Me: After a long wait, it's finally here! It's…"Love, Lives, Lost 2: High School Secrets!"

Brick: I'm dead.

Blossom: So am I.

Buttercup: Me and Butch aren't enemies anymore.

Butch: But we still fight.

Bubbles: Me and Boomer are going out, and MewMewKitty78, once again, doesn't own anything and Butch don't you dare say anything!

Butch :p

Boomer: On with the Fic!

Butch's POV

It was a sunny afternoon, and me and my brother Boomer were walking home together. Scratch that. We were, walking home together. Boomer was running ahead from some bullies, and I was getting my butt kicked by them!

"I expected better from the toughest boy in school!" Richard, a red headed Goth boy snickered.

"Yeah. And he is Butch Jojo. I can't believe this!" Emmet, a rich kid added.

"Let's just kick his butt and get his brother! No need to get messy, here!' Richard raised his fist to punch me, and from my condition, I could've died.

See I had other things on my mind. Like Buttercup, the Gym, taking care of Boomer, Buttercup, school, Buttercup, sleeping, Buttercup. Oh, and did I mention Buttercup? So right now, I couldn't fight with Buttercup-er, I mean, stuff on my mind.

"I suggest you leave him alone, or I'll get you messy, creeps!" someone yelled, standing behind the two. It was Buttercup, my beautiful, yet hotheaded girlfriend.

"Buttercup! I didn't expect to see you here this late…" Richard said, backing away from her slowly.

"Yeah, I thought you were with your little sister, Bobbles, isn't it?" Emmet added, backing up with Richard.

"It's Bubbles, and she's at home, with Dexter. I had detention, and guess what I saw. Two scum bags messin' with my friend and his little brother! You do know he's my friend, right?" Buttercup clenched her teeth and baled up her fists.

I knew she was going to strike them, and I was going to enjoy watching them get beat up by a girl. But I couldn't let her fight my fight. Like Brick had always said, 'Never let a girl fight your fight. Because you'll regret it later.' So I'd be putting a stop to it, right now!

"Buttercup, stop!" I hollered. Her green eyes darted over me, and for a second there, I got lost in them. She was of course, one of the cutest girls I've ever seen, especially when she was mad. So she was always cute.

"What is it Butch? And it better be good! I'm going to wipe the smiles off of these dorks faces!" She cried, and picked Richard up by the collar of his shirt. He had a nervous smile on his face.

"Put him down! Your not fighting my fight, alright?!? I've got this!" I told her. She put him down, and sped over to me, and pointed her finger in my face.

"Look Butch, I'm doing you a favor, alright?!? And besides, you didn't look like you got it when I flew over here you little skunk!"

"Well I DO got it, so back off, Hotheaded Power Puff!" I yelled back.

"Fine then. But remember, when you get beat up and nearly die, don't come crying to me! I tried to help you, but I guess because I'm a girl, I'm too weak! Well than, I guess I'm too weak to be your girlfriend, Butch! Goodbye!" And she flew into the sky, leaving a green streak in the air.

"No! Buttercup, wait!" I cried. But it was to late. "Oh yeah. That's the reason I never listen to Brick's advice. It always SUCKS!!!" I yelled at myself.

"So now that BC's gone, let's continue beating you up now, Butch!" Emmet cried. I glared at them.

"I'm not in the mood, you two. And I swear, I'll cream you this time!" And to prove my point, and tied both of them to a pole. Don't ask me how, and don't ask me why, because I just did it. Then I flew off, in search for my missing angered girlfriend, and my cowardly run-away brother.

"This day is just getting more stupid and complicated every minute, doesn't it? Why does life hate me so?!?" I asked myself.

Me: I really hope that didn't suck, because if it does, I'M HORRIBLE! If it didn't I'M NOT HORRIBLE!

Dexter: Stay tuned for more stuff that doesn't make sense in, "MEWMEWKITTY78 EXTRA'S BLOOPERS!NESS!"

Me: Shut up.

Gaz: Wasn't he the smart one?