-BakaOtome-: Heya peoples!! This is my first story so if there's any mistakes then tell me please!

Fran: So, what're you doing Misaki?....

-BakaOtome-: Don't call me that…. And I'm making a story with you in it ^^

Fran:…. Really…..

-BakaOtome-: With someone else too! –smiles-

Fran: Should I be scared?....

-BakaOtome-: No.... well, yet anyways :)

-BakaOtome-:I don't own Katekyo Himan Reborn or anything! Enjoy~!

-A Little Talk-

Fran is new to Varia, he wasn't a kind of guy who show emotions much. All the Varia members were on a mission but him so he can watch over the place. He got up from his chair and went out of his room to get some candy.

-Fran's Pov-

So bored and hungry…. When are they getting back? It's kinda lonely here by myself….

Tap Tap Tap

Hm? What was that?

THWACK! Ugh… that hurt… oh….. I didn't see the kitchen door in front of me…..


That laugh….

I turned around and saw the 'Fake' Prince in front of me.

"I'm back little froggy~!"

"Already? I liked when nobody was here…"

"Weren't you lonely without me?"

"No…." I lied

"Hm…… I'm gonna go take a nap" He walked away

Finally he left…..

"Oh" he said coming back

"What Idiot Prince?...."

"Come to my room tonight"

"Shishishi" He was smiling wide… so wide it looked like his mouth was gonna rip

I had a bad feeling about this… but I didn't care after few seconds and went to get some candy.


Well that's it for now! I'll make another chapter when I can! Bye-bee! ^^