Not the best I've ever written, but i figured, what the heck I'll post it :D This is in the summoning when Simon and Chloe are talking outside the day of their escape.

Derek's POV

"There's a lot I want to talk to you about." Simon leaned in to Chloe getting too close to her. His hand touched the back of hers. Chloe's face reddened visibly.

It was obvious that Chloe and Simon had a thing going on between them. Simon had been giving her all the hints the past few days. Touching her hand, talking to her in private. Chloe had responded to him just as I expected. Just as I wanted. Or, at least, that's what I was trying to convince myself.

Hadn't I wanted them to get along? Yes, of course. If Simon cared about Chloe, he would get her out of here with him and find dad. And we needed to find dad. It was just, something bothered me as I watched Simon and Chloe.

I had seen Simon with many - too many - girls to count. None of that ever bothered me. Hell, with their high-pitched voices and bitchy attitudes I really didn't give a damn. Girls just weren't for me. So, no, I wasn't surprised to see him try and make a move on Chloe. I really don't know what I felt.

Something growled inside of me, the wolf I supposed. It wanted something. But what? Not that the wolf part could talk back to me, but I could usually relate to the way it made me feel. Not today.

This was something I don't think I'd ever felt. It was sort of a defensive reaction. Whatever the feeling was, all I knew about it was that it made me want to race over there and pry Simon's greedy hands away from Chloe. Which was.. Weird.

By the look on Chloe's face she would be very content to have Simon make his move on her. Again the wolf growled.

Its not that Simon wouldn't be good for Chloe. He would be good for her. However, I had seen Simon fly through girls so fast I couldn't even catch up to who the next girl was. If Simon and Chloe didn't work it out it would be extremely awkward having them both run away together.

I shook my head. No, Chloe was different. I could sense that Simon and her would get along fine. Nothing bad to deter their happiness together. Simon would be happy, and I liked it when Simon was happy. So why did it bother me so much that he and Chloe would be together?

It was pointless to search for an answer, because I couldn't find one. I only knew that it bothered me.

Subconsciously, I began moving closer towards Simon and Chloe. My wolf instinct had taken charge. When I saw Simon seconds away from Chloe's lips I moved in.

"What's this about Rae?" I heard myself call out to Simon and Chloe.

Why did I do that? I questioned. No answer came, but I couldn't help but think that there was some sort of motivation behind it.

Simon swore. "Anyone ever tell you your sense of timing really sucks?"

He didn't have it exactly right. My sense of timing had been just perfect. I heard the wolf purr happily.