Summary: A book/movie series called Twilight crosses path with a TV-serie called Buffy, the vampire slayer. How will this unfold? First Twilight crossover.

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When Two Worlds Collide

Chapter 1: Series and Books

Bella was sitting on the love-seat next to Edward, watching a TV-show called Buffy, the vampire slayer. Bella loved the show, which was now currently on it's third run. Angel - the vampire with a soul who was in love with the slayer, Buffy - had just returned a few episodes ago and was currently trying to kill himself as the first evil wanted him to bite Buffy.

Edward was glancing at Bella, who was almost crying as Angel started to yell at Buffy about how he couldn't kill anymore, about how he couldn't kill his one true love. He found it ridiculous, the show's notion of how vampires were, but he did epathise with the Angel character - after all, it had been only a few months since Edward returned to Forks after leaving Bella for her own safety.

Bella cheered when it started snowing so Angel wouldn't be killed by the sun. 'As if vampires can get killed by the sun. Or by stakes. Or have those nasty looking, weird faces. What a joke!' He scoffed, Bella heard it and turned to glare at him.

"Don't you diss this show, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! Buffy is the bravest woman ever and Angel is so amazing. Their love transends anything! It reminds me of us," She said and Edward had too agree with her a little - the Angel character reminded him of himself, and the romance reminded him of his and Bella's romance. But Buffy did not remind him of Bella - Bella was fragile, breakable, Buffy wasn't.

"Sorry love, I won't do it again. I guess, you are somewhat right," Edward replied by which she smiled, content for now.


Buffy was sleeping over at Angel's place - just sleeping, anything more would result in Angel loosing his soul again and that would be bad. She was wide awake, thinking about a lot of things; the upcoming prom - Faith turning to the dark side - her love for Edward - and, strangely enough, a stupid book/movie series she was currently watching a documentary of.

True, she had read Twilight and New Moon and had taken Angel to the cinema to watch the first Twilight movie when it came out a few weeks ago, but she found it completely rediculous. The way the vampires were portrayed - inhumanly beautiful, almost unbreakable, able to walk into sunlight, unable to sleep, good vampires - was nothing like she and few others knew how real vampires were.

The only reason she read the two books and saw the movie was because of the love story between the animal-drinking vampire and the human Bella Swan. It reminded her of her love for Angel and how their relationship was - Edward in particular reminded her of Angel, they were so similar in their we're-the-doomed-evil-creatures philosphy.

The latest book, New Moon, was extremely sad and Buffy could relate. In the book, Edward had left Bella for her own safety and she had gone into a somewhat catatonic state, until she met the werewolf Jacob - again, nothing like a real werewolf should be. She knew Ozz after all. In the end, Bella found Edward and they were together once more. The part Buffy related to was the way Bella felt after Edward left her, Buffy had felt that way once too. It had been different for her, Angel hadn't left her, she had to kill him, but the feelings were mostly the same. Luckily, she got her Angel back too.

Buffy's cell-phone went of them, shaking her from her reverie. Angel stirred at the sound and began to wake up as she answered.

"Hello?" Buffy asked, she hadn't looked at her caller-ID before picking up.

"Buffy, it's Willow. Giles was contacted by this coven of witches in Cleveland and was told something bad was coming. Something to do with an army of vampires somewhere in Phoenix," Willow said on the other side of the phone.

"Great, that should be fun," Buffy said sarcastically then continued, "I guess we're going to Cleveland then?" Buffy asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, Giles is already phoning Xander and I already phoned Ozz and Xander'll probably phone Cordy, though I have my doubts if she'll answer his phone calls. Anyway, we're meeting up at the library and leaving at dawn. Clear everything with your mom, then come meet us."

"Okay, I'll be there in a few, bye." Buffy hung up the phone and turned to the now, wide awake Angel. He had heard the entire conversation with his enhanced hearing and was giving Buffy a worried smile - he worried too much, just like the Edward character in the Twilight books.


Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme had all joined Bella and Edward in the living room and were silently snickering as they listened to Bella rant about her favorite TV-show and how perfect Buffy and Angel were.

"Oh, and the way Buffy had to kill him to save the world, then dissapeared to LA for three months, then came back and Angel came back too was so SO sad," she said, she was jumping from one episode to another - Edward in particular found it amusing to watch.

Suddenly, Alice' eyes glazed over; she was having a vision and Edward saw it play out in her mind. All she saw was a familiar street in Phoenix, some girl with blonde hair - they couldn't see her face, they were looking at her back - facing 3 very hungy and angry looking vampires. All of a sudden, they lunged at her, then the vision stopped. By that time, everyone was looking from Alice to Edward, waiting for an explination.

Alice explained what she had seen and we were now currently discussing the situation. Bella was horrified for the human girl - Rosalie couldn't care less; it was already a big deal she was acting friendly towards Bella - Emmett was up for a good fight - Jasper didn't like it one bit - Esme was motherly as always and concerned for the human's safety and Carlisle felt as if he had to help.

"Alice saw this for a reason - we have to help her," Bella said at one point, and we couldn't argee with her - Alice had seen this for a reason. It was our duty to help now, but I wouldn't leave Bella alone, unprotected. Rosalie volunteered to stay behind with Bella, since she really didn't care about the outcome.

The vision was going to play out the next night, but they all left to get a head-start and maybe find those vamps before they found the girl. Edward didn't like the idea of leaving Bella alone for an entire night and day, but he knew from Rose' thoughts that she would have protection. So, they all went to Phoenix to help what they thought was another fragile human.

Boy, would they be wrong!

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