Malfoy grinned, he knew had it been him found as a spy he would be dead where he stood right now but that made taking in Snape's humiliation all the more sweet. And take it in he did, he ate up the cries and yelps, his grin broadening as the 'pleases' began. Poor ickle Sevy pleading with his daddy to stop spanking his poor bare bottom. It was all too good. But he dare not say anything or make any noise to alert his Lord to his amusement.

Similar thoughts were going through the minds of each and every Death Eater assembled there, save for Wormtail who was fidgeting nervously with the hem of his robes and attempting not to wet himself. But they all stayed kneeling, and dared not to display more than their shock.

When Voldemort stood up they all immediately prostrated themselves. Carrying his son, he addressed his followers. "I am going to retire for the night and am taking my son to my quarters. Know this! He is under MY protection, you will not harm him in any way, or you will answer to ME!"

With that he left the room, leaving behind a very confused group of Death Eaters.

Severus' bottom hurt far too much to be embarrassed further by his fathers actions besides he was already so far past humiliated that he decided to just enjoy his father carrying him and he hid his face in the mans chest as the tears continued to flow.

Voldemort carried Severus to his quarters. Reaching the room, he laid his son on his stomach on the bed. Severus' eyes were mere slits as the exhaustion was taking hold. Tucking in his son, Voldemort rubbed gentle circles on his back. Severus looked at his father a slight frown on his face.

"Did you really have to do that in front of everyone?" He asked a bit petulantly not bothering to check his attitude as he was no longer afraid the man would strike him dead.

Voldemort chucked, not his normal bone chilling sadistic 'I find you annoying I'm going to kill you now' chuckle, but a genuine and warm one that took Severus slightly off guard.

"Yes I had to, you were VERY naughty." He mock scolded, Severus narrowed his eyes feeling his cheeks redden again at the use of the word 'naughty'

Seeing his son's reaction to the word he decided to continue in that vein to finish imparting what he thought to be a very important lesson.

"Such naughtiness could only be handled severely and your embarrassment, I hope, will go a long way to prevent you from being so naughty again. I will have no hesitation in taking you over my lap no matter where we are if you misbehave. You have to earn the right to have your punishments dealt with in privacy."

"You mean you would spank me again?" Severus asked eyes wide he shook his head

"No! I am an adult now I need not be punished like a child! " He said indignantly rising a bit with his hands making to get out of bed.

Voldemort frowned and pushed his son to lie back down his hand firmly in the small of his back. He then landed a heavy-handed swat right to the middle of Severus' bottom causing him to yelp

"Settle down! Unless you would like another dose?" Voldemort warned.

Severus shook his head frantically. His bottom was still throbbing, and there was no way that he wanted more!

Voldemort nodded and went back to rubbing soothing circles in Severus' back and Severus could feel himself calm.

"My reasoning for all of this is important; you needed to be punished in a way that set you apart from your former colleagues. They needed to know that as my son, you are different than them." He explained.

Severus nodded in understanding; it warmed his heart to hear his father call him 'son'. He gave a tired yawn before closing his eyes and succumbing to his exhaustion. The entire time, Voldemort continued to rub his son's back. He continued for a while, even after hearing his son's breathing even out and when he was sure he would not wake, he stood.

Taking out his wand, Voldemort transfigured the large bed to split into two smaller ones. Lying down himself, he smiled inwardly; he had regained something that he had long thought lost to him.