Hi Guys! *winces as angry mob readys torches*

Okay so I know i haven't updated in about...well forever. And honestly, i just needed some time to find my self. (as corny as that sounds). My point is any ways I'm back! And i know you probably all hate me, and hate me even more for writing an a/n instead of a chapter, but i was hoping we'd all be willing to forgive and forget. But before you use those torches, I have good news! It's such good new that the moment you hear it your head will explode and confetti will come shooting out your ears! (inside joke sorry...:). Drum roll please *ba da da da da dum* I have a new chapter ready! But i sorta kinda really need some one to edit it for me. (as you can probably tell) Any volunteers? Please? I will worship forever *pouty face*!