A/N: I've decided to take up the Star Trek Reboot Drabble Challenge over at lj (it can be viewed at http://yahtzee63(dot)livejournal(dot)com(slash)404795(dot)html). These won't appear necessarily in order, but I figured I might as well start with the first one. I won't be writing any slash ones - all gen/het here. Hopefully I'll be updating with a new one every few days or so.

Prompt: 1 - Kirk, inner demons
Genre: Gen, angst
Rating: K+
Characters: Kirk
Word count: 100
Spoilers/Warnings: No real spoilers. Does hint at abuse of a child.

The memories hover there, just below the surface. One for each visible scar, and hundreds more for the bruises and marks that have faded away.

It hurts when he thinks about the other him, the one in the reality where his dad didn't die and his mom didn't leave him for months at a time with a drunkard. He wonders if he was a better leader in that other world; if he took the proper paths and earned his crew's respect.

But he shoves those doubts aside when he's in the captain's chair; they have no place on the bridge.