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By Crazy-dreamz :)

It was two months after Edward left, I didn't hear, didn't see, and didn't feel anymore. The first month, all who loved me fought, still I didn't notice as my mind was centered on agony, self hate and him. Charlie and Renee did everything they could just to get their daughter back, just for me to smile. I was selfish. By the end of the second month they all sadly gave up and I was still dazed by the loss of it all. Agony and grief were my constant companions. I did every little task with all of my concentration just for those few seconds of forgetting.

I did everything as dangerously as possible because I had nothing to lose, nothing to live for.

I was walking in the woods, I can't describe what happened as everything happened in a blur, out of sequence, but I remember the conversation that helped me gain my sanity.

"Well, I never expected to see you here Isabella." Said a voice. I hadn't been able to tell the differences in voices but this particular voice was different from all the ones I had heard in two months. I turned around and felt something unexpected….surprise.

Aro. The Volturi.

Ed-he and I had talked about it only a few weeks before he left and took half of me with him.

"Likewise." I said in a monotone

"…and I see that you are still human." He said matter of factly. Hopefully they will eat me.

"What do you mean by still?" I asked in a monotone.

"Word gets around, young one." I gave him a blank look.

"Now, you do realize that if you are not turned you pose a threat to us." He said matter of factly.

I nodded. I need to end my pain. He gazed at me with interest.

"You seem to have no fear. You do realize you are to be killed?" he said in a feather light voice.

I stared straight into his eyes. "Do what you need to. I don't care anymore." I stated flatly.

"But what about Edward? Won't it break his heart?" he said in an innocent tone. I flinched at his name.

"I don't think Edward-flinch-would really mind…" I trailed of quietly as I looked at the ground. As I looked up, had excitement and longing in his eyes.

"Isabella, I truly do not want to kill you. You are in agony and have no more life in you, but if you become a member of the Volturi, you will be strong and needed. You will have a purpose."

As the words started to seep in, I asked myself what I really wanted. I wanted it be like before when Edward loved me, when everything seemed to ooze out colour and vibrancy, but I know that there was no possibility of that happening. I needed to be released from the past and have people need me, that way I could never get hurt again.

I looked up and into his hopeful, longing eyes.

"I won't be killed. I want to become part of the Volturi." I declared softly.

"I promise you that you have made a right choice, Isabella." He rejoiced.

"Now, the process is painful so I will have Alec use his power on you.' I nodded a bit uncertainly.

"Don't worry young Isabella; you are one of us now." He said softly, almost grandfatherly.

"Thank you Aro." Was the last thing that left my lips before the darkness took over. I once again felt feeling…