Hello, girls (and guys?)!

As most of you already know, I'm back in the fandom and continuing my previously abandoned on-going story: Dancing in the Dark.

I'll be posting the next chapter to DitD in a few hours. I'm just putting some finishing touches. It'll be my longest chapter yet. Around 13.000 words or more. All the previously posted chapters so far added together are around 35.000 words. So, you can see that this next one will be long. It'll move the story forward a lot and pick up the pace. It will hopefully be a lot of fun too.

Since, you still have a few hours to wait for it, I thought you guys might enjoy reading one or both of my one-shot stories. They are completed and not very long.

They're very different from Dancing in the Dark. Both of them feature Vampire Eric.

To The Other Side is all told from Vampire Eric's POV. It has a darker tone and graphic sex scenes. The sex isn't the dark part. There's no rape, dubious consent, BDSM, or any fetishes. Just some intense good old fashioned banging. I'm actually quite proud of this story. I think it's my best work. It's the best writing I've ever done, in my opinion.

Good Vibrations is a fun little lemony story. It's told from SPOV, but features Vampire Eric too. It's suppose to be canon. It's a light story, but a nookie one. It has explicit sex.

I hope you decide to read them and leave me some feedback, if you could. It's always appreciated.

I'm also extremely excited about the next chapter of Dancing in the Dark. I'm practically vibrating. I promise it will be posted today, so I hope to hear from you later on DitD.