So maybe it will be a slow little story. I couldn't help myself. I love to use songs as inspirations and I just found one that I wanted to use so much and I saw how well it could work with this sort of plot. The first chapter is used the song "Good-Bye" by Miley Cyrus. This chapter I used "Part of the List" by Ne-Yo.



Part of the List


I'm not sure what possessed me to travel half way around the world to catch a glimpse of Macy. It's been years since I've seen her. Before I say anything else, I think I should mention the fact that we were together 'once upon a time'. Back in High School she was mine. I'm smiling like an idiot just thinking about it. The first day of school, I strangely gravitated to the pair of giggling friends- Stella and Macy. I was more than convinced that I liked Stella. Everytime I was around her I stuttered, made bad jokes, the whole shabang. It wasn't until I realized that it was actually Macy who turned me into... well, I'm not sure what she turned me into. I just know I was really happy when I found myself around her.

It took me a while to figure out how to ask her out on a date. How can you possibly tame a wild fan girl that is crazy for your own band? Kevin laughed at how she collected a potatoe chip that looked like me and accidently ate it. Nick snorted at the time when she nearly clawed my clothes off. At first it's more than frightening but as a boy, I can see the benefits for such a talent.

One day after school, she was leaning against the wall her books tightly in her arms as she stared off into space. I ignored the fact that she was dressed in those skimpy tennis skirts. Just seeing her day dream was smile worthy.

"I see you're taking Calculus." I pointed to book that was tucked in her arms.

Macy quickly snapped out of her thoughts and a look of realization spread over her face. She knew that a band member of JONAS was talking to her. She stuttered, blushed, and overall looked like she was embarrassed of how foolish she thought she looked. Disappointed, she tried to excuse herself.

"Don't be upset." I started, "It's irresistibly cute when you get flustered."

Macy's jaw dropped.

"Listen, I was wondering if you would like to go bowling with me this Friday." I asked, smiling at how shocked she looked. She gulped nodded and scurried off. I was just glad she said yes instead of having a heart attack.

You see, thinking back to the reason why I broke up with her, I feel like I should have waited it out. I still love her. I still remember how her hair softly framed her face and how the shape of her eyes and her nose was just the icing of the cake. First and foremost, Macy was incredible at sports. Our first date she beat me at five games and she wasn't trying at all. Once you get past her athletic side, she was unusually kind and sweet. Everything she did made me want to kiss her senseless because that's what she deserved. She deserved a boyfriend that was attentive, not jealous, and not famous... unlike me. The moment I knew she deserved someone like... Pete from Calculus (although, I never let her talk to him because I've seen the way he looked at her) I knew somewhere along the lines we might go our separate ways. I didn't want to have a big fight when we broke up. I didn't want her to hate me. I wanted her to remember us like we were. Happy.

"You know we're going on tour soon and after that I'll be busy recording the new album." I whispered in her ear, giving her the warmest hug I could give. I didn't want to let her go.

Macy grinned up at me, "I know, every number one fan knows."

I bitterly laughed, "Mace."

I took a deep breath, knowing that this was the last time I was going to hold her like this.

"Macy, I don't want to keep your hopes up." I choked out, "And I don't want to lie either. The chances of seeing you again after school is over are really slim."

"I have backstage passes to your show on-"

"I don't want to lose you in a huge fight or to know that I didn't put my best foot forward." I said.

Macy looked at me, her eyes wide, "You're breaking up with me?"

I gulped, "I don't want to."

Macy forced out a watery smile, "I understand. Just in case you meet someone else."

"There isn't anybody else but you." I kissed the top of her head, "But it's for the best.

And everyday I wondered if it really was for the best. I didn't meet someone else. I was always caught up my memories of her. Her funny little laugh. Her smile. Her kiss. By day, all I did was reminisce. At night, I was haunted by her broken face. I tried being her friend but it was obvious that she only wanted me and should couldn't have that.

Years later, I couldn't shake her off. Stella would constantly remind me of how many French guys must be over Macy. The jealousy still burned in me. Knowing how great Macy is, I didn't deny that she might be in the arms of some French jerk. She must have moved on, unlike me. I thought Macy had forgotten about me until Stella mentioned that she found a box of old pictures of Macy and I under her pillow. It was a flicker of hope. She still remembered me and that's when I decided to visit her. Stella thought it was ridiculous that I thought she might have forgotten about me.

"Joe, girls don't forget things like that." Stella rolled her eyes as she brisky walked in the cold November air. I trailed behind her passing a small bakery that smelled nearly as sweet as I remembered Macy smelling like.

And there she was, standing at the corner of a sidewalk looking for Stella. She looked more mature, the spark of a fan girl gone. When we appraoched her, her eyes landed on me and her face twisted into an unreadble expression. Stella introduced us.

"Macy, you remember Joe. Right?" Stella looked at me mockingly. "He was sort of your high school sweetheart type of deal..."

To be polite, I stook my hand out for a hand shake. Macy forced a smile, my gesturred unnoticed.

"Who could forget?" Macy said. Her eyes locked with mine and quickly shifted towards Stella who excused herself and ran across the street.

I really wished I could go back to see her genuine shining smile. Her lips were perfectly shaped into a frown. I wasn't sure if she was pleased to see me. I hoped that she was going to be happy but seeing her struggling to look at me showed me she was anything but pleased. I put on a smile trying to look careless.

"I can't believe you live in France." I looked around at the tall stone buildings that surrounded us.

"Some of the best tennis trainers are located here." Macy once again avoided looking at me.

"Oh." I sighed. I was beginning to think that our break up was anything but clean. Perhaps, she hated me.

"You still look beautiful, Mace." I said to myself. Well, at least I thought I did.

"Joe, you've made it hard enough. Don't make it insufferable." Macy closed her eyes shaking her head.

"Stella told me you still have some of those pictures-"

"I do." Macy raised her eyebrows at me.

Maybe instead of trying to act like nothing happened or pretend that we're better off, I should say something. I was more than glad to be with her in school. I at least know that I've been hoping that we could be together again. For goodness sake, I haven't met anybody that came close to the way Macy made me feel.

"Mace, I know what we had was great but there's no use of hoping it might happen again. I wish it could but I learned we have to be grateful that we happened." I said, wishing she would understand me. As much as I wanted to be with her, watching her react to me made it seem impossible. "I know I'll never forget you or your silly little fan moments."

"Likewise." She frowned.

A wave of pain washed over her face and there was nothing more I wanted to do then to take that away. So I did what I always did when Macy lost a game (which was rare) or when she was sad or angry at me. I kissed her. And for a moment I felt her cave in. Just as I was about to pull her close, she stepped away her flace flushed in red.

"I have to go." She announced, staring at her feet.

"What?" I asked, not fully understanding why she broke our kiss.

"Goodbye." She sniffed and she nearly ran away.

I watched her hair whip around in the slight chilly breeze as she headed towards the underground metro. And even if she just hurt me without knowing she did, I still loved everything about her. I just wished I never had let her go in the first place. Everything about Macy is just part of the list of things I miss about her.


So it's in Joe's POV. I could never go without justifying my boys. I never really mean to make them complete jerks so I have to make up for that. Hope you like Joe a bit better. Grin. Now I have to go find another song to wrap this up.