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Warning: Contains masturbation, twincest, If you don't like it don't read.

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Forbidden Love

This feeling.

This undying love I feel,

For my own brother

Its wrong.

Oh so wrong.

But yet so right.

Zach awoke with a start. His hands clenching his bed sheets. His wet bed sheets.

"Damnit." he whispers under his breath.

He quickly gets out of his bed, silent curses emitting from his mouth, silent as to not wake Cody, his twin. He walks over to his closet and grabs a new sheet for his bed. He quickly changes his sheets and grabs his clothes for the day and heads towards the shower. A slight shuffle protrudes from the darkness behind Zach. He turns around to see his younger brother (by 15 minutes) get out of bed.

"Morning Zach." Cody says behind sleep shut eyes.

" M-Morning Cody." Zach says, his voice sharply cracking.

"God, he's so beautiful."

Zach realized that he had been starring at his brothers half naked body for one second too long.

"What are you starring at bro?" Cody asked while checking to see if anything was on his face.

Zach shook the thought from his head.

"Uh…nothing…I just spaced."

"Heh. Its no wonder I'm the smart one." Cody smirked as he stood up, revealing his boxer-clad body. Even though the shades in the twins room was down you could still tell that it was morning just from looking at the lower half or Cody's body. It took all the willpower that Zach had to turn away from his brother.

"I… I'm going to take a shower." Zach almost yelled as he grabbed his clothes and ran for the bathroom

A few minutes later while in the shower Zach decided to take advantage of his few precious minutes of alone time. Taking his favorite brand of shower gel in hand Zach began to lather his ever growing member and his tight, wet hole. He started to slowly penetrate his hand and he entered one finger then two then three into his hole.

Getting into this fluid motion, Zach began to fantasize about his brother. Cody was laying on the beach, his ass to the sky, butt naked. Zach approached him and the sound of his footsteps hitting the soft sand caught the attention of Cody who stood up and began to walk towards Zach. When he was no more than five feet away Cody broke into a run and tackled his twin, landing on top of him. Zach laughed at the joy of it all. Cody turned Zach over and began to slowly insert his hard cock into his older brothers tight hole. Getting into the rhythmic motion Cody reached around and took a hold of Zach's neglected member and began to stroke him till Zach couldn't handle it anymore.


Zach awoke from his daydream, his hands still going to work on his body.

"Zach! Hurry up! Were going to be late for school" Cody's voice blew through the bathroom door.

"Give me a minute!" Zach yelled while still going at it. His knees began to feel weak.

"We don't have that long now get out of the shower!"

Zach heard the bathroom door open and someone walk in. His knees began to buckle.

"Come on Zach get out!" Cody yelled as he opened the sliding glass door to the shower. Even with the door open Zach kept going and then, only a few seconds later, he released…onto Cody's face. Then the older twin fell foreword onto his brother's chest.

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