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Rising Sun

Chapter One: the Prelude


The roads in Forks were always slippery, and tonight was no different. The fog clung fast to the trickles of water sliding down the cold, wet pavement. Most of the population was inside, as it was dangerous to be out and about, but unfortunately, there would be more harm done than good in making a trip.

"Mommy, are we almost there?" I asked. I was huddled up in the back seat, coughing like there was no tomorrow, and shivering with a fever.

"Yes my Bella, we are. The 24hour drug store is right around the corner." She replied patiently. My mom wanted to get me medicine, since I've had this sickness for the last few days.

My mom was the police chief of Forks, and she's held her position of higher authority since my father's untimely death. We still lived in the same little house, on the same little street, and she was always in the office and I was always by myself. She only wanted to protect me I was sure, but then I got sick, and I wasn't getting any better.

"My Bella, my beauty, I love you." She said, just as I heard tired screech in the quiet world. There was a flash of headlights, and then I blacked out.


I was out for my usual midnight ride in the woods when I heard screeching tires and a loud crash. The metallic smell of human blood was imminent in the air, and I pulled out my cell phone to call my dad immediately.

"Dad it's me…Come quick." I said, hanging up the phone with a crisp snap."

I ran to the crash sight, and the view was horrible. There was blood everywhere; it looked like the driver of the minivan drive straight into the car of the police chief. After another quick sweep, I discovered her daughter was with her.

"Bella," I breathed. She was one year behind me in school, but I knew her angel-like features anywhere. She was only thirteen, but she was a smart one.

I heard someone come up behind me. "I called the right authorities son. They're on their way with an ambulance." My dad said quietly behind me.

Just as we heard a siren, her eyes fluttered open. "Emmy," she whispered, "please don't leave me."

I looked at her seriously. "Never Bella. I promise."