Who Let The Dogs Out is now complete. Much thanks to everyone who reviewed, who fav'd it, and everyone who put in story/author alerts. I appreciate the interest in this twisted tale of mine. And thanks again, Bundibird!

Chapter title taken from the song by Kansas. Enuf said.

Epilogue – Carry On My Wayward Son

Six months later Bobby heard a deep familar rumble out in the yard. He recognized the sound of the Impala's engine. He stood at the kitchen sink and cocked his head slightly at the creak of the doors as they opened and closed, and he tried not to smile. They were home again, his two prodigal sons, never mind that one lived mostly two legged and the other one had four legs. He'd already resigned himself to the fact that he'd never see Dean human and two legged ever again.

He wiped his wet hands on the dish towel, and as he walked through the house Bobby was already thinking about where they could spend the night. He had room, and the place was kind of lonely lately. Having company would be a good thing. He had a good supply of hamburger. Maybe be could fry some up, get wolf!Dean to eat something this time. Somehow Bobby doubted the kid would want to eat dog food out of one of Rumsfeld's bowls.

" 'bout time you boys showed up," Bobby called out as he swung the door. "You never call, and you never write—"

The man who stood on the porch wasn't Sam. Bobby stared at those wide green eyes, that freckled skin, and all of a sudden he couldn't think of a single thing to say.

Dean Winchester stared down at his boots, then he raised his head and smirked. The cocky attitude he tried to project wasn't entirely convincing. Dean seemed unsure of himself.

Bobby wordlessly stepped forward and yanked Dean into his arms. Dean yelped a little. The hug was tight and fierce, and not being able to breathe might become a factor pretty soon.

Everything went blurry just then, and Bobby was pretty glad that Rufus wasn't around. One more crack about "girly parts" and he'd have to knock Rufus on his ass. When his vision cleared Bobby looked over Dean's shoulder and saw Sam leaning against the Impala.

Sam nodded, and Bobby nodded back.

"Hey, Bobby," Dean whispered softly. "It's – it's good to see you."

"Dean." Bobby nodded, his cheek pressed against the younger man's. He swallowed past that sudden hard lump in his throat. "It's good to see you too."