Bel couldn't wait to take the little Froggy's ass. He glanced at the small body in his arms and chuckled to himself.

The sight. The rosy colored cheeks. Slightly sweaty forehead. The milky pale skin. And those eyes. Bel stared into those eyes. Fran's eyes were half closed, teary, and filled with great lust.

"Bel-senpai..." the little froggy said in such a quiet but needy voice. He shifted his arms up and around the Prince's neck. Then he laid his head on Belphegor's shoulder, whispering something inaudible in his lover's ear. The wide-eyed Bel stopped at his tracks. Right in front of the door.

What? What did Fran say?

"Fran... what did you say." The Prince couldn't believe his ears.

Fran went impossibly closer to Bel's ear. Slightly panting, the little froggy whispered, "I want you to fuck me all night long..." Fran fidgeted a bit, his cock was getting bigger.

Soon enough the Prince kicked the door open in a flash and threw the little one on the king sized bed. Fran landed with an oomf. Still weak from the drugs, he took his time to adjust to the darkness and get himself comfortable on Bel's froggy felt weight on top of him... plus a bulge? He started to feel the heat once again and moans from the pressure of Bel on top of him, both getting hard from the friction. Bel smirked at his precious froggy's reaction. Fran was getting impatient. Bel just kept his smirk on, enjoying the sight of the froggy giving off small moans from the pressure.

"Bel senpaiii, don't tease me in this kind of situation. It's pissing me off." Fran pouted and started to grind his hips into Bel's.

"Nmm... Ushishi stupid frog. The Prince never gave you permission for you to do anything now did I? Shishi, I'm going to have to give you a punishment now~" This pissed Fran off of course. He's suffering from Lussarias's unknown drugs and the fallen Prince only thinks of games. "Now now, don't frown froggy. Sit up." Fran did as told, missing the hip grinding.

"I'm really not in the mood for games stupid fallen fake prince" Fran looked at Bel with an annoyed face.

"Frog, take off your shirt." Fran can tell from the Prince's aura that he's planning something that he may or may not like... Still, he did as told again and saw that Belphegor was doing the same. After Fran took off his shirt, Bel leaned over, almost lips touching. "Now, touch yourself and let me watch you." Bel said in a low, sexy voice. Fran couldn't hide the twitch and shivers Bel gave him. He panted with the Prince just staring, waiting for his next move. Hesitently, Fran slowly reached down to grab his cock. Slightly sad that Bel won't touch him, but knows that Bel won't change his mind. Fran grasped his own cock, a sharp gasp in response, and softly started to pump it. Bel watched with his trademark grin, pleased with what he's seeing. Fran went a little faster and took his other hand to rub his tip. Suddenly, Fran looked at the Prince and moaned.

"Ahhhnnn, Bel senpaii... A-ahh Beeeel.." Belphegor gulped. He has to resist, this is the frog's punishment. But it's not a punishment if the frog is enjoying it though right? "Nnngh! i-I'm gonna cum..."Having no second thoughts, Bel pushed Fran down and smashed his lips onto the smaller teens'. Well there goes the resistance.

Bel made the kiss deeper, making Fran surprised from the sudden jump. The froggy wrapped one arm on Bel's neck, and other hand to push the Prince's head deeper into the kiss. Bel stuck his tongue into Fran's mouth. He explored everywhere in his mouth before having a mini wrestling match with Fran's tongue. It made Fran desperate to have more, he moved his hands to the Prince's bum down. Bel smirked in to the wet kiss and grinded his cock into Fran's.

"A-Ahhhh! Bel-s-senpai!"Fran jerked his head back, his legs starting to shake uncontrollably. Enjoying himself, Bel kept grinding harder by each second and attacked the frog's neck with kisses and nips. Fran moaned sweetly and came onto his stomach, Bel shortly after.

"How cute~ ...Hmm?" Bel felt a hand grab his arm. Fran propped himself up to Bel's face.

With a lusty look, Fran seductively said, "I want your cock in me already senpai.."

Bel attacked those soft pink lips. He abused his froggy by biting and sucking his lips. Bel traced his hand onto Fran's stomach. Feeling his milky white skin, he traced up to Fran's sensitive nipple. Fran moaned in the kiss, giving Bel access to stick his tongue into Fran's mouth. The sadistic prince noticed Fran's member getting hard. Smirking, he rubbed his also hard cock onto Fran's, making the little moan jerk and moan.

"Very honest aren't we?" Bel stopped grinding into Fran and licked the froggy's nipple. Fran moaned and grabbed onto Bel's hair. He loved how Bel would tease the tip of his nipple, then lightly bite it, slowly licking it afterwards. The sensation of his lover's tongue on his nipple was driving him over the edge.

"Bel, more..." Fran begged Bel with lustful eyes. Bel faintly chuckled and headed south. Fran watched Bel tease the tip with his tongue, slowly licked from the base and up. Fran was now heavily panting, making Bel proud of himself that his froggy is enjoying the service. Once Fran was about tome cum, Bel stopped to kiss Fran and grazed his hole with a finger. Fran gasped and moaned from the touch. The prince entered one finger slowly, then the second one. He scissored in Fran's ass, getting a sexy but sweet moan in response.

"Ngh.. Bel... more.." Fran grabbed the sheets above his shoulders to prepare for Bel's next move. Bel took out his fingers and before he entered Fran's hole with his cock, he smiled at Fran. He felt just how hot Fran was, it pleased prince jr. very much.

"...I'm going to make you cum all night long shishi~" He went inside Fran smoothly, the smaller one whimpered from the slight pain. Bel loomed over Fran and started thrusting slowly. Beads of sweat appeared on both foreheads. Fran gradually moaned louder and wrapped his arms around Bel's neck. Bel thrusted harder, kissing Fran's neck, leaving marks. Bel would always leave marks on his froggy from now on. Making sure that no one else can touch him in any way, or else.

"Bel... a-aah! I'm..gon-gonna cum..." Bel felt his cock twitch and knew he'll come too very soon. He grabbed Fran's member to stroke it, while licking Fran's mouth. Fran couldn't take all the hot sensation anymore, but before he cummed, Bel without warning cummed inside of Fran's hot hole. The surprised frog's body shook violently and he came in Bel's hand. Both panted and the prince gently came out of Fran.

While taking a minute to relax a bit, Fran noticed that his cock is still hard! Bel of course knew it wasn't the end yet. And now so did Fran. He looked up at Bel who came really close to his face.

"Seven more rounds to go. " He smiled.

It was going to be a long night for Fran.

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