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Wataru felt like crying. No, nothing extremely sad had happened to him. No, neither he nor anybody close to him was seriously ill or injured. No, there was nothing significantly wrong with his life at the moment. It was the stupid movie they decided to watch. If only it hadn't been so sad…

No that wasn't true; they weren't watching a sad movie. In fact, some would consider it a very frightening movie. He had made the mistake of letting Kawamura pick the movie for their monthly movie night, and now he was paying for it. Wataru had forgotten how much Kawamura enjoyed the blood curdling screams, missed heartbeats, and adrenaline that accompanied scary movie watching. Wataru had forgotten just how afraid he was of scary movies. Wataru had forgotten that he always hated horror movies.

Actually, that wasn't completely true either. The last time he had watched a scary movie he had been fine. The current movie wasn't scarier than the last one, and Wataru had enjoyed it. What was so different then? He had watched the other movie in the same location at about the same time, so why was he scared to death now and not then?

"Hey Wataru, are you OK?" Kawarmura asked after Wataru jumped.

Then it clicked.

"Yeah, fine." Wataru murmured sadly.

Last time he had a hand to hold. Last time there was somebody to hold him tightly through all the gruesome ghastly ghosts and shocking surprises. Last time Kazuki had been there, and that had made all the difference.