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"Hikaru-kun!" a familiar voice called and Hikaru was tackled into a hug by a girl a few inches shorter then him. She had lime green hair, teal eyes, and her clothes were all green.

"Teal!" Hikaru smiled and hugged her back.

"You're back! Oh what brings you here?" Teal asked excitedly.

"You know… chocolate." Hikaru said as he gestured to the rows of chocolate behind him. Teal laughed and went behind the counter, leaning against it so she could still talk to Hikaru.

"Have you seen Ikuto yet?" Teal asked as he browsed through the chocolate.

"Yup! I was arguing with Utau and he fell asleep so I came here!" Hikaru said happily.

"I'm not surprised. Wow I missed you so much!" Teal said smiling in disbelief.

"I could tell." Hikaru said and gestured vaguely to the roof. Teal chuckled embarrassedly listening as one of the songs Hikaru had recorded with Ikuto came on.

"It's not my fault. I like this one." She said pouting. Hikaru nodded and began grabbing chocolates off of the shelves and piling them onto the counter. Teal sweat dropped as the pile grew taller then her. The bell above the door jingled as the door opened.

"Welcome!" Teal said happily from behind the chocolate pile that continued to grow.

"Umu!" Hikaru said with a box of chocolates in his mouth as well as a mountain in his arms.

"Hikaru?" Amu asked in shock. Hikaru placed the chocolates on the counter with the others and smiled at her.

"Hi!" Hikaru said excitedly. He began jumping up and down hyperactively.

"Crap, Hikaru what was the last chocolate you ate?" Teal asked stepping around the monstrous pile of sweets.

"Uh the Choco Bon Bons." Hikaru giggled drunkenly.

"Shit! Can you two watch him for a minute? Just don't let him run off. I have to call Ikuto." Teal cursed as she grabbed her phone.

"Come on answer… answer,… Ikuto! Yeah, it's Teal, you baka!… well Hikaru found the Choco Bon Bons…yeah… okay see you then." Teal said as she hung up.

"Hikaru, Ikuto is coming to get you. Hikaru? Hikaru?" Teal asked confused as Hikaru was no longer in the chair she had left him in. Hikaru was over by the Choco Bon Bons with Amu and Yaya trying to hold him away from the sweets. Hikaru was happily stuffing his face with Bon Bons when the door creaked open, the bell jingling merrily. Ikuto walked in calmly, the second Hikaru notice him his face lit up and he ran over to Ikuto pouncing on him happily. Ikuto allowed Hikaru to cling to him as he made his way over to the counter.

"He does not need this much sugar…" Ikuto stated as he stared at the candy mountain. Ironically the song playing in the background switched to the song from Candy Mountain.

"So will you be paying with cash or a check?" Teal asked teasingly.

"Credit." Ikuto said pulling out his credit card. Teal smiled and swiped it through the machine before handing it back to the blue haired teen. Ikuto stared at the pile a moment before sighing.

"Have Fore drop it off by my apartment when he gets the chance okay?" Ikuto asked tiredly.

"You spoil him. And me! I gave myself a big tip." Teal teased him happily.

"Oh well, it's Easter's money." Ikuto smirked.

"Come on Hikaru, time to go home." Ikuto told the black haired boy who was clinging to him like a leach.

"What's wrong with him?" Yaya asked looking as Hikaru practically tried to glue himself to his boyfriend.

"Choco Bon Bons have alcohol in then and Hikaru gets drunk easily." Teal explained in amusement.

"Oh…" Amu and Yaya replied in sync.

"Hey where did they go?" Teal asked seeing as the two boys had disappeared.

With Ikuto

"God Hikaru you're heavy! No more chocolates for you." Ikuto sighed as he dragged Hikaru down the street. Yoru cautiously poked his head out from behind Hikaru and laughed sheepishly when Ikuto spotted him.

"Sorry nyah! But I-I the little girl is evil!!! Don't make me go back nyah!" Yoru begged pleadingly as Ikuto glared at him.

"It's fine." Ikuto said simply. Not wanting to admit he had missed Yoru and was going to get him that night anyway.

"Thank You Ikuto nyah!" Yoru cheered happily.

"Hey Yoru, Chara Change." Ikuto smirked seeing as Hikaru was asleep.

"Chara Change nyah!" Yoru repeated excitedly and the two glowed brightly as they transformed. Ikuto grew a tail and two cat ears which matched his hair and eye color immediately. Ikuto jumped into the air, now holding Hikaru over his shoulder, and hopped from roof to roof until he reached his apartment when he slipped into the window and laid Hikaru down.

At Candy Shop

"How rude! They left without saying goodbye." Teal pouted.

"Oh well, so what can I do for you today?" Teal asked randomly happy.

"Candy! Candy! Candy!" Yaya cheered. Teal laughed happily and nodded.

"Alright, sounds good to me. How about you find what you want and I give it to you for half-price?" Teal winked happily. Yaya cheered happily and began running around the shop looking for the candy she wanted.

"Yaya, slow down! Sorry about her… she gets a little excited." Amu apologized sweat dropping.

"No problem I'm kind of used to it around here." Teal chuckled gesturing to all the candy.

"So you know Ikuto and Hikaru?" Amu asked Teal interestedly.

"Yup since we were kids. My dad owns this place so I spent a lot of time here. Hikaru came in so often we became really good friends then Ikuto showed up one day looking for candy and a present for his little sisters birthday. The second they saw each other they pretty much despised each other but after awhile they were best friends. Hikaru and me ended up going to Utau's party and we have been really close since then. They started dating just before they went into high school so it's been about five-six years since they have been dating." Teal explained happily.

"Wow that's a long time." Amu said shocked.

"Uh huh so how do you know them?" Teal asked turning the tables around shocking Amu.

"Well Ikuto is a pervert. I met him one day after school when he tried to…" Amu stopped not sure if Teal knew about the charas.

"Tried to what? If he tried to feel you up I will kick his ass." Teal said seriously.

"No, no nothing like that. Just never mind that. Well after we met we saw each other quite a bit and when we were eating the other day Hikaru showed up. It really surprised me when they kissed, I didn't even know Ikuto was…" Amu trailed off in embarrassment.

"Gay?" Teal filled in. Amu nodded blushing. Yaya ran over with her hands full of sweets.

"I think I got everything!" Yaya cheered.

"Oh no it's a mini Hikaru!" a voice said from the back door.

"Haha hey Fore-kun. You just missed the actual Hikaru. Him and Ikuto were here a minute ago. Oh and you have a delivery to make." Teal smirked evilly as she pointed to the mountain. Fore paled slightly at the size of it and sighed.

"Remind me why we let him in here?" Fore asked as he grabbed a few large boxes.

"Because we love him. Plus he buys a lot." Teal laughed as Fore began filling the boxes. Teal helped him stuff them full and closed them while Fore went to get the delivery truck. The two loaded the boxes up while Amu and Yaya argued about getting more candy.

"Yaya you don't need any more sweets." Amu explained tiredly.

"But Yaya wants more candy!" Yaya whined.

"Pepe candy too!" Pepe cried.

"Amu, can we get some candy too?" Ran asked with Sue and Miki backing her up.

"Fine! But only a little bit." Amu sighed as they all ran off to get their candy. Amu herself grabbed a bit of candy and they all placed the sweets on the now empty counter while they waited for Teal to come back inside.

"Sorry it took so long. Have you found every thing you want?" Teal asked as she went behind the counter. The two nodded and Teal rang up their candy and the two went to pull out their money but Teal stopped them.

"No worries, it's on the house." Teal explained and gave them their bags of candy.

"Thanks Teal-chan!" Yaya cheered.

"Yeah Thanks Teal." Amu smiled happily.

"See you later you two! Come back soon!" Teal called as they left.

"Bye!" the two called back smiling widely.

"Oops sorry Amu-chii Yaya has to go home now!" Yaya said as she ran down the street.

"Bye Yaya." Amu called back tiredly. Amu continued her walk home listening to her happily chatting charas.

"I'm home!" Amu called as she entered her house.

"Welcome home dear, did you have a nice time?" Amu's mom asked smiling while her dad took pictures of Ami.

"Yeah, I'm tired so I'm going to bed." Amu said as she went up the stairs.

"Okay sweetie." her mom said and went back to watching Ami sing. Amu flopped onto her bed while her charas crawled into their eggs and fell asleep.

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