Title: Lost and Found

Chapter 1: Frost Bite

Author: Shelby

Summary: If you don't get lost there's a chance you may never be found. Chuck lost Blair 16 years ago. 16 year old Danny Waldorf has something to find. Both get lost in the middle of nowhere. There she'll find something she lost and so will he. (Blair/Chuck).

A/N: Okay so I got this idea from a dream after watching S Darko with the amazing Ed Westwick aka Chuck on Gossip Girl. There's really not that much to do with except that the two girls in the movie are similar to my characters attitudes. It's different from what I usually write, but I hope you guys will like it. All I can say is give it a try, it might take a few chapters to get into, but in my head it was sounding pretty good. So yeah if you think I should bother continuing let me know. Enjoy.


"If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found."

- Author Unknown

The wind hits the accelerating car in a smooth, but powerful way. The windshield blocks it from the girl in the front, but it whips the sides of her brown curls. She sits up in her seat and lies he head on the side of the convertible. The wind reaches her face and her hair is blown backwards. She smiles with her mouth and eyes behind her aviator sunglasses.

"Danny?" a blond girl, in the drivers seat calls her attention. The brunette, Danny, doesn't respond, but remains silent. The blond girl turns her head and taps her friend. "Earth to Danielle Waldorf."

"Don't call me that," Danny sits up and turns towards her. The girl rolls her eyes behind her own huge Chanel sunglasses and lets out a laugh.

"It's your name," she shrugs and focuses on the open road.

"Not anymore," Danny sighs and turns back to her former position where she is caught in the wind.

"Okay sorry, but could you at least pretend like you're having fun," the blond girl sighs.

"What are you talking about? Can't you tell when your best friend is ecstatic Sadie?" Danny asks with amusement and a sarcastic tone. Sadie, the blond girl, rolls her blue eyes and shakes her head.

"Alright," she laughs and takes a sip of her drink as she continues to drive. Danny, the complete opposite of her friend, takes the clip from her curls and lets them fall freely. She then lowers her sunglasses to gaze at her brown eyes for a moment. As soon as she does though, the sunglasses are pushed back up again.

"Oh shit," Sadie exclaims as the car starts to slow.

"What is it?" Danny sits up and looks as Sadie pulls off the road. Sadie stops the car and shakes her head.

"I knew we were getting ripped off," she gripes as she gets out of the car and lifts the hood. Danny jumps out of her seat and walks around to meet her.

"Well we took a plane to America it's not like we could walk all over the country," she replies.

"Well maybe we could have spent a little more money then," Sadie snaps.

"I'm done spending money," Danny mutters and then stares at the car and whatever it holds under the hood. "Do we even know what we're looking at?"

"No idea," Sadie walks away from it and lights a cigarette at she leans against the car door.

"Well what are we going to do? We're in the middle of nowhere," she stands in front of her hand.

"I don't know princess, wait. There's a small town up the road, someone's bound to come along. I'm not planning on staying, but at least we could maybe have a place to stay. Night to sleep after we party. You have any other ideas?" Sadie says with slight agitation. Danny rolls her eyes and crosses her arms.

"Guess we wait then," she shrugs as her white sun dress flaps against her body in the wind.

"Guess so," Sadie replies. Danny sighs and looks around for something to focus on. She walks around and reaches in her bag and pulls out her sketchbook. She begins to sketch Sadie leaning up against the car as she puffs a cigarette.

"Nathaniel what the hell am I doing with you, your son and Humphrey's in the middle of nowhere?" Chuck asks for the hundredth time since they left New York. The two teen boys in the back roll their eyes.

"Well Chuck as we've gone over a hundred times we are taking the boys on their first road trip, you know go wherever the road takes us," Nate smiles as he continues to drive.

"Well where are we going then because I haven't seen civilization in forever?" Chuck scoffs.

"I told you Mr. Bass I have a friend from camp that lives in a small town around here with his mom. We're going to hang with him, they say they have some awesome parties," Adrian Archibald replies as he smacks hands with Tyler Humphrey.

"Yeah cause you didn't have that in New York," Chuck mutters and slumps down in his seat.

"Why are you always so bitter Mr. Bass?" Tyler Humphrey asks with a laugh. Chuck narrows his eyes and looks at Nate. Nate shakes his head.

"Adrian you ever see pictures of your mom and her old best friend?" Nate asks.

"Yeah the girl with the brown curly hair," Adrian nods.

"Shut up Nathaniel, I could care less what happened to Blair," Chuck snaps and turns away from him.

"One of these days Chuck you're going to have to get over it. She left and went to France with her dad, you didn't go after her," Nate sighs.

"And I never will," Chuck replies and crosses his arms. "Wake me up when we reach hick town USA," he says and closes his eyes. Nate sighs and shakes his head. He loves his best friend, but sixteen years without Blair has definitely not done good things for Chuck. As for what happened between them, he'll never know.

"Dad slow down someone is in the road!" Adrian shouts. Nate looks up and immediately starts to slow the car. Chuck jumps up to look at it as well.

"Hey stop!" Sadie runs out in front of a car and waves her hands about. She sighs in relief as it slows down and pulls of to the side. She then looks down at Danny who is lying in the road with her eyes closed. "Danny wake-up, someone's here," she nudges her with her foot, but Danny doesn't move. Sadie rolls her eyes and walks towards the car. She sees two teenage boys in the back and two adult males in the front. The guy in the drivers seat has blue eyes and dirty blond hair like one of the boys in the back. The other man in the front has dark hair, dark eyes, and is pale. The last boy in the back is tan with dark eyes and dark hair. "Hey," she breathes.

"You guys having car trouble?" the man with blue eyes asks as he gets out of the car. The other man eyes her for a moment and then steps out as well.

"Yeah, um we're not really from around here," Sadie responds.

"I can give it a look I took shop in school," Tyler shouts as he jumps from the car. Chuck rolls his eyes and Sadie notices and laughs a bit.

"Sure, pop my hood," she grins and motions towards it. Tyler goes around and Nate sighs.

"I better keep an eye on him," he then nods to Sadie. Sadie walks over to the car and pulls out a another cigarette. Her lighter won't work.

"Either of you two have a light?" she asks Chuck and Adrian.

"Sure," Chuck says slowly and walks over to her. He lights her cigarette for her and then leans against the car. Adrian walks over and smiles at Sadie.

"Do you have a name?" he asks.

"Sadie," she replies not bothering to look at him, instead she stares at Danny with amusement. Chuck eyes the pale girl in a white sun dress. She's wearing sunglasses and has curly brown hair. She lies on the road completely still. Both girls can't be more than sixteen, maybe the one lying down even fifteen.

"What about her?" he finds himself interested for some reason. Sadie turns to look at him.

"She's dead," she sighs.

"Road kill?" Chuck asks with amusement. Sadie leans forward and shakes her head.

"Frost bite," she whispers and then pulls back.

"Happens," Chuck responds and takes out a smoke for himself.

"Hey are you okay?!" Adrian calls to Danny. Danny sits up slowly and looks at the three standing there.

"Help came!" Sadie smiles. Danny stands up and brushes herself off. She then walks over to them and looks the man and boy in front of her over.

"They don't look like help," she states simply and then leans against the car with Sadie. Adrian walks in front of her and holds out his hand.

"Hi I'm Adrian Archibald," he flashes her a smile. Danny looks to Sadie with amusement. She then looks back at Adrian.

"I'm clinically depressed, but that's just my therapists opinion," she smirks as she whispers. Chuck chuckles as Adrian walks away and remains silent.

"Hey Sadie come here!" Tyler calls. Sadie sighs and walks around. Chuck looks to his feet.

"What about you? Got a name?" Danny asks as she eyes the man. He seems familiar, but strange. Chuck looks up slowly and their dark eyes meet.

"Do you?" he asks.

"Danielle, but you can call me Danny," she answers.

"Charles, but you can call me Chuck," Chuck smirks with amusement. Danny shakes her head and laughs. Her laugh seems so familiar to him. He's about to ask her what her full name is, but is interrupted.

"Our water pump is busted according to Tyler so that means we're probably stuck," Sadie appears.

"I'm sure they can order a new one when we get to town," Tyler smiles as him and Nate appear.

"Yeah and we can give you a ride, we're staying there for a few days anyways," Nate nods.

"Or we could walk," Danny purses her lips. Sadie turns around.

"Be nice," she whispers. Danny rolls her eyes. Chuck finds this amusing. "A ride would be great," Sadie says.

"Cool um boys help them get their stuff," Nate orders. Sadie, Tyler, and Adrian all go around to the trunk. Nate and Chuck both then look to Danny, she stares back at them.

"Just for the record if you two turn out to be pervert killers or something and kill me, I'm not afraid to haunt you ass," she smiles sweetly and then walks around to get her stuff from the front.

"Well isn't she pleasant?" Nate jokes.

"I like her," Chuck smirks and walks away from Nate.

Sadie laughs as she flirts with Adrian, practically on top of his lap. Danny squished against the car and next to the other boy Tyler rolls her eyes at her friend. She looks up to see the man Chuck staring at her from the mirror. There's something familiar about him, like she's seen him before.

"Is that your sketchbook?" Danny's eyes immediately go to Tyler how motions at the book in her hand.

"Yeah," she replies and puts it in her bag.

"She'll never show it to you," Sadie laughs, "Isn't that right Danny Babe?"

"You know it Sadie," Danny smirks and puts her sunglasses back on.

"Where are you girls from?" Nate wonders out loud as he turns down the music.

"Where we came from," Sadie replies with a smirk.

"Funny," Nate laughs, "You guys aren't in to the straight answer thing huh?"

"We're from France see we were both nuns for about two years until we ran off and became strippers. I got married he beat the shit out of me so we ran away together and became lesbian lovers," Danny smiles with sarcasm at Nate, "Straight enough for you?"

"Forget I asked," Nate sighs. Chuck lets out another laugh. "Glad to know someone else has your sarcastic humor Chuck," he nods at him.

"Where are you from?" Sadie asks.

"New York," Adrian says quickly.

"Sounds exciting," Sadie smiles, "I've always wanted to go there."

"Since when?" Danny asks.

"Since now," Sadie replies.

"Okay," Danny prologues the word to show her sarcasm. Chuck eyes her from the mirror again.

Danny stares out the window of the small cafe they stopped at next to the car place. She looks over to see Sadie and the man, Nate, talking to a greasy guy that works there. She sighs and folds her arms. Her eyes drift to the sky. She tries to find images in the clouds, but all she sees are clouds.

"Something on your mind?" Chuck asks as he eyes the girl. Danny turns towards him and shrugs.

"Nothing you'd be interested in," she replies and picks up her coke. She sucks on the straw for a long time. She then sets it down and sighs, "So Chuck, what are you and your three little friends doing all the way out here?"

"What are you doing out here?" he responds with a smug look.

"I'm not sure yet," she replies.

"Fine, that's a somewhat straight answer I guess," he sighs.

"As good as it's going to get," she smirks.

"My friend dragged me along to take his kid and his kids friend on a good old fashion road trip," Chuck mutters.

"You don't strike me as the road trip kind of guy."

"That's cause I'm not."

"Then why come?"

"Why so many questions?" he asks with a smile.

"Sorry," she she looks down. They go silent after that. Chuck thinks to ask her of a question, but Nate, Sadie, and the boys walk in.

"He said it could take weeks for them to get the part," Sadie sighs and falls down next to Danny.

"Yeah, but I mean you could get lucky," Nate, always the optimist sits down next to Chuck. Tyler sits by Nate and Adrian by Sadie.

"Why don't we just take a bus somewhere?' Danny asks Sadie. Sadie sighs and turns towards her.

"And do what Danny? Go where?" she asks with a clipped tone.

"Anywhere," Danny shrugs.

"Great plan, but we'll wait for the part," Sadie replies with sarcasm.

"That's cool because we'll be sticking around too. You guys should hang with us," Adrian smiles as he puts his arm around Sadie's shoulder.

"Sounds like a plan," Sadie giggles.

"Sounds stupid," Danny snaps, getting pissed off.

"Um Tyler come to the counter with me to get a drink," Adrian says, feeling awkward. Him and Tyler leave. Sadie turns towards Danny, ignoring Chuck and Nate.

"What is wrong with you?" she snaps. Danny looks at Chuck and Nate. She then looks down and shrugs.

"I just don't want to get stuck in one place again," she sighs. Sadie sighs and then shakes her head.

"We won't okay, I promise this time as soon as we can we will leave," she assures her friend.

"Whatever," Danny replies and watches as Sadie gets up and walks over to the boys.

"Well I'm going to go pay," Nate says as he stands up. Danny reaches into her purse and throws him a five.

"To cover my drink," she sighs.

"Don't worry about it," Nate smiles and holds it back to her.

"I don't need the money," Danny doesn't make any move to take it.

"Neither do we," Chuck says. Danny stares at him for a minute and then reaches up and takes it from Nate.

"Thanks," she says quietly. Nate nods and walks away.

"So I guess we're both stuck here," Chuck says as gets up.

"Guess so," Danny sighs and then walks over to Sadie.

They found three hotels when they went further into town. None of them were the Ritz and Chuck was anything, but excited about it. They settled on a Bed and Breakfast, since it seemed to be the cleanest. Adrian and Tyler jumped out right away while Nate and Sadie got luggage. Chuck was on the phone with a business call. When he finished he turns back and looks at Danny. She's got her sketch book balanced on her knees as she draws with quick strokes. He arches his head a bit to try and see what she's drawing. For some reason it seems to intrigue him. Suddenly she looks up and shuts it.

"What?" she asks with a clipped tone.

"Nothing, but we're here if you haven't noticed," Chuck responds.

"Okay," she mutters and hops from the car. She picks up her bag and goes inside. Chuck eyes her carefully, he still has a weird feeling about her. He gets up and goes around to get his own bag. When he's almost inside he sees her leaning against the doorway. She opens her eyes and stands up straight. "I'm sorry," she nods, "I just don't like when people try to look at what I'm drawing."

"I didn't peg you for someone who says sorry a lot," Chuck smiles.

"That's because I don't," she responds.

"Then why start now?"

"I don't know, but I said it and I don't take things back either," she shrugs and walks inside. Chuck follows her in and they both see Nate already holding a couple keys. Sadie's at the desk talking to a woman with thick glasses and grayish purple hair. Danny walks up to the counter.

"Is this your friend?" the lady smiles brightly at Danny.

"Yeah that's her so we need one room with a queen bed please," Sadie nods. Danny reaches into her purse for a card, she takes it out and hands it to the woman.

"May I have your full name please?" the woman asks Danny. Chuck and Nate both watch and listen. Danny's lips do not part and she looks at Sadie.

"Here you use mine, my names Sadie Wilkes," Sadie hands her the card. The lady nods and hands Danny's back to her. She then hands Danny a key as she continues with Sadie's card. Danny takes it and immediately goes up the stairs, not uttering a word to any of the boys as she passes them. Sadie turns around and walks over to them.

"So we're going to go get settled," she smiles, mainly at Adrian.

"That's cool I think we're going to meet up with my friend tomorrow night, but if you girls want to hang tonight with Tyler and I?" Adrian sounds hopeful.

"I want to, but um Danny will probably just go out to eat and then come back and chill, she's not very..." she trails off not knowing what the correct word would be.

"Social?" Nate asks with slight amusement.

"No she's just Danny," Sadie laughs she then turns around and looks at the woman, "Do you lock the front door at night?"

"Yes dear, why?" the lady smiles. Sadie shakes her head.

"No reason," she replies. "See you guys later tonight?" she asks. Adrian nods and then she goes up the stairs. When she's gone Tyler laughs and nudges Adrian.

"Someone has a crush on Sadie," he teases.

"Shut up," Adrian smacks him as they run up the stairs. Nate turns towards Chuck.

"Didn't expect all this to happen today, huh?" he asks with raised eyebrows.

"Nope," Chuck replies.

"Danny doesn't seem to like us very much," Nate notes.

"She was fine with me," Chuck smirks and goes up the stairs. Nate shakes his head with a laugh and follows Chuck.

When Sadie enters the room Danny is already on the bed sketching away. Sadie walks over and plops herself down on the bed in front of her. Danny smiles and puts away her sketchbook. She looks up at Sadie.

"What?" she asks with an amused smile.

"Oh come on, we got picked up by two hot teenage boys," Sadie smirks.

"You can have them."

"Oh come on Danny I thought the point of this was for you to break free and have fun."

"No that was the point for you, the point for me is just to escape."

"Escape what?"


"Well earth to Danny, but the only way to escape life is death."

"Sounds promising."

"Don't talk like that or you'll make me regret bringing you here."

"Don't worry I was only kidding, you know I love you right Sadie?" she raises her eyebrows in question and grins.

"Of course Danny baby," Sadie hugs her. Both girls laugh and then Sadie pulls away, "Now get ready for dinner we are going to look hot."

"Who is going to see us in this small town?" Danny rolls her eyes.

"Tyler and Adrian."

"I told you that you can have them."

"But I can only take one at a time."

"Then work out a schedule."

"Can you at least be nice?" Sadie crosses her fingers.

"Fine," Danny sighs and gets up to go freshen up, she's going to wear the same thing.

"Love you too!" Sadie calls.

"Whatever!" Danny is heard right before the bathroom door shuts. Sadie shakes her head and laughs. She then smiles and walks over to the suit case, what to wear?

"Where are the boys?" Nate asks as he steps out of the shower.

"One they have their own room and two probably down stairs so your son can await that Sadie girl eagerly," Chuck smirks as he fixes his hair.

"Oh that makes sense," Nate nods and drys himself off.

"Nathaniel do you find anything familiar about that girl?" Chuck asks as he sits down on the bed.


"No Danny."

"I don't know, she won't really talk to me."

"I'm sure talking to middle aged men is what she loves most."

"Did Chuck Bass just admit he's old?"

"No, okay we are still in our thirties we are not old," Chuck has a warning tone. Nate lets out a laugh and shakes his head. He then sighs.

"Late thirties," Nate sighs.

"Well you have a family, I think it's part of growing up Archibald."

"You could have one too Chuck."

"It's not for me," he sighs and curses himself as a petite brunette runs through his mind.

"She probably has one by now, you know?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Nathaniel," Chuck snaps and gets up. He goes in the bathroom and slams the door. Nate sighs and finishes getting ready.

Sadie and Danny went ahead to the restaurant on their own since Danny didn't want to wait, for what she put, "people she didn't even know." So now they were sitting there. Sadie insisted on getting a table enough for everyone so they did.

"Can't we just order?" Danny asks with a clipped tone.

"You're not even hungry," Sadie rolls her eyes.

"How would you know?"

"Because you never are."

"Maybe I'm starting something new."

"In that case how about a new attitude."

"Go to hell."

"See you there," Sadie smirks. Danny rolls her eyes and stands up. She walks to the diners bar to get a drink. When she gets up there the waitress behind it motions to her to wait a minute. She sighs, but nods. Her eyes then drift outside to the parking lot. Suddenly a black sports car flies inside of it making a lot of noise. It comes to an abrupt stop and swerves a bit. Danny stands up a bit straighter and watches as another sports car in blue pulls up next to it. Two boys hop out, but she can't see them very well. The one from the blue, that arrived second starts to give the other one in the black car a lot of cash. Racing, she smirks.

"Don't even look sweetheart," the waitress sighs. Danny turns away and frowns.

"At what?"

"Don't play innocent, I saw you looking at that boy. Nice girl like you don't have no business doing that though. He's no good and you'd be smart to stay away," the waitress says in a stern voice.

"Bad news huh?" Danny asks with sarcasm. The waitress doesn't notice.

"You bet, a boy like that is proof no one can buy class."

"How do you figure?" Danny asks as she watches the boy in the black car climb back in and speed away. He leaves tire marks on the parking lot ground.

"Richest family around here and he acts like he was raised in the jungle. Always drinking and driving fast, keeping this place from being a good place if you ask me," the waitress gripes.

"Maybe it wasn't a good place to begin with," Danny smirks. The woman stares at her for a moment and then shakes her head as she walks away. Danny lets out a small laugh.

"She's right you know?" Danny turns to see a boy sitting next to her at the bar. "You should listen."

"I wouldn't think of it," Danny replies and then walks away to let him ponder exactly what she meant. When she comes back to the table she sees Sadie there with Tyler, Adrian, Nate, and Chuck.

"Are you into talking to locals now?" Sadie asks with amusement. Danny rolls her eyes and slides in next to her.

"About as interested as I am with the people I do no."

"Hardy har har," Sadie laughs with sarcasm. Danny smirks and looks across the table at Nate and Chuck. She then turns and looks out the window to see if she could see anything else somewhat exciting. Nothing is there.

"Excuse me Miss you left this at the bar," Danny turns to see the same boy. She gets a better look at him. He has black hair and glasses, like one of those guys who are a nerd, but cute underneath. He holds out her sunglasses. Danny takes them.

"So are you into nerds now too?" Sadie asks with amusement. The boy puts his head down. Danny turns around.

"I don't know Sadie should I ask Adrian if he's into sluts?" her smile is laced with all kinds of fake. Sadie rolls her eyes and turns back to Adrian. Danny turns back to the boy, "Thanks," she holds up the glasses.

"No problem, bye," he laughs a bit out of nervousness and then practically runs out the door. Danny feels a bit bad for him, but sighs and turns back to the table. She looks up to see Chuck staring at her with intensity.

"Can I help you?" she asks and raises her eyebrows.

"Nope," he replies. Why did she seem so damn familiar?

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