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Chapter 3

Never Think

-Robert Pattinson

I didn't know why I didn't think of it earlier. It was so simple, so easy. Maybe it was post traumatic stress disorder or something that clogged my judgment.

I realized it as I was flipping through the channels, hating daytime television. It simply came to me.


It was about 9 in the morning. No one else was in this house, they were busy at school, which wasn't anywhere near this house. All I had to do was leave. Simply walk out; they couldn't be home for hours and hours. Such a simple solution.

I flew up, knocking my cereal over in the process, flying it all over the floor. I didn't care. All I could focus on was leaving, getting out of this hell.

I ran up the steps clumsily, having to catch myself on the railing a few times. I probably sounded like a maniac as I laughed running up the staircase. But really, how dumb could you be? Leaving your captive alone all day. Now I could run and tell Charlie everything. They needed to pay. Did they really think I was so stupid that I would just sit around and wait for them to come back? Anger fumed again in my veins. Yes, they did think that.

I got up the steps and gasped. The house was huge and beautiful. There were few walls other than the ones separating the inside from the out. The open space allowed for sun to come through from every direction. At least, I'd imagine it would, if there was every sun here. Instead the rain beat dreadfully against the huge windows, begging to come inside. The raindrops sounded like rocks as they pounded against the roof. As I walked into another room, I noticed a huge beautiful piano sitting in the middle. I couldn't imagine how beautiful it must sound if it just looked this amazing. Then I realized I'd heard it the other night before I slept, and I ached to touch it. I reached out to play a key.

"You." I screamed, jumping around to the direction of the voice. I hadn't heard anyone inside; the house was silent other than the pounding rain.

I turned around twice before finally I saw her, standing still as a statue in the corner of the room. It was the gorgeous blonde, Rosalie. She wore a smug and disgusted expression. Vicious. My heart pounded in my ears.

"Hi," I tried to say, but I was only able to mouth the word.

Faster than a blink she'd taken a few steps forward, yet still maintained the same pose. I took a clumsy step backward and knocked in to the piano bench.

"I w-was just leaving," I told her in the most casual voice I could muster. I hoped she didn't hear my voice shake as much as I did.

"No, you aren't," she said, moving closer once again. I took another jolt back and, forgetting the piano bench was there, tripped and fell on the ground next to it.

"Pathetic," I heard her mumble, and she continued. "You aren't leaving. Edward and Alice were ridiculous to bring you hear. I'm not letting them continue this."

"Then why can't I just leave?" I tried.

"You know too much. And you know that you do. You know why you're here. What do you think they were planning to do in the end? Let you go?" she laughed, her voice smooth and lovely at the same time dark and slicing.

She came closer again, now only a few feet away. Her dark gold eyes set against her pale face startled me. I tried to crawl backwards.

"You won't stay alive for long," she said, her voice casual. "My siblings are being irresponsible and stupid, keeping you here and alive. It would be much better if I just ended this now. Carlisle and Esme would understand. Alice would get over it. Edward wouldn't care. They just don't want to be the ones to do it." She took another step closer, "I, however, am willing."

I wasn't sure if I was breathing heavily or not breathing at all. They were all monsters. Every single one of these people. Cruel, disgusting, evil monsters. Locking me away until the right time came to kill me.

Suddenly Rosalie whipped her head up, taking her glare off of me for the first time.

"Rosalie, what the hell are you doing?" A voice yelled. It sounded livid, I almost didn't recognize it. Almost.

Edward walked into the room, his jaw clenched and his hair dripping from the rain. Anger bubbled inside of me, even though he had halted my death, at least for a few days or hours or minutes until he decided it was time to kill me.

"Don't you dare get angry with me Edward," Rosalie yelled back, fuming as well. "You two cannot be doing this. You can't keep this human sitting in our basement, Edward. Just kill her. We don't even have to leave; we can chuck her in the woods. They'll think it was a bear. It isn't even your fault, it's all Jasper's. Why do you even care?"

"It's our family, Rosalie!" Edward yelled, his whole body now shaking with rage. Someone sure had a temper. "Dimmit Rose, we can't just kill her."

"Then what the hell do you plan on doing with her, Edward?" Rosalie shot back.

"We are just keeping her here until we know exactly what to do. Carlisle and Esme won't be back for a little while, they won't even know. Don't you dare try to ruin anything Rose. If you have a problem with this, then leave."

"Edward." I turned around to see Alice standing at the end of the room behind Edward. I wondered how long she'd been there. She was wet from the rain as well. Her expression was angry, but much more controlled than Edward's.

Edward turned around and met Alice's eyes for a moment. "I know, I know! Don't try to blame this on me," he turned toward Alice now, "this is as much your fault as it is mine. I don't want to deal with this thing," he gestured towards me, "either. If we just—Rose shut UP!" He yelled, turning back to Rosalie now.

"Then get out of my head Edward, it's not my fault you don't like what I'm thinking. This is ridiculous. I'm leaving." I looked away from Edward to Rosalie, but she was gone. I glanced around the house, but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Dammit," Edward said, his jaw still tightly clenched. He looked frightening. "Is she going to tell Carlisle?"

I looked at Alice, who had an extremely vacant look on her face as her eyes glazed over. After a moment she popped her head back up to Edward and met his eyes.

Edward sighed, "Good," he said, "He wouldn't be happy."

During this whole confrontation, I'd been sitting in that same exact position on the ground leaned against the piano bench, digging my nails onto the wooden floor with so much force I was sure my hand would bruise. My eyes were stuck flicking back and forth between Alice and Edward, not sure which emotion to give in to—fear or anger. Every muscle in my body was tight and clenched, refusing to relax.

Alice turned to look at me for the first time. "Bella," she said, exasperated, "You need to understand, you cannot leave."

I gave in to anger. "You keep telling me that! You keep telling me and telling me and it isn't going to make any difference! I know you won't let me leave. I know you are evil monsters apparently trying to ruin my life and Charlie's life. I know that no matter what I do that you won't let me leave, I know that one of you things will end up killing me, and I know that I hate you." I choked back more sobs, trying to keep some of the tears in even though some of them already were pouring down my face. I cried at any heightened emotion, especially anger. "I know all of this. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying. I'm not just going to sit here until you kill me. And don't try to tell me you won't. I'm not stupid." I finished, still glaring at nothing in particular, trying not to look at either of them.

Edward finally turned to look at me. His face was full of disgust. "You know Alice," he said, though he stared straight at me, unblinking, "maybe we should just finish what Jasper started. Clearly, she doesn't care at all that we saved her." He spat, turning to Alice, "I'm going to school. Deal with this."

And he was gone, just as Rosalie was.

Fear started to overcome my anger then. The night with Jasper came back to me, and I thought about Edward and Alice 'finish what he'd started.' A tremble went through me.

"Don't try leaving," Alice said quietly, opposite of the tone of the conversation that had just taken place, "we'll be here if you try to. Just go back downstairs."

And then Alice was gone, too.

I wasn't going to go downstairs. Maybe because I couldn't move, maybe because I didn't want to.

And I wasn't going to try to leave. Because now I'd just given up.

I wasn't sure if I slept at all. Maybe I closed my eyes for a second; maybe I closed my eyes for hours. I didn't know. It must've been about 3pm, because that's when school gets out. I should've been getting home right now. Instead, I sat here, leaning against this damn piano bench, still unable to move.

Alice walked in first, bearing one of her sappy apologetic smiles. It made me sick. She was holding a sandwich, the one I hadn't been able to eat. She walked over and sat it on the ground next to me as she sat on the bench.

"I'm sorry for earlier," she said in that same quiet voice. "Rosalie… she tends to have a different point of view about most things. She doesn't mean badly. She just doesn't want things to go badly for our family."

As she was finishing, a door slammed, and Edward stalked straight past the room into a small room across the hall, and slammed that door as well. All without a word or a glance to acknowledge we were there.

I couldn't help it, I snorted. He was acting like a child. What the hell was his problem? He wasn't the one being held hostage.

"And Edward… means well, also. He has a temper sometimes. You seem to frustrate him."

"Why would I frustrate him? He is the one keeping me here."

"It's complicated," Alice explained.

I bit my tongue before I could argue more.

"Charlie will notice, you know," I told her after a few minutes in silence. "He'll know something's not right, if he doesn't know yet. He'll find a way to reach Renee, and realize I'm not there. Or Renee will call Charlie when I stop emailing her or answering my phone—"

"Oh!" Alice interrupted, taking something out of her pocket, "that reminds me. You're phone."

I gaped at her. "Why do you have my phone? How?" My phone had been sitting on my desk at Charlie's house; I know I didn't bring it here.

She ignored my question entirely and continued, "Charlie and Renee both called. You need to call them both, I'm making sure they both won't be in contact with each other so you can tell Charlie you're with Renee and Renee you're with Charlie."

"No," I cut her off, turning towards her, "No. What if I just say no? You can't make me call. I'm not doing that again."

She sighed. "Bella, if you don't, they'll keep worrying. You don't want them to worry, I know you don't."

She was right, and I hated that fact. She dialed for me and handed it to me as it was ringing; I turned my body around for some sort of privacy.


"Hi, mom."

"Oh Bella!" she said, and I could almost hear her smile. "You haven't returned my emails or calls! I've been worried."

"It's fine, mom," I worked hard to control my voice. "My email hasn't been working, and I've just been really busy."

"Of course you've been sweetie! How are you? I'm great, Phil's great. He just…"

She went on to talk about Phil and their house and her new yoga class. I tried to pay attention, but couldn't only think about if I'd see her again.

I made an excuse to say our goodbyes and hung up quickly before she could hear my voice shake. I closed the phone and let tears fall, turning around and shielding my face away from my captors.

"I'm sorry," Alice said. I ignored her but turned back around, whipping the tears off my face.

Edward was standing there, leaning against the wall at the room's entrance; I hadn't heard him come out of the other room. He was staring at me, but his face wasn't hostile as it was before. I stared right back, unable to turn away.

"Would you like something else to eat?" Alice asked, turning my attention back to her.


"You need to eat something," Edward said. I looked at him again. He had a small half smile on his face. It was completely fake. I wouldn't smile back.

"I'm fine."

"Bella you really should—" Alice started.

"No," I cut her off, "I'll just sleep."

She seemed to give up, so she went into another room. Edward hadn't moved, and he was still staring at me.

I closed my eyes and leaned my back against the piano and my side against the bench. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but it was as good as it was going to get.

I didn't know how long I sat there with my eyes closed, trying to sleep. I fidgeted and tried to clear my mind, but I couldn't. Sleep wouldn't come, and it was all I wanted to do.

I felt someone slide onto the bench, Alice, I assumed. I wondered if she came to bring me food or wake me up.

But then I knew it wasn't Alice. A beautiful melody came from the piano, and I could hear his fingers against the keys, something so amazing it sounded impossible to play. It was soft and quiet, and almost like a lullaby. The song playing right in my ears was enough to block out my thoughts and finally allow me to shut up eyes and fall asleep.

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