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*Chapter One~Bad News*

October 24, 2006: 9:00 p.m Eastern Standard Time

It had been fourteen years since the Golden Age of the East Villiage when the AIDS epidemic broke out. Eight friends, all strangers at one point, came together through tragedy, heartache, pain and love. Now, fourteen years later, another tragedy would bring the Bohos back together...after eight years apart...

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Roger! Baby, telephone for you!" Tamara Davis called from down stairs of the couples Long Island home.

Roger Davis, an 17-year drug-free musican, came down stairs to greet his wife who was holding the phone.

"Thanks...who is it?" Roger asked, taking the phone gently from Tamara.

"Sounds like a young girl...she said her name is Chanel Cohen?" Tamara said.

"Chanel Cohen? Doesn't sound familiar at all," Roger said.

" talk to her and I'll make coffee," Tamara said.

After Tamara was in the kitchen, Roger brought the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" Roger asked.

"Hi, is this Roger Davis?" the young girl asked on the other end.

"Yes, are you Chanel?" Roger asked in response.

"Yes, I am! Its so wonderful to finally hear your voice!" Chanel exclaimed.

"Why? Roger asked.

"You know me!" Chanel said.

"Do I?" Roger was getting overly confused.

"Yes--well, not me in particular...but you know...or knew my dad," Chanel said.

"And who, may I ask, is your dad?" Roger asked, wanting to get to the bottom of this conversion.

"Mark Cohen," that was all Chanel had to say.

Roger stood there with the phone to his ear. Silent. Mark Cohen. That sounded familiar. Was it an old high school friend? No. Was it a distant relative? No. Was it the brother of an ex-girlfriend? Maybe. Cohen. Who was it? Who? It was annoying the Rocker.

"Hello?" Chanel asked. "Are you there?"

Roger snapped out of his trance. His response was not what Chanel was hoping for.

"I'm sorry, but...I don't know the name," Roger said.

He felt stupid and naive about his response. But, he had to be honest.

"Are you sure? Because my dad said-" Chanel was cut off.

"Look, kid-"


"Chanel," Roger correct and continued, "I don't know the name, ok? I'm sure your dad must be thinking of someone else. Maybe a different Roger Davis? Who knows. Just please don't bother us again, ok?"

Roger heard nothing on the other end for a while. When he attempted to hang up the phone, the voice returned.

"Do you have AIDS?" Chanel asked.

"What?" Roger asked in return.

"Yes or no."

"That is very personal, you can't-"

"Just answer the question!" Chanel demanded.

"How do you know I have AIDS?" Roger asked.

"My dad told me!" Chanel said.

"How old are you?" Roger asked.

"Fourteen. My birthday is November 13, 1992," Chanel told.


"New York City. My dad is Mark Cohen, a filmmaker, and my mom, Zalfa, was from Lebanon and-"

"Wait! Did you say...filmmaker?" Roger asked.

"Yes!" Chanel exclaimed.

"Is he originally from...Scarsdale, New York? Kind of nerdy-looking? Blonde hair? Blue eyes? Albino-ish skin?" Roger went on and on.

"Yes! Yes! You know him, right?" Chanel asked.

"I think so...I'm still not sure," Roger told. "My memory is unclear. But I'm remembering something."

Chanel was quite for a few moments.

"That's good...but the news I have isn't so good," Chanel said.

"Why?" Roger asked.

"My dad's sick. Really sick. He's been hospitalized," Chanel told.

Roger's heart stopped beating for a minute.

"Sick? With what?" Roger asked.

"Bone cancer," Chanel told, "He asked me to contact you. Round up all the old friends he lost eight years ago."

"Old friends? Like who?" Roger asked.

"I don't know...thats why he wants you to come up..." Chanel said.

"Ok...where's your mother...Zalfa, right?" Roger asked.

"She died while visiting her family in Lebanon. It was suicide bombing," Chanel told.

"I'm sorry to hear that..." Roger said.

"Yeah..." Chanel sighed.

"Well...I guess if we're going to do this impossible task...I should head down," Roger said.

"Yeah, but we have to hurry....he doesn't have much time left..." Chanel sighed again.

A/N: As the story goes on, you'll learn what the other Bohos are up to and how they all meet again!!:)