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All Sunnyside Down On The Western Front

Where to start off on? I was rather kind of perplexed that we would be able to meet again, for the third time no less; in fact, it was rather all too soon since yesterday afternoon. Nevertheless I can't believe it at all that she would even invite me no less but aside from that, I'm going to go there anyways; besides, tonight was my night off so if it wasn't for this, then what was I going to do for killing some time?

I had just gotten off the phone with Ella earlier after I had decided to go prepare myself in my very best attire before heading on out to meet her friends over there. The first thing I needed to do was to go shower up a bit; I would have liked a long bath but the ferry was about to set sail in about an half-hour from now so I should be hurrying along. Looking at my current choice of clothing, it was time to discard them all at once: first my blouse, next my shorts, and then my panties; now, I was ready. Stepping into the bathtub, I started to turn on the water with both knobs in front of me; immediately after the water started emerging from the nozzle, I had pulled up the cord that was on it. Soon the water started to empty down from the showerhead and onto my fur, drenching me in such a wetness so refreshing all I could was just gasp in delight but it would not last longer for me this time. With no time to waste I had used the opportunity to lather myself in the finest froth from within the soap bar, my red fur bristling against it all and the hot steam formed by the bursts of water between intervals. The soft smooth contact that had been experienced made me wish that I had once even wished that I could stay here forever longer but alas I could not so I had to finish up while I still had the chance to make it to the arrangement.

The water was now instantly shut off by my own hand, prompting me to get myself dress for the occasion, nothing too fancy of the like what of it but certainly not the bath towel around me either. The trip out of that very bathroom within my house was as easy and good as it gets, the moment I had waited patiently ample to do so well at getting the bedroom in no more than a few minutes flat. It was slightly messier than even the living room alone but it didn't impede my efforts in the slightest whatsoever into getting towards across one of my dressers nearby me; after all, the scarce clutter didn't block my way in or out of there and even if it did, it would matter to me not at all. I had managed to discard the towel around my figure, unleashing my ensemble of a pure fleece onto to the vast atmosphere; yet, this would not last at all either. Reaching into my drawer, I had pulled out my undergarments, a light blue shirt and some dark gray panties no less and started to slip them all on at once. Soon, I had scurried onward into the closet across from the dresser and begin to reach for my eveningwear to don over them both; sorting throughout the racks of many potential choices had proved to be very easy not to mention very quick to do as my reward was a pair of shorts, a blouse, and a scarf for my neck. The moment I had broken them all in, I was now ready for a night of adventure on the town, no longer bound to the mediocrity in my home.

All that I needed to do now was to walk all the way over to the ferry bound en route to the very neighboring town that Ella was in with her very friends at this moment in time. One direction over to the ferry had me also remembering that the last one would be shipping out at a quarter to midnight tonight and that it would be highly inconvenient to miss one back home. In next to no time at all, I had gotten on there at once and it was just about to take off shortly; best to take a seat on over away from one of the railings so I won't try and become all seasick in a haste. The horn had sounded off minutes later as I started to stare at the setting sun on the west and the clouds that were following after it as all; the ferry too sailed off in that very path. At this rate, I would still have plenty of time to find my way around in this city and get some instructions on how to get to the shopping center; I knew where and how to get all the way over there from my home considering my simple method of remembering things but the current information I had wanted to know about its location and methods.

Soon, I had started to recline slowly across the wooden seat and rest upon it, looking up to this very occasion in question at once.

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