Breaking News: Randy Orton released from his contract.

Shocking release by the WWE.

Breaking News: Former WWE champion suddenly released.

Jeff stared at his laptop and looked at the headlines that were dominating just about every wrestling website in existence. It was hard to believe that this had happened. Randy was gone. It was a good thing that it happened, but Jeff still didn't know what to think about it. According to Hunter, Randy had actually asked for his release before Vince could fire him. Whatever Mark had done when he had caught the Legend Killer obviously worked.

"He's not going to be bothering any of you again," Mark assured Jeff, Jay and Matt. "He knows the consequences of that if he does."

"And those would be?" Matt asked.

"You let me worry about that Matt. You just worry about helping Jeff over here."

"I'm not crippled Mark," Jeff said irritably. "I think I can take care of myself now."

"Relax baby," Jay said as he rested his head on Jeff's shoulder. "We know you can. We just want to help you."

Jeff knew that, but he hated it. He hated being stuck in this hospital bed. He hated the fact that it hadn't been him that had finally made Randy go away for good. It would have felt more like justice if he had been the one to do it, especially since he had been the younger man's target.

You keep telling yourself that, but don't you think it was actually because you wanted to get him pinned down underneath you again. You wanted to get on top of him and--

Jeff stopped that thought right in its tracks. No good was going to come from that. He didn't even know why that annoying little voice kept speaking up. Even if he had been the one to go after Randy, raping him wouldn't have solved a damn thing. It would have just kept the whole violent circle going. At least that was what he was telling himself now.

Jay kissed Jeff on the corner of his mouth. "Come on baby, cheer up. The doctors are thinking about letting you out of here later today. Then we can go home and try to move on from this crazy mess.

Jeff managed a small smile. But he couldn't help but think that this still had the potential of not being over. Just because Randy had left the company and was being kept at by Mark's threat didn't mean that the obsession had died. It only meant that he couldn't act on it anymore. Maybe that's the important part of it, he thought to himself. If he can't act on it anymore, maybe his feelings will go away.

Mark put his hand on Jeff's shoulder. "Kid, believe me, he knows damn well that if he comes anywhere near you that nobody will find his body. I'll make damn sure of that."

Matt raised his eyebrows. "Do you mean that literally Taker?"

"Oh fuck yeah. I've got one very ugly dark side that none of you have ever seen before. And believe me, none of you want to see it."

"Oh don't worry, I believe it," Jay said. He stared at Mark warily. "You don't even need to say anymore on that subject. The less we all know, the better."

Mark nodded along. "That might be the first sensible thing I've heard you say Reso. It's kind of sad that it took eleven years to happen, but at least it did."

Jeff rolled his eyes and gave Jay an encouraging hug. "It's okay baby; I happen to think you've said a lot of sensible things. Like, "why get up when we can stay in bed and fuck?" Or "let's have shower sex." These are all things that just make so much sense."

Matt sighed and shook his head. "Jeff, I know you have a concussion and all, but that does not mean you need to talk about your sex life when I'm here. Just because I'm relieved that you're okay doesn't mean that I want to hear that."

"Well you should be honored to hear it," Jay informed him. "Some people out there would pay good money to hear us go at it."

"And we're not them," Mark said. "So don't start that crap near us."

Jeff pouted a little bit but he and Jay knocked it off. They all settled down and started watching TV. But Jeff didn't really concentrate on the show. He was thinking about the future. What was next for him and Jay? Would Jay move to Cameron to be closer to him or would he be willing to pack up his things and go live in Tampa? Was it too soon to even be thinking about that question? What the hell would Matt think about that? And did that even matter? But there was one question that was more important than all the rest. It was one he was going to be asking himself a lot until things settled down completely again.

Was this thing with Randy really over for good? Or was this a temporary break from the storm? And did he even want to know the answer to that if the answer was the latter? Damn it, I have way too many questions. I'm going to drive myself insane.


Randy laid back on the bed. He was at his cousin's house for the time being until he could figure out where he was going to go next. TNA was a possible option, but it wasn't one that truly appealed to him. It just wasn't the same as WWE. Besides, Jay and Jeff still had friends there, and there was a good chance that those friends knew at least some of the events that had gone down lately. And if he went there, it would probably just eventually lead to trouble.

He sighed and closed his eyes. He wanted to just go to sleep and get some rest. He felt completely emotionally drained at the moment. Maybe I need to take a break from everything completely, he thought to himself. Maybe if I just get away from absolutely everything in my life right now, I can fucking get shit back on track. I've fucked everything up with this Jeff thing. That was his last thought before he drifted off to sleep. He slept peacefully for about three hours, but then it started yet again. It was the cycle that never ended.

The smell of sex hung heavily in the air. Randy thrusted in and out of Jeff easily, their sweat almost making them too slippery to stay joined together. But together they stayed because Jeff fit around him like a fucking glove.

"Randy," Jeff moaned. He used his painted fingernails to claw at Randy's back. "Randy please fuck me…oh God baby please, harder!"

Randy kissed Jeff's neck before biting at it. He had lost count of how many times they had fucked already. Three, four, seven--it was all running together in his head. The only thing he did know was that he felt like he would die if he ever stopped fucking the Rainbow Haired Warrior.

"Randy!" Jeff screamed as he came. "Oh fuck--"

Randy woke up at that exact moment. His underwear and pants were completely drenched in his own sticky seed, yet he was still completely hard. He put his hands over his face and let out a frustrated scream.

Kicking this obsession was going to be harder than he thought.


A/N: Wow, this one went completely differently than I thought I was going to make it go. I really was going to make this more of a Randy/Jeff thing and then Jay/Jeff took over after Randy got too psycho. And now Randy is conflicted on top of that. Anyway, I should start the sequel to this sometime soon. Maybe within the next couple of days, maybe next week---I'm not exactly sure when. I just go where my creative waves take me.