Dear loyal readers,

Unfortunately this is not the new chapter you've all been waiting for. What it is both an explanation and an apology for my absence.

First off, I'd like to thank you all for sticking with this story for so long. I never thought I'd write a story that would get 141 reviews. It makes me proud to be an author. It also makes me feel guilty because I know you've all been patiently (and some not so patiently, but hey, I don't blame you) for me to update. Which brings me to my second point. If you haven't already figured it out, I have had severe writer's block for this story. To make matters worse, I have lost complete interest in writing whatsoever.

BUT that doesn't mean I'm giving up on this story. Right now, "Loves, Live, Lost 2: High School Secrets!" contains a lot of plot holes and who else knows what, so I've decided to re-write it. Essentially it'll be the same story, but I feel as if the newer version will focus more on drama and romance than action and adventure (because I suuuuck at writing that). Before I start this project however, I will be re-writing the original "Loves, Lives, Lost". Nothing in that story will change, I just plan on fixing the story's grammar and adding a tad more detail. It may be a couple chapters longer, as well. I don't know when I will start doing this, but I do know it'll have to wait until the end January, because that's when I start first-semester finals.

Once again, I apologize for the wait. I should've posted an Author's Note explaining my writer's block a long time ago, but honestly? I thought inspiration would strike and I'd finish this story. I hope you check out the newer version of both "Loves, Lives, Lost" and I hope the re-writes live up to your expectations. I'd hate to piss off the readers\reviewers I've come to absolutely adore by writing a shit story.

Thank you for understanding,