The Culprit Is...

bijoukaiba here! Just wanted to say, prepare yourself for a crossover fanfiction like NOTHING you've ever seen done before.

Want some background information? This idea actually came to me in a dream. It was very simple, just a "special" episode of House that actually had a certain cartoon character end up as one of his patients. The next morning, sitting at the bus stop, I started thinking more about it and actually started to develop into a pretty interesting idea.

If you want to get an idea of how this would "look", like if it actually was on TV, then the House crew are all live action, and the Scooby Doo gang are all cartoons. Think like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? , for example.

Disclaimer: House and all related characters belong to FOX. Scooby Doo and all related characters belong to Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbera.


Chapter 1: The First Clue

The Mystery Machine drove along down the road, as a heavy downpour hammered against the roof of the van.

Fred- currently driving the van- sat up front with Daphne and Velma. In the back, Scooby and Shaggy sat together. Of course, the latter two sat together in the back, already shivering at the thought of exploring a haunted mansion during a terrifying thunderstorm.

"Oh, stop it," Velma scolded, turning to look at them. "you guys are always like this before every mystery!"

"Rut it's reepy," Scooby protested, his shivering stopped. However, it didn't keep him from whimpering.

"And, like, it's not just the mansion," Shaggy added, through chattering teeth, "I feel like a popsicle! Scoob, hand me a blanket, will ya?"

"Rokay." the Great Dane opened a storage box beside him, pulled out a fleece blanket, and draped it over his best friend's shivering form.

"Like, thanks, pal. You're always coming through for me," Shaggy complimented, giving Scooby a good scratch behind the ears. He removed his hand to tuck the blanket closer against his body, so Scooby continued scratching the same spot.

"C'mon, Shaggy," Fred stated, "stop playing the 'I'm feeling sick' card!"

"Like, c'mon yourself! I'm seriously not feeling well! Like, I haven't for the past two weeks!"

Everyone in the van was surprised by Shaggy's sudden outburst. He wasn't normally this crabby.

Daphne turned around to look at him, but didn't say anything. He looked up at her, sighed, then slumped backwards against the wall of the van. She gave him an apologetic shrug, before turning her attention to the road ahead.

The van rattled against the rocky road, and the vibrations shook through his body violently, feeling every bump, rock, possibly every twig the Mystery Machine drove over on the unpaved road. Shaggy closed his eyes, trying to ignore the pain in his body.

Much to his relief, the Mystery Machine did stop, but it could not completely soothe his pain.

"Okay, gang. Let's go see what's really going on at the old Evans Mansion..." Fred ordered, stepping out of the van. The girls followed suit, exitting and opening the back doors for Scooby to step out.

Shaggy was last to get out of the van, disappointed in leaving that warm blanket behind. He finally set his two feet uneasily on the ground, taking a few steps forward.

"BLAAAARGGGHHH!!!" Freddy roared behind him. He had hidden behind the side of the van to spook Shaggy as a joke.

"Zoinks!" Shaggy gasped.

"Oh, Freddy... don't be so immature," Velma muttered, shaking her head as her blond friend laughed.

Shaggy clutched feebly at his chest, still trying to catch his breath. His normal breathing had changed to wheezing, and he now felt short of breath.

"Raggy?" Scooby asked. As a dog, his instinct told him something was not right.

"C'mon, Shag! It was just a joke!" Fred insisted. "... Shaggy?"

"Shaggy, what's wrong?" Velma asked, stepping towards him.

The voices around him were warbled, and he no longer recognized his friends around him; there were only warped blobs of brown, purple, white, and orange.

Daphne whipped out her cell phone. Something was definitely wrong- this was more serious than any mystery they had tried to solve.

The warped blobs twisted and mixed into the gray sky. Shaggy couldn't take this anymore. He fell onto his knees as his friends rushed to his side, concerned. At last, his body had had enough. He collapsed forward onto his stomach, still short of breath.

Scooby was whimpering beside him, Fred and Velma were calling his name, and he could barely make out Daphne's voice.

"Hello? 9-1-1? We need help! Something's wrong with my friend, he's having trouble breathing, and I... I think he's going to faint!"

Daphne couldn't have been more right.

Shaggy heard Scooby whimper his name one last time...

... before everything went black.