Title: Friends in Odd Places
Prompt: 14. Uhura, unlikely friends
Genre: Gen, friendship
Rating: G
Characters: Uhura, Kirk, mentions of Spock
Pairings: Hints of Spura
Word count: 200
Spoilers/Warnings: Movie spoilers.

When she first met Jim Kirk in that dingy bar in some midwestern hicktown, she thought (hoped, really) that she'd never see him again after that brawl.

Then he showed up in that shuttle in all his punch-drunk glory. Somehow she knew, even then, that she'd be seeing him all over campus, despite its size.

She was right.

Their interactions over the years were basically the same every time--he would make a suggestion and she would promptly shoot him down. Theirs was a constant battle of wits that provided no end of frustration.

Then the whole Nero incident had happened, and she'd watched as he'd stepped up and took command when it mattered most. His leadership style was unorthodox--much like the man himself--but it was surprisingly effective.

And although she'd paid special attention to Spock's frequency while they were fighting Nero, she'd found herself keeping an eye on Kirk, too.

So when the time came to apply for a job after graduation, she didn't hesitate. Despite her many options, she applied only for the Enterprise.

After all, her mother had always told her to keep her friends close. She figured that included even the unexpected ones like Jim Kirk.