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By crazy-dreamz :)

As Alice and I walked back to the house, I couldn't help but notice that she kept stealing glances at me. I ignored them because I had more pressing issues to deal with. First was Alison. The Cullen's thought that she didn't have any powers whatsoever, but for some unknown reason I had a hunch. It's like….I could almost feel a faint linger of magic when I was near her. I mentally slapped myself for watching too many fantasy movies like Harry Potter and Stardust with Alec and Jane. I quietly sighed, earning another quick, confused glance from Alice. I shook my head dismissfully and carried on to the next issue. Edward. Must I say more? At times it seemed that Edward couldn't stand being even close to Alison, but the next thing you know, she has him wrapped around her pale finger. I felt a slight twinge of jealously thinking back to when Alison and Edward were playfully bantering with each other in the house. Edward and I always used to do that…. I quickly snapped out of my reminiscing in fear that I would crumple to the ground in about six seconds.

Maybe they were only having a fight? Maybe Edward was only using me to make Alison jealous? My breathing sped up in fear and my emerald green eyes prickled with unshed tears. I frantically looked around for a distraction before Alice caught me crying. It's as if God had heard my plea of help. My mobile buzzed, signaling an incoming call. "I'll be right back." I quickly said to Alice. She nodded a little bit too casually, trying unsuccessfully to hide a stir of suspicion.

"Thanks, I'll be quick." I said before anxiously answering the phone. "Hello?" I didn't check the caller ID so it could be just some mistaken call for all I know, but either way it was a distraction. "Good evening, Isabella." Responded a feather-light voice. I immediately realized who it was and tried to fall a little bit more back behind Alice, just in case she could overhear. "Hey, Aro." I whispered.

"Oh." He said skeptically. "Are the Cullen's near?" Aro questioned in slight realization. I nodded and remembering he couldn't see me, and I answered. "Yeah. Well, one of them." A feminine voice excitedly chattered in the background on the other end of the phone.

"Is Jane with you, Aro?" I asked with a smile. He sighed. "Yes. Since you have left, she has gotten quite…bored for a lack of a better word." He said tiredly. I quietly chuckled into the phone. "Can I please talk to her?" I asked hopefully. "Yes, but before you go, I want to ask you how the mission is going?"

I glanced up just to see a squirrel racing around a tree. "It's going alright. There is a new member in the Olympic coven. Her name is Alison and so far she hasn't shown any…physical signs of having any sort of powers." I answered in a business-like tone. Aro quickly picked up my unintentional indicant.

"What do you mean physical signs?" He asked in a suspicious tone. I sighed. "It's hard to explain…" I could almost hear Aro's eyes roll. "Isabella, explain it the way you think it." I gnashed my teeth together. "Well…it's like I could almost feel something out of the ordinary about her." I said slowly and then shook my head. "Well, out of the ordinary for a vampire." I slumped against the trunk of an ancient oak tree

"Hmmm…." Was all Aro said. I bit my bottom lip. "Maybe it's just that stupid potion-thing you gave me." I mused. Aro ignored my comment. "Just keep an eye out for the new vampire. She could still pose a threat to us." He instructed. "Yep. Fine." I hastily said. "Is Jane still there?" I asked in a hopeful tone.

There was a shuffling in the background of the other end of the phone and then a tinkling, soprano voice greeted me with a groan. "Why did you leave me here with the blandest vampires in the world?" Jane moaned. I chuckled quietly and a grin spread across my face. "It can't be that bad." I said in a failed attempt to cheer her up. She snorted. "You know you are the worst person to go to when you need cheering up." I laughed quietly. "Have I ever told you that you are very grateful?" My tone was obviously sarcastic but Jane got the better of me. "Yes. Yes, you have. You have also mentioned that when you get back home, you are going to let me take you to several torturous shopping trips." Jane said in a very serious tone.

When Jane mentioned "home," I couldn't help but realize that I was getting used to living with the Cullen's. I almost felt as if I wanted to stay with them, but then a slideshow of Alison ran through my mind. I didn't belong here. "Bella? Are you still there? Jeez…ARO, YOU NEED A NEW PHONE!" The sound of Jane yelling away from the phone broke me from my deep thought.

"Jane! I'm still here. Sorry, I…Just blanked out." I stared down at the ground, not really actually seeing it. "Are they treating you ok? If they're not, I will so totally burn their arses…" Jane's voice turned concerned then angry. I shook my head fiercely, then remembered she can't see me. Again. "No. Not at all. I just…haven't hunted." I racked my head for an excuse because even though Jane and I were close, I couldn't tell her what I was feeling right now. "Oh, ok. Go eat, Bella. You better call me soon." Jane said in a rush before hanging up. I put my mobile in my pocket, sighed and started to make my way up to the house. I know that I don't belong with the Cullen's, but I can't help feeling that I wished I did.


I didn't catch up with Alice along the way back to the house, and I honestly didn't feel like talking to anyone. My room was upstairs, far away from Alison and near Edward. Instead of a wall, my room had two, large glass window-doors which opened up to a balcony overlooking the forest that surrounded the white mansion. I used my powers to bend one of the branches from high up in a tree that grew close to my balcony so that I could be carried up to my room. I stepped off the branch and entered my room. I smiled smugly, I loved doing that sort of thing. I slumped on my bed and stretched. The view from my glass window was soothing. The forest was so thick that only a few rays of sunshine penetrated it.

I heard the scratching of a pencil from downstairs, Esme, probably. Emmett and Jasper were bantering about some bet that they both made. Alice and Rosalie were on the laptop and discussing the latest fashion trend. Carlisle was at the hospital. I had no idea where Alison and Edward were. "Doesn't matter either way." I muttered to myself. I spotted my battered copy of Wuthering heights in the stack of books on the bedside table. Suddenly, a plan formed in my head. The plan included me, the book, the balcony and most of the day. I pulled on some skinny jeans and a grey hoodie. I pulled my long, straight black hair out of the pony-tail and let it down. I put on a soft, grey beanie, grabbed my book and headed to my balcony. I jumped onto the nearest branch and nestled into the corner of it. For a vampire, this was a very comfortable position and for me, being up in a tree with a classic book was very relaxing. I opened the book and lost myself in the wonderful world of love, deception and lies. Even though I literally know this book word for word and off by heart, I can read it a million times without getting sick of it.

I was close to the end of the book when I heard the soft sound of a long-forgotten song. I sat up and listened hard, not believing what I was hearing. I jumped back into my room and hastily put my ear up against the door. My eyes widened when I found myself humming along with the tune of the lullaby that Edward had composed for me when we had first met. Before I knew what I was doing, I pushed open the door and was rushing down the stairs. I hid behind the corner of the wall from the lounge-room and my eyes knitted into a confused frown. Edward was sitting on the piano bench and almost inaudibly playing my lullaby while Esme glanced at him worriedly. I saw Alice watching him out of the corner of her sad eyes. Everyone else had gone hunting again, so I took the chance of stepping into the lounge-room.

I quietly sat down next to Alice on the couch and she smiled. "Hey, Laura." The piano quickly cut off once Edward had noticed my presence.

"Hi." I said with a small smile. "Where have you been for the past three hours?" She said in a teasing manner, but I could pick up on the suspicion in her voice. I could tell the truth this time. "Oh, I'm sorry. I got caught up in one of my books." I said with an impish grin. She seemed to relax with my response. She laughed. "What book was it?" A low, musical voice asked.

I looked up and realized that Edward had sat next to Alice. "Umm…Wuthering heights. I guess I can read that book a million times and still not get tired of it." I answered a bit awkwardly. His head shot up at the mention of Wuthering heights and his eyebrows knitted into a frown.

"You like Wuthering heights?" He asked in an astonished tone. I needed to change the subject really quickly. "Why? Do I look dumb?" I crossed my arms and pursed my lips. He shook his head. "It's just…I wouldn't have guessed." He said quietly.

After a few silent moments of Alice glancing at both of us with an excited expression on her face, a very stupid question popped out of my mouth. "What you were playing before was really beautiful. Is it a lullaby?" My eyes widened at what I had just said. Alice looked up and bit her lip. Edward's eyes seemed to darken and he looked down at his hands. Then he quickly looked up with surprise painted all over his face. Crap. "How did you-

His question questioned was interrupted by Alison quite literally appearing out of no-where and flinging herself right next to Edward. "Hi, Edward." Her voice was low and she was wearing tight, dark blue skinny jeans, six-inch, strappy red heels and a red top with a plunging cleavage. Her hair was cascading down her back, eyes were smoky and her lips, plump. Alice glared at her and then turned to me and rolled her eyes. Esme pursed her lips and quietly turned back into the kitchen.

"I was thinking that we should go out tonight. Just you and me." She batted her eyes at Edward and entwined her hand with his. Even though my jealousy and disgust had sky-rocketed, it was very amusing to watch his annoyed expression. "Sorry, Alison. Alice has decided that everyone is going to play a game of truth or dare tonight and if you know Alice, you know there is no way in getting out of it." Edward's tone was obviously not sorry, but either Alison ignored it, or she didn't really have a high IQ.

"Come on, baby. You know you want to." I watched as she stared deep into his eyes. All of the sudden, Edward seemed to become misty eyed. "Fine. Where do you want to go?" Edward sighed. My mouth fell open. Alice looked confused. "Edward, we are having a family night tonight. You have to come." Alice put down her magazine and put her hands on her hips. "Sorry, Alice. Can't we make it another night?" Edward suggested.

Alice's expression changed from surprised to absolutely horrified. "Edward, we are having the family night tonight. You either go with Alison or you stay with all of us." Alice's tone was like steel. "He wants to come with me tonight, Alice." Alison snapped. Edward and Alison stood up and headed to the door. Alice glowered at Alison, and then stared at Edward. Her expression turned un-readable, but I could see the tiniest bit of hurt on her face. Alison kissed Edward on the cheek and then looked back and smirked wickedly at me. Alice quietly hissed before Alison closed the door behind her. I looked down at my hands and felt Alice's arm snake its way over my shoulders. "Are you alright?" she asked in a hushed tone. I slowly nodded.

Wait, what? Why is she asking if I was ok? Right now I was Laura and not Bella. I looked up and stared at her. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be? If anyone should be asked if there're ok, it should be you." I said in a hopefully surprised tone. Alice stared at the door. "It's weird, Edward never wants to do anything with Alison, but then-he wouldn't want to do anything else but be with her!" Alice shook her head and leaned against the couch.

"I really don't like Alison. The past five years have been horrible with her around." Alice sighed. Jasper then walked in and sat next to Alice. "Where's Edward?" He asked. Alice sighed and then explained what had just happened. I sat on the couch, pondering what had just happened. It was weird. It was almost like Edward was forced to do what Alison said. When she stared into his eyes and suggested that he wanted to go out with her, he got this blank look in his face and agreed.

"-And then he and Alison left." Alice concluded. I turned to find Jasper's shocked and confused face staring at Alice. "…What?" He blinked. "I know. Lately, he has been acting like a jerk." Alice said through her teeth. "Are we really doing that 'family night' thing? Jasper asked. Alice seemed to think about her answer and then she nodded. "You know what, yeah. I think we should." She smiled. Jasper rolled his eyes. "I think that's a lovely idea." Esme voice chimed in from the kitchen. "Jasper, can you call everyone down while I set up?" Alice asked sweetly. Jasper chuckled and shook his head, before making his way up the stairs. Alice sprang up and bolted up the stairs behind him. I walked up to the window and sighed. Alison was hiding something. I just know it.

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