This is a new idea that came to me whilst watching one of those embarrassing illnesses type stories. I know, I know you're all probably like WTF, but stick with me and just read the summary and you'll, hopefully, get where it is I'm going with this.

Summary: Olivia is dating a new guy, which Elliot hates, for his own personal reasons. He's not alone though. The rest of the squad are having doubts too, even more so when Olivia starts showing up with bruises. What they don't know is Olivia's new man suffers from a condition known as Sexomnia, or so he says...

Is her man really such an innocent part in a medical condition that is uncontrollable or is he just violent and dangerous and out to hurt her? Will Elliot find out the answer before it's too late?

This story is pretty highly rated, pretty much like every other one of my stories. It contains pretty graphic sexual scenes and violence. I'm still undecided whether or not this will be E/O, so don't ask just yet, please, cause I won't be able to tell ya.

Some of you will be like "Olivia would never go for this!" just please stick with me on this.

For the record, Elliot is single in this story...just in case.

Disclaimer: They're all I'm totally kidding they're not mine at all.

Chapter 1

It was totally obvious to Elliot straight away that Olivia was dating someone new. She had a bounce in her step, a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes that made them even more magical and mysterious.

He'd sat back in the chair at his desk watching as she'd hurried about night after night getting ready for date after date but now, four months later, he sat back watching as she sat at her desk opposite him, her chin resting on her fist as she held a pen to paper but didn't actually do much more with it. Instead she just stared at the blank paper.

"You know those pens don't actually write themselves." he said to her.

"Ha?" she said looking up, clearly having not heard him.

"Liv, is everything okay with you?" he asked, truly concerned for his partner.

"Fine!" she said slamming her pen down and pushing back in her chair.

Elliot watched as she walked over and grabbed her jacket. He got up and walked up to her as she struggled to put her jacket on. "Is there something you wanna talk about?" he asked. She very seldom blew up at him, so when she did it always set alarm bells ringing.

"El, if you wanna do your job as a detective then go and talk to one of the creeps in the lock up. Stay out of my personal life." she snapped before storming away from him, leaving him totally lost for words and very much more than just confused.

- - - - - -

Olivia sighed as she put the key into the lock on her front door. She hesitated before turning it. Coming from inside she could hear music and a familiar husky voice singing along to it. She smiled slightly, she could smell the scent of cooking food coming from inside her apartment, she just dreaded what else might come with it. She took a deep breath and turned the key and pushed the door open.

She closed the door behind her and stood in front of it, watching as Alex, her boyfriend, cooked and danced in the kitchen signing in Italian to the music that was playing. It was slightly typical for him to be listening to Italian as his father and his father and his father had all been Italian as had most of the women in the family except for his own mother.

Alex was incredibly handsome; tall, dark hair, dark eyes, olive coloured skin and a body to die for, not to mention he was incredible in the bedroom department, or at least had been at the start of the relationship. The one thing that Olivia hated about him was his violent tendencies at night, a condition he said he had. Unfortunately for Olivia she had become the target of said condition.

Alex spun around and stopped singing as he saw her, a smile spread across his face as he walked up to her. He placed his hand lovingly on her cheek and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. Olivia kissed him back but they both knew the connection wasn't quite there.

"Baby, you know how sorry I am about last night, don't you? I would never ever hurt you intentionally. You have to know that Olivia." he said, sounding so genuine.

Olivia smiled, and nodded, then placed a kiss on his lips. "Food nearly done?" she asked.

"About an hour off." he told her.

"I'm gonna go get a shower before it's done."

Alex smiled, "Okay baby." he said.

She smiled before turning on her heals and walking to the bathroom. Once inside she quickly locked the door. She took a minute before she peeled her jacket off, kicked off her shoes and pulled off her socks before walking over to the bathroom mirror.

She looked at herself, in silence, for a moment before she pulled her shirt off. She discarded it on the floor. With it removed she saw the evidence of the recent nights. Her wrists had deep purple bruises around them and clusters of little ones ran up her arms and over her stomach. Basically her body was a map of bruises, she hated it and with seeing them she couldn't help but cry.

- - - - - -

Olivia lay awake in bed, staring up at the ceiling through the dark. She could barely make it out. Alex lay asleep next to her, she lay listening for him, praying he would stay asleep. Her entire body froze as he rolled over in bed so he was now facing her, his eyes blinked a few times before they opened, he was staring right at her.

"A...A...Alex..?" she stuttered, her heart already beginning to pound in her chest.

Her brain told her to move, to get up, to run and lock herself in the bathroom but her body was frozen and then it was too late. Alex pounced on top of her, crushing her body beneath his, his lips moving towards hers. She quickly turned away. His lips crashed onto her cheek before finding their way onto her neck, kissing, nipping, sucking and biting.

She tried to push him off her but his body was far too heavy and her arms were pinned awkwardly between their bodies, she could hardly move. "Alex stop." she pleaded.

Alex didn't listen to her. Hot burning tears filled her eyes as she felt his hand roughly pull on the waist band of her sweats. He began tugging them down, with her arms trapped there was nothing she could do to stop him pulling them off her, taking along with them her panties. "Alex, please, God stop it!" she screeched.

Still he didn't. She began to cry. This wasn't the first time he had started to do this but this time she was more scared, usually she could slap him, shake him from the trans he seemed to be in when this happened, but this time her arms were stuck and she couldn't do a thing.

She yelped as he reached down a painfully pushed her legs apart. In seconds he had his boxers pushed down and with one very hard and very painful thrust he was inside her. She gasped in pain, before yelping as he thrust into her again. His attacks had led to painful groping that had gotten worse over the last few nights but this was the first time he had penetrated her. She'd never felt pain like it. Her body didn't want what Alex had to offer it and each painful thrust felt sharp and only got worse the further he forced himself in.

"Alex please, God wake up! Alex, please wake up. Please, wake up!" she screamed, but it was no good...


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