Inverted Love


OroSasu Story

I find it ironic. When days passed, and I swore to never leave you. Stone cold heart beating like drum ringing my ears. I did... I had to. Saying goodbye is the hardest part...Such a true line... But not because it hurts me - I hate seeing myself crushing you like a rose beneath a herd. I feel like a murderer. A killer of types. Meant to be locked in a cage like a bird. Singing songs of freedom and holding close to my dreams knowing they'll never be true. But I had to. So it wasn't for me. It was for you and your sworn admiring of my beauty, the statement you always said before sex. For your inconsiderate lifestyle. Your ideas of "Sexual intervention," or, "The End of Straights." I think like you. And it disgusts me. You are a fool. Speaking up words meant to lure me in. Snake. But I imagine you think of these as compliments. Your mind works in different ways. Always appealing to the un-natural ideas of humans. The pain and suffering soothes your aching heart. Blood and sex. Deep blues, pulling and locking away innocent hearts for your games. Kisses of hate and anger. Furiously outraged by the pain and tormenting of you hidden words. You've been lost forever in the world of immortality. Ignorance is you. Letting one change affect all of you. Finding happiness in my pain, finding love in my eyes. Hold me beneath the moonlight... Your snake-like silhouette staring at my fragile body. I am a petal beneath your cold skin. A container for you happiness.

"SASUKE-KUN!" I opened my eyes to his gleaming golden eyes. Blank expressions screamed my emotions at him. Cold eyes, staring at him with no love, no hate, no pain – I'm casting myself away from the world. I have to kill him. There's no other way. I shifted y gaze down while sitting up and pulling the cold blanket off.

"I'm up." I blinked slowly ignoring the urge to throw him down. I felt my brows begin to twitch. My immediate resolution was to stand and evade him. The natural circle of life had found itself in my pants. And allowing him to know that I had hormones, even emotions – was out of the question. Orochimaru is an old fool, who thinks I am completely secluded from reality. As if I don't know he wants me for nothing more than a new body.

"I can see that." He stood up. "Well Sasuke-kun, I will see you on the grounds shortly." He smiled a cat smile and left. Rapist. I shook my head ignoring the irritation budging in my pants. A huff escaped the confines of my body and released roughly into the air. I walked to the bathroom and stared at my tired face in the mirror. Why does this happen to me all the time? I don't like waking up with a boner, especially not after a dream like that… Why was it with Orochimaru… It doesn't matter, there's nothing I could have done to make that dream… not be there…

"Ok…" I sighed and slid to the toilet. I slid my hand to my pants and slipped them off as well as my boxers. I stared down, waiting for it to go down. It did… slowly… But when it was down, I went to the bathroom. After washing my hands I brushed my teeth and my hair and slid my clean clothes on. I glided to the door, ignoring the flashbacks of my perverted dream with Orochimaru. After my hand found the handle and I opened it, my eyes found Orochimaru leaning against the wall right beside the door.

"Hello Sasuke-kun…" his words slithered from his mouth like the snake he was.

"Why are you here? I was going to meet you at the grounds." My tone was not nice. As usual it held some malice to it and I glared at him slightly.

"I wanted to walk with you. Is that such a bad thing?" He asked smiling like a cat. Of course its bad, I hate you.

"No." I stepped out of the bathroom and walked my way to the front doors. I slipped on my shoes and slid out the door. Orochimaru appeared in front of me, his arms cross as he leaned his elegant body against the tree. I couldn't help but stare at him. No matter how much I hated him, there was no denying that he was attractive to most people. The seductive tone of his voice, the way he used words and how they slithered from his mouth. His tall, lean body, toned muscles. He had one of the most masculine jaws, and that made a lot of girls weak in the knees… it did boys as well, however. His golden eyes were the worst, to me. They grabbed you, lured you in with their uncommon color… Stared you down, waiting for you to gasp at their beauty.

To put it simply, He's sexy…

"Are you ready?" He stepped forward, the sun illuminating his pale skin.

"Hai." I nodded and lowered myself into a fighting stance. Before I blinked he was behind me, holding my arms behind my back.

"Aww…" He laughed lightly. I growled at his entertainment of my pain. How does he do that?

"Shut up." I struggled to break free. That just gave him more cause to laugh,

"You can do better…"

"Shut up!" I yelled pulling away slightly. His grip only tightened on my smaller arms making it harder for me to break away.

At the most sudden movement, I found myself pinned against the tree he had just been leaning against. To my automatic surprise of this fight, I ultimately wanted to yell,

"Oro–" but that yell was short lived since I found his hand reaching itself into my pants. I flexed from the tingling feeling and closed my eyes.

"What?" his voice was as smooth and cruel as ever. He whispered his words of love into my virgin ears, sending sensations of pleasure rolling down my neck and to that "special area."

"Wh…what are you… doing?" I was forced to ask between gasps. The intoxication of the new sensation made it hard for my innocent lungs to take in the breath they so desperately needed. And Orochimaru's smell didn't help with that much either.

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" A laugh once again escaped his thin lips and traveled to my ears. The warm breath sent chills down my body.

It felt like exactly what it was. And he was doing exactly what my dream was…

Orochimaru sat in his room, staring at the naked Sasuke on the end of the bed. His golden eyes stared, gleaming at the toned, lean body of his next container. Sasuke was bound by his wrists, and ankles, and those bindings were chained together. Another chain led from his hands to a collar on his neck. He was pure god like, lying with his beautiful body in front of his master.

"Koi." Orochimaru lifted his pale finger and pulled it closed. Sasuke's mercury eyes blinked and he obeyed. He crawled to his master, laying his delicate head upon the toned chest of his sensei.

Orochimaru hand slid from the bed to Sasuke's only Sexual entrance. His hand swirled around the small hole, pressing only slightly. The small boy lifted his leg and rested it upon his masters leg. Sasuke pushed back, rolling his naked hips against Orochimaru. Orochimaru laughed at Sasuke's need. Sasuke's desire for him was ironic, he had only come there to kill Itachi, yet here he was, giving Orochimaru whatever he wanted to feel good. But there were emotions that lied in Orochimaru that he hadn't recognized yet. There were emotions in both of them. It was becoming a more needed and wanted act than a lustful one.

He pushed his lone finger deep into Sasuke. The feeling sent Sasuke into a fit of moans. He was pathetically easy to please. But that was because of Orochimaru. He was a master at teasing. He would peak Sasuke during Sex and completely stop. No matter what Sasuke said, or did, he wouldn't respond. Sasuke always wanted more because of that.

"hn…" He opened his mouth, drool spilling over slightly. Orochimaru smiled down at him. Sasuke was leaking fluids all over his hand and he loved it. He bathed in it. He wanted to know that Sasuke would release on him every time he touched him. He gave him more of a reason to please Sasuke. Having one lover, or toy, was all that Orochimaru ever wanted. He hated the Idea of two… he wanted one, someone who would be fully devoted, and loving to him.

"More…" Sasuke begged his master to punish him. For being only 13, he knew what he wanted during sex. Orochimaru easily obliged Sasuke. He pushed in another finger, pulling them apart. He got a high of the sound of the ripping anal flesh. He allowed a sinister laugh to escape his lips. Sasuke growled as he pressed into him.

"Shut up…" Sasuke lifted his entrance higher in the air, taking a position of Doggie-style. Orochimaru took, yet again, his third finger and shoved it into Sasuke. The boy gasped for air, and pressed harder and faster into his master. The tearing of his skin sent shrill pain and pleasure up and down his body.

"More Sasuke?" Orochimaru smiled at his pet.

"Yes!" Sasuke screamed roughly pressing himself into Orochimaru's hand.

"Fine…" Orochimaru Smirked and slid his fourth finger in, listening for the sound of breaking skin. The tearing roared through the air along with Sasuke's moans. Orochimaru pressed hard, straining his arm. He had managed to get the upper half of his hand in before Sasuke began to cry. By the time he had slid in three fourths and started to open and close in his entrance Sasuke's eyes were covered in tears. His master stared down at the hand that was moving inside of his toy and smiled at the blood draining itself onto his hand. Sasuke began to pull away, this irritated Orochimaru. He grabbed the chains lacing Sasuke's lean body and pulled him back roughly, sending the rest of his hand into his plaything. Sasuke broke out into screams of pleasure and pain. He reluctantly moved into Orochimaru, ignoring and feeding upon the pain.

"Stop… It hurts…" He words spilled from his mouth. He threw his chest down into the bed, curving his spine.

"Why… You seem to love this…" he smirked. "Otherwise you wouldn't keep asking for it." Orochimaru opened his hand pressing it roughly to Sasuke's body. He pushed his hand further only slightly more, barely touching the honored part. Sasuke began to moan at the pleasure. But Orochimaru pulled away from that part, slamming his hand open once again, and ripping it out of Sasuke. His eyes stared at Sasuke's back side, reflecting the large amounts of anal fluid pouring out, and the small amounts of blood. He smirked. Sasuke looked at him, his brows lifting in the center.

"A…arigato… Sama…"