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- - - -

Chuck and Sarah were in their hotel room looking for an excuse to stay in bed. After the extreme tension of the past week, it felt great just to be able to relax and hold each other. So they took full advantage. They took so much advantage that before they knew it, it was almost noon. So they reluctantly decided to get up. After all, they were scheduled to leave for Vegas to get legally married in a few hours. They had just gotten dressed after sleeping in.

"I forgot to tell you," Chuck said as he sat on the sofa next to Sarah. "Janice was really down on the plane ride over here. She felt like she let us down."

"I know," Sarah said with a sigh. "She really is a good agent. She just lost her confidence in Columbia and could never get it back. I'll talk to her."

"Janice told me to get you to tell me the story about you and her in Columbia," Chuck said. "I know that she was your first partner. What happened anyway?"

"I don't know, sweetie," Sarah said hesitantly. "I'm not sure that telling you that story is really a good idea."

"Why not?" Chuck said in surprise with the hurt obvious in his voice. "We're going to get married in a few hours. You still don't trust me with your secrets?"

"Come on Chuck," Sarah said a little more harshly than she really intended as she grabbed Chuck's hand. "You know that's not the reason. And I've been married for almost three months now. I'm not sure about you. We're not getting married today. We're just making it legal."

"Umm, Sarah," Chuck said meekly. "You're kind of hurting my hand."

"I know," Sarah said flatly. "That was just mean. Why would you say something like that to me?"

"I'll tell you what," Chuck said with a look on his face that was half smile and half grimace. "If you'll let go of my hand, I'll tell you how sorry I am."

"How about this," Sarah said with mock sweetness as she turned to look at him. "You tell me how sorry you are and then I'll let go of your hand."

"Ok," Chuck said with the pain obvious in his voice. "Let's do it together."

Sarah didn't respond but the slight nod and smile told Chuck to continue.

"On the count of three."

"1 – 2 – 3"

"I'm sorry," Chuck said as he rubbed his hand.

"That's what you call an apology?" Sarah said with a fake pout. "It was pretty weak."

"I was just trying to get you to let go of my hand," Chuck said with his classic grin. "I wasn't really going for make up sex."

"Well," replied Sarah in a huff. "That's good, because you're no where near that."

"If I tell you how much I love you will you tell me the story?" Chuck asked as he flashed his puppy dog look.

"No," said Sarah with a laugh. "But it would go a long ways toward make up sex."

"Why won't you tell me the story?" Chuck finally said after a long pause with a frustrated edge to his voice.

Sarah just looked at Chuck sadly for a long moment. "Because I don't think you can handle it," she finally said.

"Just how many Columbians did you sleep with?" Chuck asked in mock seriousness.

From the look that came over Sarah's face, Chuck immediately knew that he had gone too far.

"I'm so sorry," Chuck said quickly as he put his arm around Sarah. "You know that I didn't mean that the way it sounded."

"I know," Sarah finally whispered after a long moment as she buried her face in Chuck's shoulder.

"Sarah," Chuck whispered. "I'm really sorry,"

Sarah didn't respond for a long moment. In fact, it was so long that Chuck was beginning to think that she had fallen asleep.

"It's the part of the job that I always hated," Sarah finally said so softly that Chuck could barely hear her as she left her face buried in Chuck's shoulder. "And it hardly ever happened. I always did every thing I could to avoid it. I swear I did."

Chuck just softly rubbed her arm.

"But some times there is just no other way," Sarah continued slowly. "These guys are evil beyond belief. It was my duty to stop them however I could."

"Sarah," Chuck said. "It's ok. You don't have to tell me."

"I never thought that I would ever be in this situation," Sarah said as she lifted her head to look at Chuck. "I know that it's silly but I'm so afraid."

"Why are you afraid?" Chuck asked in surprise.

"I never thought I could ever love anybody this much," Sarah whispered. "I don't want to keep any secrets from you. So I want to tell you everything. But I couldn't stand it if you stopped loving me because of what I've done."

"That's never going to happen," Chuck said flatly. "Never."

"But," Sarah said softly. "Are you sure?"

Remembering Sarah's response to that same exact question yesterday, Chuck pressed his lips to Sarah's. At first her eyes widened in surprise but she quickly responded. However the kiss didn't last for very long at all before they both starting laughing.

"Very funny," Sarah said as she playfully slapped Chuck on the chest. "Ok, point well taken. But are you sure that you want to hear this?"

"I'll tell you what," Chuck said playfully. "Why don't you sit on my lap and put your head on my shoulder? I can't imagine feeling bad when you're whispering in my ear. But if I do, I'll just kiss you."

"Ok," Sarah said with a coy smile as she shifted to sit on Chuck's lap. "And if you start to feel really bad, we'll take a break. Just let me know."

Chuck didn't say anything but his smile told Sarah to continue.

"Well," Sarah began. "Janice and I had just graduated from the academy about six months previously. We had a few smaller assignments but nothing major. Then one day the director called us into his office. He told us about two brothers, Juan and Raul Lopez. They were big time drug runners. Normally the CIA wouldn't be that interested in foreign drug kingpins but these two were funneling the profits to anti government gorillas. The director told us that it was very unusual to send such rookie agents on such an important mission but that he had faith in us. Our assignment was to get close to the brothers using any means necessary, find out how they were funding the rebels, and kill them. After they were dead, we would have to escape any way we could. There was a safe house in Bogotá. Our job was to get there after the mission. So the next thing I knew, we were on a plane on the way to Columbia."

"So," Chuck asked. "Which one did you get? Juan or Raul?"

"Both," Sarah said with a smile. "But not in the way you're thinking. Chuck, Columbian drug lords don't go walking around in public. There are way too many people trying to kill them. We had to work our way up."

"I understand," Chuck sighed.

"Care to tell me," Sarah asked with a grin as she picked her head off Chuck's shoulder to look at him. "Why you already have your hand in my shirt? I just started the story."

"Well," Chuck said sheepishly. "You were flying to Columbia. You know how I hate to fly."

"I can see that this story is going to take a long time to tell," Sarah said with a laugh as she leaned in to kiss Chuck gently.

"Take your time," Chuck said with a sigh as he returned her kiss. "I'm actually good."

- - - -

Sarah sat in her hotel room trying to cool off. One thing that she hadn't anticipated was the change in climate from Washington to Bogotá. The temperature was in the nineties as was the humidity. It made picking your wardrobe fairly challenging. If you wore anything tight fitting, you were in an impromptu wet t-shirt contest no matter if you wanted to be or not.

Sarah and Janice had decided to separate and work different angles. That way, if one got in trouble, the other wouldn't be implicated. So they stayed at different hotels and had totally different cover stories. Janice's cover was that as a buyer for a coffee company. Sarah was posing as an insurance auditor. The plan was to wander into the same club that evening and try to get close to someone from the inner circle.

One thing was for sure, anybody with enough money to be in that club either worked for the coffee company or the cocaine cartel. And since they had memorized all of the inner circle drug men, anybody they didn't recognize must be a coffee worker.

As soon as Sarah walked into the club she instantly realized two things. First, it was obvious who the drug and coffee people were. They split the room in half, rarely even looking over to the other side. And second, that every eye in the place, on both sides, was on her as she walked to the bar. Sarah walked over to the coffee side of the bar and picked an empty seat, intending to order a drink. While she was waiting to order she glanced over the room. That's when she recognized him. Jose Morales. Jose was in charge of security for the cartel compound. Jackpot. And he was staring directly at her.

Knowing that she couldn't make it seem to easy, she flashed Jose a soft smile and turned back to the bar. She knew that it would only be a matter of time before Jose would come over to the coffee side for her. She just needed to give him a reason. And that reason came very quickly in the form of a man; she thought his name was Robert, offering to buy her a drink.

- - - -

"So," Chuck said sadly. "Did you sleep with Jose or Robert?"

"Are you going to let me tell this story or not?" Sarah said with a laugh. "I didn't sleep with either of them. What kind of girl would sleep with someone in a strange city that they just picked up that night? They would suspect something was wrong right away. Did I sleep with you on the first night?"

"Sarah," Chuck said with his own grin. "You didn't sleep with me in the first year. Maybe I should have been a drug runner."

"Maybe," Sarah said softly. "You may have had to wait longer. No question about that. But you have one big advantage over Jose."

"What's that?" asked Chuck. "Besides the obvious thing of being married to the most beautiful girl in the world."

"You're still alive."

- - - -