Thicker Than Water


Chapter 6


Lucius Malfoy collapsed on the couch in front of the fire at Malfoy manor. He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes against the pounding pain that resided there.

His platinum hair stuck up in all directions, spilling out of the green ribbon that had at one point held it all neatly. His robes once clean, crisp, tidy and freshly ironed were now wrinkled rumpled, un-tucked and dirty.

Summoning a house elf, he ordered a double shot of fire whiskey on the rocks and waited impatiently for the jumpy elf to bring it.

Downing the drink in one go, he ordered a second of the same and then a third.

His nerves were completely shot. Who would have thought that two little boys would become scarier to him then the Dark Lord himself? They were really, truly and literally the spawns of evil! Next time the Dark Lord told him to baby-sit, he would take that Avada Kadavera instead!


"You two behave for uncle Lue. I will be in the lab working on a potion do not disturb me unless it is a real emergency." Voldemort told them the last part directed more at Malfoy then the boys who, though trying to keep a mask of indifference, looked less then thrilled about baby-sitting.

Getting a chorus of yes sirs (and my lord) he excused himself from the room and headed to the potions lab.

Since his potions master was now a mere ten year old and incapable of brewing the antidote he had to do it himself, he trusted no one else with the job.

The moment their father was out of sight Severus and Harry exchanged looks before they both turned to Malfoy with twin grins that promised trouble.

Lucius gulped audibly with a look of that of a deer being hunted by a pack of feral werewolves.

"Hey uncle Luuueee!" Harry said in a voice suspiciously sweet.

"Yes, Pot- Harry?" Malfoy said correcting himself quickly.

"Why is the sky blue?" Harry asked. Ever since he found out questions were not forbidden as they had been at the Dursleys, 'why' had become his new favorite word.

"I do not know Harry." Malfoy answered.

"Why not?" Harry asked.

"They do not teach such useless information at Hogwarts." Came the answer.

"Why?" Harry asked. This had quickly become Harry's favorite game and he had driven Goyle, who admittedly wasn't the brightest bloke, to distraction with it the night before when he had been left alone with the boy for a mere ten minutes while Voldemort took Severus out on a ride on the new broom, one of many toys and such he had Goyle get for them and he has asked him to keep an eye on Harry so he could teach Severus how to work the new much faster broom.

"Because there are far more important things to learn." Lucius answered taking in a deep calming breath lest he hex the brat.

"But why?"

Oh dear Merlin please have mercy, Lucius prayed.


Harry giggled from under the pile of blankets pillows and couch cushions that he and Severus had made into a makeshift fort. He and Severus were now in there, hiding from uncle Lue who was frantically trying to put all of the things back where they belonged. However, every time he put something back and reached for something else the first thing he had put back disappeared back into the pile on the floor.

Malfoy grabbed another pillow and placed it back on the chair it had come from before reaching around to grab another. As he reached around for it a small hand darted out of the structure and grabbed the first one back and the pile of pillows emitted another giggle.

"That's enough!" Malfoy snapped, he had really tried to be patient, he never would have let Draco get away with half of what he was letting these little monsters get away with, and with good reason, he got to choose what he did to his own son, he knew however that if he was to be less then totally patient with these particular brats he'd likely suffer brain damage for the amount of time the dark lord held him under the Cruciatus.

"Come out here right now and clean up this mess!" Lucius demanded.

"No!" came the little muffled voice from beneath the pile.

"Don't make me come in there after you! Come out now!"

"No!" This time the other little boy negated the command.

"Fine then I'm coming in." Lucius declared.

Getting down on his hands and knees he crawled through the tiny space in the couch cushions that was the foundation to the fort. As he crawled in one side the boys quickly scampered out the other and once Lucius was completely inside both boys jumped on top squashing Malfoy underneath the mountains of pillows and both their little bodies.

Sweet Circe, grant him the self-control not to kill the boys, he prayed.


Severus and Harry ran around with plastic swords in an epic sword fight. Their swords connected over and over again with the hollow clunk of plastic hitting plastic and Lucius' head throbbed in time with the sounds as the boys thrust and parried around the room.

He sunk back in the over stuffed armchair he had collapsed in moments before, at least they were leaving him alone and not making a total mess.

No sooner did he complete that thought did he hear a loud *CRASH* followed by the sound of breaking pottery and a chorus of "Uh oh"

Well, that didn't bode well now did it?

He stood up from the chair and closed his eyes before turning around, as if not seeing what ever just happened behind him would mean it had not happened.

"Look what you did!" Severus exclaimed.

"I didn't do it, you knocked it over!" Harry countered

"You pushed me!"

"Did not!"

"Did to!"

"Did not!"


"ENOUGH!" Malfoy thundered causing both boys to jump halting their fight immediately. It was apparent that what ever they had broken was not going to be fixed by him simply willing it so and he simply could not take the bickering. Opening his eyes he could see the small potted plant that had once resided on an eye level shelf in the book case was now broken, dirt grinding into the formerly clean cream colored carpeting.

Great Salazar Slytherin please give me strength, he prayed.


Lucius ducked his head as Harry came zooming thought the rec room on his broom nearly decapitating him. Lucius aspired to be many things but becoming a member of the headless huntsmen wasn't one of them.

With a slight huff he stood up just in time to have Severus hit him smack dab in the chest as he chased after Harry and the snitch they had, against his orders set free in the room. Malfoy flew backwards and landed with a loud painful thump right on his arse.

"Sorry uncle Lue." Severus said, though he didn't sound the least bit sorry as he continued to fly after Harry.

Picking himself up off the floor he turned to yell at the brats.

"BOYS! I said no flying in the…" He ducked again as the boys made their circuit around the room and headed back at him.

"House!" He finished.

Harry and Severus ignored him as they chased the snitch, which seemed less then pleased at having been released inside the house and was proceeding to knock into walls flying through shelves of toys knocking them to the floor and making a general mess.

Rushing over to the window Lucius opened it and the snitch happily flew out followed by Harry and Severus.

Malfoy watched the nuisances, all three of them fly out the window and was tempted to close and lock it behind them.

Holy Helga Hufflepuff grant me patience, Lucius prayed.


"I don't like egg salad!" Severus protested poking the offending sandwich with one thin little finger.

"It is what you asked Squeaker for when he came to take your order for lunch." Lucius pointed out as if that bit of logic was liable to make the child eat something he so apparently did not wish to.

"Well, I changed my mind." Severus declared.

"While that may be the case you are still going to eat your lunch." Lucius said pointing at the sandwich, which contents, thanks to Severus insistent little finger, where now more on the plate then they were between the two slices of bread.

"I won't." Severus insisted "and you can't make me." He added for good measure, just so uncle Lue would know, in case the man was under some sort of misguided notion that he could.

"Severus, I am not going to argue with you." Lucius nearly growled.

"Good." Severus said, then it was settled. He pushed the plate away from himself and crossed his arms.

"I said eat your lunch." Lucius repeated.


"Now Severus."

"I thought you weren't going to argue with me." Severus pointed out.

Harry who had been trying to stay very quiet and eat his peanut butter and jam sandwich without getting into more trouble could not help a small giggle.

Lucius looked heavenward.

Righteous Rowena Ravenclaw give me guidance he prayed.


"Harry be still or I'll call a house elf to do this…" Lucius threatened as he once again tried to clean the purple jam off of Harry's face with a wet flannel. Harry for some reason had refused to allow Mitzy to clean him up after lunch instead demanding that uncle Lue do it. Lucius assumed the boy who was just now learning of magic was afraid of the ugly little critters.

However now that Lucius was indeed trying to clean the boy up, who seemed to have more jam on his face and hands then he had managed to actually get in his mouth, the child was fussing again and pushing away Malfoy's hand every time he attempted to get near with the flannel.

In truth Harry wasn't afraid of the diminutive gray creatures but he did not want to be cleaned up he hated having his face wiped with the wet flannel and he didn't see why it mattered if he wanted to walk around coated in grape jam. He was sure if he demanded uncle Lue to do it the man would refuse and he would be left alone to play grape jam and all. It had not worked that way and the seven year old was now regretting his decision, uncle Lue seemed mad.

Voldemort had not given Malfoy leeway to punish the boys but he had not forbid it either however Lucius was reluctant to do anything about their misbehavior lest Voldemort disapprove. However his palm was itching to swat one of the little brats and if they kept this up he just might have to and take what ever Voldemort should decide to dish out should he disapprove.

"I don't want it." Harry complained swatting the hand away again as it swooped in to clean his sticky face, getting jam all over Malfoy's robe sleeve as it transferred off the sticky little hands to the expensive garment.

"I don't care what you want I need to clean your face and hands or you will get jam all over the house and I'm sure that would make your father rather cross." Lucius warned.

Harry appeared to contemplate this for a moment and for a second Lucius thought that it had worked and that the child would stay still and allow himself to be cleaned.

Harry stilled and looked at Lucius who reached in to wipe at his face again, Harry leaned away from the hand ducking it fast he craned his neck around and bit Malfoy's arm before making a break for it running as fast as he little legs would carry him as Lucius howled in pain.

Rolling up the sleeve of his robes he looked at his arm, there in the pale skin, was a red and purple mark slightly bruising in the shape of Harry Potters mouth.

Taking a deep breath he stalked off after the boy flannel still in hand.

Great Godric Gryffindor let me brave this day out Lucius prayed realizing he had quickly run out of founders to pray to. The irony that he had prayed to Godric Gryffindor of all wizards was not lost on Malfoy as he chased after the great Gryffindor brat.


"Ready? Set. Go!"

Harry and Severus raced down the long winding banisters, both children were laughing in delight as they nearly reached breakneck speeds. It was almost as fun as riding a broom!

"Children stop that this instant! It's very dangerous and you'll- oomph!" Lucius' ranting was cut off by the impact of Harry flying right off the banister and into his chest.

Lucius wheezed for breath, just as he was getting his wind back, two small faces appeared in his field of vision.

"Uncle Lue? Are you okay?" Harry asked, genuine concern in his voice.

Severus poked him. "I don't think he's dead yet, Harry, so don't worry." Severus comforted his little brother.

Lucius quickly stood up. "That's it! You two are taking a nap before dinner!" He declared.

Instantly, voices of protest filled his ears.

"Naps are for babies!"

"I don't want a nap!"

"Enough! You are going to take a nap. End of discussion." Lucius said firmly.

Both boys looked mutinous and yelled out in unison a loud "NO!"

Lucius' very worn patience snapped at that. Turning each boy around, he landed a firm swat to each little bottom. "You will listen to me!"

Severus and Harry both quickly turned around to face Lucius, their hands on their bottoms to rub out the sting.

"Now, you will go and take your nap!"

Severus was about to protest, when a look inspiration crossed his face. Cupping his sibling mouth, he quickly whispered something into Harry's ear. Letting go of Harry's mouth, the two shared a look.

Uh, oh, this didn't bode well for Lucius.

"Uncle Lue, you're right I am really tired, I guess I will take a nap." Harry said with an innocent voice.

Lucius' hopes raised, maybe he could get some peace?

"But I can't sleep without my teddy bear. It's in the rec room will you go get it for me?" Harry asked in a 'butter won't melt in my mouth' voice.

Lucius was too elated to care, or tell the boy to get it himself, all that mattered was that he could have a couple of brat-free hours.

"Go get ready for your nap, I will bring you your bear, Harry." Lucius promised.

Both boys raced off to their shared room.

With a sigh, Lucius went to retrieve the stuffed toy for his master's son, then he headed for the boys' room.

He expected to find two little boys getting ready for a nap, what he did not expect was the bucket full of water that fell over his head with a loud CLUNK! More than slightly dazed, he stumbled into the room, tripping over a length of rope that he could not see through the bucket on his head. He tumbled until he fell flat on his back, knocking the wind out of him and the bucket off his head. In his stunned state, he barely registered it when Severus bound his feet and Harry bound his legs. He didn't even have time to struggle before the pair brought their bound limbs together and tied them, leaving the Malfoy patriarch hogtied in the middle of the boy's bedroom.

"I think he keeps his wand in there" Harry says pointing to the cane with sterling silver handle Severus nodded and went over plucking the cane from the bound man's hand he then pulled hard at the top revealing the wand, he smiled conspiratorially at Harry.


Voldemort sighed as he put down vial. He was no closer to finding a cure than when he began. Voldemort toyed with the idea of simply letting things be as they were. Harry was definitely easier to handle as seven-year-old verses his normal fourteen-year-old self. And Severus. What a change! Who would have imagined that the bright, happy child could grow up into such a cold and bitter man?

If he could he would leave them as they were, but he doubted that they had stumbled upon a permanent de-aging potion. There might be some adverse side effects, they might continue to get younger, or one of the ingredients might sicken their bodies, there were all kinds of possibilities, and Voldemort did not want to leave the safety of his children to chance.

His children… It was a wonderful feeling to know that his children were alive and well. It was especially satisfying when he 'claimed' Severus as his son. The name 'Snape' had grated on him ever since he found out that Severus was his son, after the discovery he never called him 'Snape' again. With the 'claiming' ceremony he was able to acknowledge Severus as his first-born son by blood. It was a ceremony originally used to adopt bastards into the family and make them the heir. Voldemort had chosen a new name for Severus, he allowed the boy to keep his first name, there was no reason to change that, but his middle and last name needed to be changed. Voldemort would never allow his son to continue being named after a muggle! The last name was obvious, although, Voldemort claimed his name as a title, he gave his ancestor's surname to his offspring. It was Severus who quietly spoke up to suggest 'Prince' as his middle name. Voldemort smiled sadly at the reminder of Eileen, but approved of his son's choice, by blood he was a 'Prince' anyway.

Voldemort realized that he was staring at the same vial for the past five minutes. Shaking his head, he decided a break was in order. He got up in search of the dining room, perhaps he had not missed dinner with his children.

Reaching the dining room, Voldemort was surprised to find that there were no occupants.

"Meeper!" He called.

Pop! "Yes, Master Lord?" The house-elf asked.

"Did my children eat an early dinner? Where are they?" He asked.

"Master Lord! Master Lord! Theys not yet comes to dinner! Theys still in their room!" The house-elf squeaked out.

Voldemort frowned, playtime was all well and good, but they should not let it interfere with their meals. Dismissing the house-elf, Voldemort went in search of his offspring.

Reaching the room, he expected the pair to be playing a game, perhaps with Lucius playing along as well. So he was completely unprepared for what he found.

Lying in the middle of the floor was Lucius, hogtied and gagged. Severus was drawing on his face while Harry was waving Lucius' wand around. Every so often producing sparks of various colors or would change Lucius' hair, skin or robes a different color.

Not to mention the fact that several pillows had been turned into farm animals, a monkey hung from the sconces, a chimpanzee sat on the floor at Lucius' head picking through the long strands of randomly changing colored hair for lice and there was a goat munching happily away Severus' bed spread

"Severus Prince Slytherin! Drop that marker! Marvolo Salazar Slytherin! Give me that wand this instant!" Voldemort commanded.

Both boys immediately complied. They turned to face their father, and gulped at the angry expression on his face.

"Marvolo, go to that corner. Severus you go to that one. Both of you put your nose to the wall and keep it there!" Voldemort ordered indicating towards each corner.

Severus and Harry both scurried to their assigned corners, not wanting to face their father's wrath.

Voldemort turned to the bound Lucius, who had pink hair, a half completed marker handle bar mustache big black marker eyebrows drawn over his real ones and a goatee. His robes were stained with dirt and what looked like grape jam and had a large chunk bitten out of the sleeve from where the goat, having gotten bored with the half eaten comforter had started to snack on it. With a wave of his wand banished the ropes, animals and gag.

Lucius rose and then turned to Voldemort, he then immediately prostrated himself.

"My Lord." He said.

"Tell me everything that my children have been up to today." Voldemort commanded calmly, with only a slight edge of anger in it, though by taking one good look at the man he could surmise some of what had gone on that day.

Both boys shifted uncomfortably as their babysitter related their crimes to their father, everything from the impromptu game of quidditch in the house to the sword fighting to their lack of co-operation over lunch and everything before after and in-between. They could not see their fathers face or reaction as they didn't dare turn from the corner but neither of them had to see him to know he was not a happy man.

Lucius, on the other hand was thrilled. Perhaps the brats would get what was coming to them.

Voldemort listened to Lucius, growing steadily angrier by the moment. When Lucius had finished, Voldemort couldn't shake the nagging feeling that there was something missing.

"Lucius, look at me." Voldemort ordered. Lucius instantly complied.

"Legilimens." Voldemort incanted. Images of the day flew by, confirming Lucius' words, but there was more and the few things that Lucius had not mentioned left Voldemort furious.

"Lucius, let us step outside the room." Voldemort suggested in a tone that left no room for argument.

As they were leaving the room, Voldemort turned to his children and said. "Don't you DARE move one inch from your corners."

"Yes, Daddy." The pair chorused far too concerned for the welfare of their bottoms to disobey.

When Voldemort left the room Harry started to pick at the wall of his corner and spoke to his brother in a small concerned voice.

"Daddy's real mad, huh Severuth?" Harry said as he squirmed nervously in his corner.

"Way to point out the obvious Harry! Now, shh, you're going to get us in more trouble." Severus said.

"Nuh uh I'm not, I'm not leaven the corner, and he didn't say to keep quiet." Harry pointed out.

Severus huffed, he thought he was the one that exploited loopholes.

"Well I said be quiet, we are in enough trouble as it is and we don't need him to get even madder because of your inane chattering."

"I'm not inane!" Harry exclaimed but got quiet, at least for a moment before he piped up again.

"Hey Severuth?" He said

"What Harry." Severus asked with an exasperated sigh.

"What's inane?"

Severus rolled his eyes and banged his head against the corner.

Once Voldemort and Lucius stepped outside the room, Voldemort turned to the room and cast a silencing spell.

Then he turned to Lucius. "I saw that you let them out of the house by themselves. Through a bloody window on broomsticks no less! Lucius, you disappoint me, I expected you to handle two children better than you did." Voldemort said.

Lucius tensed for he knew what would happen next.

"Crucio!" Voldemort incanted, and Lucius dropped to the ground, writhing in agony.

Voldemort held it for a minute and then canceled the spell. Weakly, Lucius got up and then prostrated himself to Voldemort.

"My Lord, I apologize. I will do better next time." Lucius said, even as he prayed that there would be no next time.

"Yes, you will." Voldemort agreed. "Oh and one more thing, Lucius."

"Yes, my Lord?" Lucius looked up questioningly.

"Crucio!" Voldemort incanted once again, and this time held it for nearly five minutes.

"You will never lay a finger on my children!" Voldemort declared to the still writhing Lucius.

"Y-yes m-my Lord." Lucius replied shakily.

"Good, you are dismissed." Voldemort waved to his servant dismissively.

Lucius got up, and half stumbled, half walked to the apparition point.

Voldemort watched Lucius leave with a satisfied grin, he then wiped that grin off his face and turned to enter the room.

He was happy to note that the boys had obeyed him and not moved from their corners.

Voldemort pulled out a chair and sat on it, he then called his children to him. Obediently, Harry and Severus went to their father's side.

"I'm very disappointed in you two." Voldemort said sternly, causing both little boys to look down in shame. Voldemort then proceeded to lecture his sons about each bit of misbehavior.

"I can not believe that the two of you would play quidditch in the house when you know flying is an out side game, and sliding down banisters? That is so very dangerous! Severus when you order something for lunch you eat it you do not make a nuisance out of yourself, Harry when you have jam on you, you will allow yourself to be cleaned and you know better then to bite. You most certainly don't dumb buckets of water on your babysitters, you do not tie them up and draw on them and you never ever touch a wand without permission!"

When he had finished, two very contrite children were studying their feet and squirming under their father's gaze.

"I'm sorry Daddy." They each said.

"Yes, but not as sorry as you are going to be. You are both going to get a spanking, and a good dose of the slipper. Severus, you're first, come here and bare your bottom and lie over my lap. Marvolo, go sit on the bed and wait your turn." Voldemort commanded sternly.

Both boys protested.

"Please don't spank us Daddy!"

"I'm sorry! I won't do it again!"

"No, I told you both to behave and you didn't." Voldemort declared.

"But daddy we did behave!" Severus insisted.

"You call tying Uncle Lue up and drawing on his face behaving?" Voldemort questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, it's behaving… just not behaving good." Severus tried, if there was ever someone who could wriggle their way out of things with semantics it was Severus.

However Voldemort was having none of it and he fixed his wise ass son with a withering glare and held up one finger. "One… I'm going to count, and if you don't do as you were told by the time I reach three, you will get a session with the hairbrush instead."

"Tw-" Voldemort didn't even finish saying 'two' before Severus rushed to his side, frantically trying to undo his trousers. Harry had rushed to his bed, wide-eyed and fearful of his turn.

Inwardly, Voldemort smiled, what a change from his usually stubborn children! When Severus had finished baring his bottom, he lied over his father's lap, his exposed bottom twitching in anticipation.

He didn't have to wait long, Voldemort wasted no time in bringing his hand down on the little upturned bottom.

"Ow!" Severus yelped as the first one caught him off guard. He then bit down on his lip to prevent any further sound. His brother was watching, and he didn't want to look like a baby!

Severus' bottom changed from white, to pink to a rosy red. He soon no longer cared about looking like a baby, his bottom was on fire and he was yelping at every swat! He squirmed, twisted, and kicked his feet out, but he couldn't escape his father's firm hand from impacting his rapidly reddening bottom.

When Severus' bottom was an acceptable shade of red, Voldemort took out his wand and conjured a slipper.

Tapping the slipper on the flaming bottom, Voldemort waited for his son to calm down a little before speaking. "You were very naughty, Severus. You will receive ten swats with the slipper, one swat for each year of your life."

"Noooo! Daddy! Please, I'm sorry!" Severus cried out between sobs. He remembered the slipper from his last spanking and it had hurt so badly he never wanted it again.

Voldemort ignored his son's pleading, and brought the slipper down on his son's already bright red bottom.

Severus howled as the stingy slipper made contact with his already flaming bottom, it felt like he was sitting on hot coals, as the fire grew hotter and hotter.

"You will listen to the adult in charge! SWAT! SWAT! You will not give them a hard time! SWAT! SWAT! You know better then to ride your broom in the house. SWAT! SWAT! Or to give Uncle Lue a problem about a meal you asked for SWAT! That is naughtiness just for the sake of naughtiness and I wont have it. SWAT! I expected you to set an example for your brother! SWAT! SWAT!" Voldemort lectured, as he laid the spanks on his son's bottom.

Severus lied limply over his father's lap, sobbing hard at the inferno that was his bottom. He was completely sure that he would never sit again! He barely noticed when his father had stopped spanking him and continued to cry out his pain.

Voldemort gathered the sobbing boy into his arms and rocked him gently until his sobs subsided. When Severus' harsh sobs had slowed to soft crying and the occasional hitched breath, Voldemort stood the boy up and helped him right his clothes.

"Go sit on your bed, while I deal with your brother." Voldemort said gently, but with a firm undertone to it.

Severus grimaced. "Do I hav'ta sit?" He asked.

Voldemort chuckled. "You may lie on your stomach if you wish."

Severus nodded and went to lie down, he turned to face the wall. He didn't really want to watch his brother being spanked.

Harry had watched the whole exchange with wide eyes. He had never seen anyone get spanked before, and had never been spanked before either.

Voldemort turned to his youngest son. "Your turn, Marvolo. Come here and bare your bottom and lie over my lap. You do NOT want to make me come and get you." Voldemort warned.

Harry gulped and moved to obey. Even as he was walking over to his father, he looked up with pleading eyes. "Please, Daddy! I'm sorry. Pleeaassee?"

Voldemort was unmoved by his son's pleading. "Yes you will be sorry, now come here."

With resignation, Harry reluctantly walked over to his father and did as he was told.

With a sigh, Voldemort surveyed the tiny upturned bottom. He really hated to do this, but the boy had to learn.

As soon as Harry was situated, Voldemort quickly brought his hand down on the small upturned bottom.

Harry wailed as his father's hard hand made contact on his tender bum. As his father continued to spank at a brisk pace, Harry found himself kicking and flailing and practically swimming off his father's lap. But to no avail, he couldn't escape the fire that was building in his hindquarters. His father had him firmly clamped down over his lap.

It didn't take long for Harry's bottom to reach a bright red, he was sobbing hard and praying for the spanking to end. Voldemort waited for his son to calm down before tapping the slipper on his son's bottom.

Feeling the change in implements, Harry craned his head to see. "Nooooo! Pleeaassee Daddy!" He pleaded.

Voldemort mimicked his words to Severus when he spoke to. "You were very naughty, Marvolo. You will receive seven swats with the slipper, one swat for each year of your life."

With that, he brought the slipper down on the small upturned bottom.

Voldemort interspersed his swats into his lecture. "You will obey the adult in charge! SWAT! SWAT! You will not play with wands, bite or fly your broom in the house. SWAT! SWAT! You will not tie up your Uncle Lue or any baby sitter! SWAT! SWAT! Is that understood, young man?" He questioned.

Harry lied limply over his fathers lap, crying hard. "Yes, Daddy!" He replied.

"Good!" Voldemort said, and delivered one last SWAT!

With that, Voldemort banished the slipper. He then gathered his sobbing son up into his arms. Cradling the boy, he rocked him and hummed a lullaby under his breath. Soon, Harry's sobs subsided and he fell asleep. Voldemort pulled the child's pants and trousers up, and the boy didn't even stir. Voldemort then carried his youngest son over to his bed and laid him on his stomach. After transfiguring the boy's clothing to pajamas, he turned to his older son.

Severus had been watching his father since the spanking had ended. When he father turned toward him, and transfigured his clothes to be pajamas he looked up curiously.

"Why don't you both take a short nap before dinner?" Voldemort said, it wasn't really a question.

Severus was about to protest, when his father patted his sore bottom, gently in warning. Severus gulped but instead of lying his head down on the pillow he got up on his knees (there was no way he was rolling over onto his well spanked bottom) and held his arms out to his father, he didn't care if it seemed babyish, his brother was asleep anyway and there was no need to pretend he didn't need the comfort of being held, his cuddle time had been cut rather short by his father's need to deal with Harry as well, leaving Severus feeling needy and rather gypped. His bottom hurt something awful and well he just wanted to be held.

Voldemort felt a tug at his heart and leaned down to lift his eldest up before taking a seat on the bed the boy in his lap he did much the same for Severus as he had done for Harry humming the lullaby and rocking his gently.

Severus let out a small content sigh as he nuzzled into the warmth and comfort of his fathers chest and closed his eyes, maybe a nap was a good idea after all.