Okay, here's the extra bit I promised. I'm not gonna rise the rating, because there's nothing explicit, but I am warning you, there are mentions of SEX in this. After all, it's about Emmett and Rosalie's smutty years, well, the most smutty ones, when they do all the house destroying.

You've been warned.

Note: Thanks to my adored beta! Merrin! And to all of those who took the time to comment!

"The Subtle Art of Sharing - Extras"


She remembers the first time she really noticed Emmett's wild side.

They had been on their first trip to Africa when it happened; it only lasted for a few minutes, while he fed on a lion, but it was enough to spark something in her.

Something… she couldn't quite identify.

It was like the first time she saw Emmett, only stronger. It was a very strong and powerful feeling, and yet not as strong and powerful as her love for him, but very close.

Rosalie remembers that moment perfectly, though she is still not sure who made the first move.



Knowing how Emmett was back then, it was probably her who jumped him.

Well, it doesn't matter who initiated it then, only that that day marked the beginning of a decade of wild, passionate, and uncontrollable sex, and the demolition of many houses.

A loud crack snaps her back to present time, and Rosalie opens her eyes to see that she and Emmett have torn down another wall of their brand-new house.

Somewhere along her musing, Emmett's disposed of their clothes. Now, they're both lying naked on the rubble.

Emmett smirks. "The bed?"

Rosalie smiles seductively at him. "Not today."



Lucky bed, Emmett thinks, too bad the living-room it's not gonna be so lucky.

He grabs Rosalie's legs, wrapping them around his waist, and leans down to place one tender kiss on her lips before thrusting into her. He groans in pleasure when he feels Rosalie's nails digging into his back as she rocks her hips to meet his at every thrust.

Their bodies are completely synchronized.

The rubble turns to dust at the pressure of their bodies, and the house protests with loud cracks. However, their focus is only for each other and for the sensations overwhelming their senses.



Emmett caresses her back lovingly, occasionally playing with her blonde tresses. He puts his free arm under his head, assessing the damage around them.

It isn't so bad in his opinion. The house is still standing, and the master bedroom —they're laying on the bed, under the safety of the sheets— is intact. It's nothing that can't be fixed.

His mind drifts back to Rosalie, enjoying the way her fingers caress his chest soothingly. His wife snuggles closer to him, sighing contently.



"I love you."

He smiles, but says nothing, kissing the top of her head in response.


The End.

Yep, the end, for real this time. I wasn't going to post this at first, but I figured that it just couldn't be left out, I mean those ten year of intense smut are an important part of Em/Ro's relationship, right? And, someone suggested me to write about the time Bella appears in their lifes, but this fic's set BEFORE the events of the book, so it wouldn't fit.

Anyway, I hope you give me some feedback ;)