Author's Note: Okay everyone, welcome to Chapter Twenty-Three of A Cat and Fox's Tale, courtesy of yours truly, the one and only PenGator3; the only thing that's recommended for you all is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Oh, Do Telephone

Generally speaking, when it comes to what a wonderful world as it is, it's nevertheless certain that living beings are the ones who sometimes conflict with one another because of how many differences that individuals have, personal or otherwise; in this case, it was concerning two of which at once: the blackening sky over the world that was to be called night and the tangerine feline in the world whom was named Ella Mental. For starters, the night was young while she was deep-rooted: the eventide only had a third of the day to show its greatness and the woman had bluntly seen better days. Another thing was that the blackness was starting to become vibrant while Ella had remained listless: the night had a beauty that was populated by the stars that are strewn throughout sky for the life of the sun (that which was) named moon to watch over as the tangerine feline had a myriad amount of vast acumen that was brought out from those training days. Also, while they were both very bright they were nonetheless different: the night had to become a twilight princess with a crescent as its crown that gave off a purely and soulful silver while Ella had a shred of intelligence that served her in secrecy when the situation called for it like a thief in the night. Even so, they were composed of differentials: the moon was like a planet that can be seen from the sky made up of even circles and curves while the tangerine feline was made up of something more than just one shape and its varieties. But most of all importantly, they were dark and cold: the night was but a time when temperatures started to cool down a bit especially in the autumn like the month of November itself and the girl was feeling like that she was angry at the world in particular for some reason that no one else knows of.

Ella Mental was standing near the incandescent limestone bridge shivering in discontent at the gentle breeze as she became compelled to grasp on to herself at once. "What is taking them so long?!" was all that the feline could silently say to herself in response to the cold weather; in fact, it was all that she could probably say for now. Even so, her state of nothing extraordinary drowsiness in the air of the night had immediately compelled a prizing enormous yawn from the mouth, a reflection how things have changed instantaneously, as these arms stretched outward and had rested behind the head.

As Ella starts to be emblazoned in her solitary thoughts, the diminutively sharp ears had picked up a recognizable reverberation that was coming from within her, a quadrangular cellphone rumbling and b(l)eeping in a synchronized cacophony as it had rang. Annoyed by that sudden sound which had instantly startled the tacit tangerine feline, she pulls it up in her hands and opened, hearing a voice from the other end, "moshi-moshi…?" "Is that you Smoke…?" Ella answered straight(a)way at once, remembering that faint voice was belonging to that maize vampire from a scant few hours ago at the locker room, "where are you right now?" "We're at the Gromwell Shopping Center and close to Sugar Bowl Alley waiting for your answer," the adolescent responded to the woman at once. Looking at the papers from the building in possession, Ella thenceforward asked Smoke quickly, "well, I have to look over the survey results first and then we'll practically talk about it." "Well, the others are going to be here in about at least two hours from now," the maize vampire came back with to the tangerine feline, "our boss said that the purpose of the activity was to promote morale; even Shawn-kun suggested it to him as an idea." "So it seems that Mr. Wimpy opened his big mouth about it, didn't he?" the woman snidely remarked upon hearing the adolescent give out a name of some familiarity. Not too long after, Smoke said back to Ella instantly, "yes, very much Ella–kyo…"

"I see then…" the tangerine feline spoke into the phone for the maize vampire to listen on about, "okay, well take care and make sure to write down every aspect of the entire building for our next plan before I get here." "Okay, no problem…" the adolescent obeyed the older woman without any further questions. Now Ella soon gave out one last command to Smoke as the former was prepared to hang up on the latter, "good, now make sure these rabbit brats aren't around listening in on this conversation; it's possible that after what had happened yesterday morning, they're going try and stop us." "Yes, ma'am…" the maize vampire heeded the tangerine feline's order before hanging up at once, "I'll see you later."

Now, the woman was all alone again (naturally)…

Author's Note: Well, I hope you have enjoyed this one because this one is going to be part of a buffer for the next chapters to come; at least with Smoke's appearance over the phone that will give her some company later on. Speaking of which, Ella will plenty more to boot sooner or later in the story but for now I just say this: