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Keywords: Teela POV. Angst, humor, romance, all kinds of goodness.

Rating: PG-13 for now. May change later…

Summary: Teela has to confront and deal with the changes – good and bad - in her life.


Excerpt for the journal of retired Royal Guard Captain Teela

Date unknown

... Choices were hard to make and even harder to act on. We sought truths but never really prepared ourselves for what those truths ultimately meant to us. We fought, believing that we would always win the war, even when we lost a battle. Our faith in the power of that which was good, right and just seemed to be steadfast, unshakeable.

Too often we allowed our naivety to blind us. In the end, so much was lost and the price of peace and freedom took its toll on those of us that remained.

But again, I was blind…

Now, there are two things in this life of which I am certain: One, the people I love and trust the most are keeping secrets from me. Two, in order to maintain some semblence of sanity, I am keeping secrets – big, BIG, secrets – from them.

For the longest time, I hadn't given either of those things a lot of thought. I'd rise in the morning, do my duty to king and Eternia, and go to bed. If I was still breathing at the end of the day, great. If I still had all of my limbs, even better.

The one great folly of youth, my father used to say, was that we always thought we were indestructible. I suppose on a certain level, he was right. But for a woman of my rank to maintain credibilty and the respect of those she served with, a little arrogance was necessary from time to time. After all, you can't compete with the big boys if you don't know how to play like them.

When King Randor named me Captain of the Royal Guard, sure I was cocky. I WAS the first woman EVER to hold that position after all. I was young, fast, skilled and oh so sure of myself. Who isn't at the age of 16?

But as I have come to learn so bitterly in the last year, the only thing that is ever truly constant, is change.

As I sit in my office, overlooking the grounds of the Eternian Military Academy, I wonder what changes are still to come?