Chapter 1

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When I really thought back onto this moment, maybe next month or next year, if I even make it until then, I know the one thing I'd remember is fear.

So much fear.

I could barely process anything else. I listened to the wind whistling and the leaves crunching but I didn't hear them. I knew I was screaming, I should've been screaming, but I couldn't hear. Maybe I wasn't. Maybe I'd forgotten how. I tried running and pushing and hitting hitting hitting but I couldn't get away. It did nothing. I was engulfed in complete fear. It numbed everything.

When it happened I was walking alone. Alone. I knew I was alone. Alone in the woods. How did he find me? Why did he find me? Why me? What did I ever do?

It all started when I slipped. A tree root got in my path and I stumbled forward. My hand scraped against a thorn on my way down before I got myself straight up again. I winced, looking down as blood trickled onto the thick forest floor. I barely had time to think about if I had a band-aid or if I'd ask Charlie where they were when it happened.

I jumped and fell to the ground when I heard the growl. I was on my hands and knees, digging my nails into the dirt. I didn't breathe. It wasn't really the growl itself that stunned me, just the fact that it was right behind me. Almost right in my ear.

I whipped myself over and sat up, ready to scream, or run, or something. But there was nothing there. I stared into the space the animal or monster should be, but it was empty air. Nothing was there.

And then, somehow, there was.

He just popped there, it seemed. I heard no rustling leaves. No sign of him have coming from somewhere else. Just a blur of color and then he was there. I recognized him immediately, no need to think about it. A kid from the new family. They were quiet in school. I couldn't get his name. One of the new gorgeous kids. And he was crouched down like a lion ready to pounce.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. He was staring at me. His eyes wide. Crazed. Excited. Deadly.

I started to crawl backwards. Grabbing anything in my path to pull myself back, just telling myself to get away get away get away.

I almost didn't see him do it, but he took a blindingly fast step forward.

"No, no, little ma'am, don't go just yet," his voice flowed out smoothly, with a southern accent tinting here and there. I halted in my crawling. His voice captivating me.

I tried to ask what he wanted. I couldn't get my mouth moving. My lips stuck together, my throat closed.

He came closer again, not breaking eye contact. He closed his eyes and breathed in. My face was wet, they were tears, coming out to see what was going on.

"You smell… irresistible," he said, looking at me again. "Your blood…. So, saccharine. I smelt you in class, but there were too many people. Now it's just you and I, Isabella."

I swallowed hard, and it felt like a dry rag being shoved down my throat.

He reached down and grabbed my wrist and I gasped. I felt something twist. Then… Snap.

"Stop!" I finally yelled out, shrieking in the pain in my wrist. He stared at me still, his black eyes contrasting his honey blonde hair that fell over his eyes.

"Enough of this," he said, his voice not as alluring now, more demanding. He grabbed the broken wrist and yanked me up. He didn't look like a human. He looked like an animal. An animal crazed with hunger.

He threw me against a tree and I let out a shriek of pain again. He appeared right in front of me again, and with one last look he grabbed my chin and thrust it upward, exposing my neck. I heard a growl in the back of his throat and he moved in.

I was waiting for the pain in my neck, maybe a sudden jolt in my spine, but that wasn't wear it came from.

There was a bang. Something hitting us. It felt like a train, a car, a bus. He wasn't on me anymore. But I couldn't see. I couldn't hear. And my head was pounding and pounding and I could hear my heart thumping and thumping in my ears and then I was falling and falling before my eyes could adjust it just kept getting darker and darker.

My head felt thick and heavy when I eventually regained consciousness. My eyes felt glued closed, and I didn't want to open them. I stared into my eyelids, looking for hidden shapes.

I remembered exactly what had happened when I woke up, so I expected to feel the leaves beneath me. Or be dead.

Instead, it was soft. Probably a couch. I didn't want to open my eyes just yet. But I almost opened them in shock when I could hear voices.

"What the hell are we supposed to do with her, Alice!?" I heard a man yell. I remembered Alice—she was in my Trig class. She looked nice. Why was I here?

"I don't know, Edward! I don't know! When Carlisle and Esme get back we can—"

"We can't wait until they get back! We can't just keep her here!" Edward must've yelled. I didn't remember which boy Edward was, but I could tell already he didn't like me.

"Then we take her home to her father, he's chief of police. He'll get everyone looking for her. They'll look here." Alice said, sounded exasperated. I didn't like how they knew so much about me.

"We can't just let her go. She knows too much. God, Jasper why—"


When he spoke again, his voice was no longer a yell. It sounded regretful. "Alice, I'm so—"

"Stop! Just, stop it. We aren't talking about that now." Alice sounded frantic, on the edge of hysterics. Jasper. The light bulb clicked. Jasper was the one in the forest. The one who tried to kill me. The monster. And these people were monsters too.

"Maybe we should… I don't know," Alice started again, "keep her here… for now. I can't see what's going to happen with us changing our minds like this so much. I can't make anything out. Go see if she's awake."

"I… can't," he hesitated, "her scent." I froze. That's what Jasper had said. Would Edward try to kill me too?

Alice sighed. "Edward! You are so much stronger than him. You'll be fine."

"No, Alice. It's… stronger than others. I almost couldn't contain myself in the forest."

"Fine. You call Carlisle. Rose and Em will be home soon. And we know telling them will not go over well. I'll go talk to her."

I realized a moment too late that I needed to be pretending to be asleep, so when I jumped back to my previous position that she was already there.

"Good, you're up." Alice said, sounding too cheery for the current circumstances.

I pealed my eyes open and blinked a few times to get rid of the dizziness. She was standing in front of me, her short black hair shaping around her face. She was smiling with bright white teeth and her face was welcoming. Her gold eyes unmoving on me.

There was something off about that picture. A dazzling smiling girl clad in a white dress in the middle of a horror movie.

"I'm Alice." I stared at her. My fingers shook. I clamped my hand into a fist.

She didn't miss a beat. "It's alright, really. We won't hurt you."

Then why can't I go home?

But I didn't say it. My mouth stayed clamped. My teeth hurt.

I hated her.

Her head shot up to look behind me then, and I glanced over in a reflex action.

A man about my age, with the gold eyes and bronze messy hair was standing at the bottom of the steps, staring at me. Glaring at me.

I stared at him. And clamped my hand into a fist again.

"Isabella," Alice started, "this is Edward, he's my brother."

I hated him, too.

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