This Traitor is a Roach?!

A morning train drove over the rickety tracks trying to make its delivery to the next station. The mountainside's crystal shine gave off a glare. The smiling yellow sun was shining like a diamond. The flowers sprouted up and kissed the fertile jade grass. The blue clean sky and its puffy white clouds set the atmosphere in play. The birds' sang an ode to the sky and their ability to soar in a twittering set of tweets. The breeze soared along with them. The scenery made it good for an artist to picture it with his mind, then draw it, and finally add color to his masterpiece. Everything was memorably beautiful until…

"AAHH! THIS IS SO NOT MY DAY!" shouted a female voice, coming from a cabin underneath the train trestles.

A set of footsteps were made in a manner of disgrace and anger. It became a lesser worry when a squish became heard on the way.

"Ewww," responded again the now disgusted female voice.

"You know, I take it back, for this I could have stayed at home," said agonizingly by a male voice.

"Shut it you roach," snapped the female, "You don't know how my day went!"

"No seriously, I feel you," recoiled the roach, "I even helped these kids foiled my brother's order just to be their friend and this is the thanks I get for helping them?! I get thrown out of the train and into the cabin with you!"

Now the roach realized that somehow what he said had angered the female.

"You did what?!" shouted the surprised female.

"Oh yeah, about that, I sort of helped Yin and Yang delay the shipment to Eradicorp," responded the roach sheepishly, "is this a really bad thing?"

"YES!" answered the now angry female, "thanks to you, you're not just the lamest guy ever—"

Suddenly, a young talking tree stump appeared and was wearing an orange cap that matched his backpack, orange like a falling leaf that used to be green as grass now caught in an autumn breeze. He had in his hand a solid red flag with a yellow number two. "Yay, I'm number two... I'm number two," he cheered as he proudly waved his grand old red flag.

"Oh yeah, except that guy," recoiled the female.

"Awww," groaned the tree stump.


"C-c-come to th-th-think of it, how come I wasn't hired by Eradicorp?" the roach stuttered questionably.

"You really like to know…?" asked the angry female, "YOU REALLY LIKE TO KNOW?!"

"Y-y-yes," stuttered the roach.

"Well, remember when I said 'shut it you roach?'" reminded the female voice.

"Y-y-yeah, why?" answer the roach still stuttering.

And then with the rest of all her energy she yelled out, "YOU WERE A PEST, BOTH LITERALLY AND METAPHORICALLY! EVEN IF WE DID HIRE YOU, YOU WOULD SHUT US DOWN!"

After that, something was kicked out of the cabin, breaking a window in the process: out came a burgundy roach.

"I SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME," shouted the roach.

"Shut up," muttered the narrator at the roach.

The knob jiggled around and then it turned around in a clockwise manner. The minute the door creaked open, the identity of the female voice was no longer concealed in the cabin. Out of the door came out a tangerine cat. Dark brown hair rested on her head as an old polished bronze antique coin and so did her ears. Her face was filled with an unholy glare; in fact, her pupils were a royal purple color. Her lips were orange like a peaches and cream parfait she ate. She wore an apple red blouse that had olive creases instead of the red from the blouse she wore; however, she wore a skirt that matched the blouse but with a solid red color, creases and all. A sash was tied around her waist like a knot on a shoe; even so, she also wore tall shoes on her feet that matched her hair along with her stockings. Her tail was erect upward like a needle. She had a bandage around her right arm below her shoulder and a headband with writing engraved. Her whole body was all covered in smudges, bruises, dust, and dirt as she brushed the specks of dust and dirt off her now slightly tangled and mangy fur.

"Damn cockroach, I can't believe he sold us out!," muttered the cat and as she stormed off in anger. Soon, she kicked a nearby talking tree stump so hard it disappeared into the big blue tidy sky in a quick flash in a form of a twinkle. She then picked the splinters out of her hair when suddenly…

"Ella Mental…can you read me now? This is Eradicus!," a voice came out of the blue garbled in static. Yes, Ella Mental, that was her name. Enter Ella Mental, a female minion of the current night master, Eradicus. She takes part as an elegant subordinate of her boss, serving Eradicus on the front lines to prove her competence and loyalty to him. Ella had beauty, intelligence, and charisma. She also possesses psychic powers which allowed her to read minds and lift thing with her mind. However, she also had a habit of keeping herself attractive more often thanks to her young physique. Ella realized it was coming from her walkie-talkie so she picks up and her boss was on the line.

"This is Eradicus, regroup immediately. I repeat, regroup…our plan has failed!" spewed the walkie-talkie.

"Yes, sir," she responded as she was ready to face the punishment of defeat at the hands of her boss.

That plan which failed was selling coffee but there was a catch; it wasn't just any cup of coffee because it was laced with a secret ingredient called Essence of Evil, a secret ingredient that makes their customers so vile, mean, cruel, and violent by the time they drink their tenth cup they will be lost forever to darkness. Their plan's endgame took place on board a train where she took the pink rabbit girl's comments about having bags under her eyes very seriously. Then with a few bags and a long piece of rope she was all tied up and thrown overboard into the cabin which explained why she got stuck with that roach.