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"So," Loker began, squeezing a red stress ball in his fist, "how long does it take to clean the building?"

The building was on quarantine.

A suspect had been brought in the building named Paulo Rodrigo. He was a middle aged man with cancer. At this point, Lightman wasn't even sure what the FBI wanted with Rodrigo. He just knew that Rodrigo entered the building at seven in the morning and by noon the place was swarmed with people from the Health Department.

It just so happens Rodrigo came straight from Mexico and was being tested for Swine Flu.

"Even if he is sick," continued Loker, "it's a flu! The only deaths derive from those who are already sick or have an immune system not yet mature enough to handle the flu, like a baby." Loker shook his head.

The Swine Flu outbreak had been announced three days ago. Personally, Cal agreed with Loker. He felt the media was making a bigger deal out of the virus and they were the source of wide spread panic. But this was D.C. and with the newest president in office, the city didn't want to take any chances.

"Well, I'm sure it can't be much longer." Foster piped from the chair opposite Cal's. Torres sat off to the side, looking bored.

When the Health Department declared the building on quarantine the four had been in Lightman's office, arguing. The men in blue suits had 'calmly' told them they needed to sit tight while the building was cleaned. They had promised it wouldn't take long.

That was three hours ago.

Loker continued to stare out the window and scratched the back of his head, letting out a sigh.

Torres looked up, irritation evident in her eyes. "What has you so tense? Got a hot date?" Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"Actually," Eli turned around, "I do."

Torres's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Who?"

Loker smiled proudly, "Her name is Rachel. She is blond, blue eyed and big busted." He gestured to his own chest to demonstrate.

Torres rolled her eyes. Gillian shook her head and Lightman raised a hand to stop Loker from continuing. "We got it."

Loker nodded his head slowly and walked towards Torres, sprawling himself on the couch. The room was quiet for a whole thirty minutes before it got to Loker. He sat up straight and sighed. "Do you guys want to play Truth?"

Foster and Lightman had been having their own quiet conversation at his desk when Loker asked. Gillian turned around to face Loker, a smirk dancing on her lips. Cal just looked intrigued. "Truth?" His eyebrow rose.

Torres shook her head. "It's like Truth or Dare minus the dare part." She looked down at Loker, "Vicious teenage girls play that at slumber parties. How do you know about it?"

Loker shrugged his shoulders, "I have a big sister. She is vicious." He smiled at Lightman knowing he was the ticket; if he played Gillian would follow and Torres would play just because she didn't want to be left out. "We could make it game. Test our skills, make out lies."

Lightman weighed the options and nodded towards Loker, "Okay."

Loker smiled. "Cool. Okay, let's get in a circle."

Torres rolled her eyes again, "This is so stupid." Eli smiled inwardly when Torres sat on the couch next to him nonetheless.

Gillian and Cal pulled armchairs to the couch. It was a square more than a circle, but Loker was satisfied. "Okay, I'll start."

"Wait, do you ask one person, or the group?" Cal interrupted.

Eli shrugged, "Asking the group will make the game go faster."

"You're supposed to put someone in the middle. Bombard them with questions." Foster instructed Cal.

Cal smiled. "Great, Loker. You start."

Loker sat in Lightman's computer chair. Lightman had dragged the chair to the center after Gillian had so kindly explained the 'proper' way to play. Then, deciding that it was best for all players to see the victim's face, Cal and Gillian went to the couch and sat on either side of Torres.

Torres smiled cruelly at Loker. "Okay, how old were you when you lost your virginity?"

"Wow." Loker's face showed little sign of astonishment. "You don't start off easy, do you?"

Torres gave him a half smile, "No."

Loker nodded his head very slowly. "Fifteen."

"Liar." Cal was leaning on the arm of the couch, his hand supporting his head. He used his left hand to point his accusations, "your eyes went to the left. Try again."

Loker sighed. "Fine. Twenty-two."

Torres began to laugh and Gillian blushed for Loker. Cal just huffed, "That's embarrassing."

Loker scrunched up his face and mimicked Cal in a high pitch squeak. "Well," Loker snarled playfully, "How old were you?"

Cal sat up straight and then leaned forward, "I'm not the one in the middle, am I?" He whispered loud enough for Torres and Foster to hear. Cal then went back to his previous sitting position.

"Why did you decide to go with radical honesty?" Gillian asked.

"Lying got me in a lot of trouble with girls. Apparently, if you tell them you have a mustang, they like to see it on the first date." He smiled lopsidedly at Foster. "Who would have thought?"

Lightman looked at Loker sideways. This was his game and Cal wanted to make sure Loker paid full price. "How old were you when you received your first blowjob?" And if that meant your boss asking awkward questions with blunt language, so be it. Cal flashed Loker a polite smile.

Loker was obviously caught off guard, both eyebrows shot up in surprise. But he then smiled and again looked proud. "Fourteen. Her name was Lisa Sarna."

"Extra details." Torres looked disappointed. "Damn, he's telling the truth." Ria rubbed her thighs as she thought of another question. "Have you ever done drugs?" Her voice held no malice, just curiosity.

Loker scratched his left ear and the back of his head. "In college I tried some X and pot. To help with exams I'd pop a Ritalin if I needed it. I'm lucky I didn't get addicted."

Foster titled her head, "Did you enjoy your childhood?"

Loker smiled. "Yeah. My mom was great. She baked cookies for me after school. We were close." He looked at his lap. "She died two years ago. Breast cancer."

Gillian's face softened, "I'm sorry."

"What about your dad?" Cal asked.

"What about my dad?" Loker asked, perplexed with a small amount of anger hidden under his words.

"Was he included in the enjoyed childhood?"

Loker shook his head, "No. He split when I was three. I haven't seen him since."

Torres searched her brain again, trying to find a fun question that could lead away from this. She personally didn't feel like getting in too deep. "This game was a lot more fun in high school." She mused. She sighed and smiled. "Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend?"

Loker shook his head. "No, I can proudly say that I am a faithful lover."

Torres laughed softly. She turned to Foster, "Your turn."

Gillian shrugged. "I don't know what to ask."

Loker twirled in Lightman's chair. "Ask anything. That's the point. I have to answer." He spun in the chair once and faced Gillian with a sly grin, "Ever want to know something about me?"

Gillian laughed, "Don't flatter yourself."

Loker hung his head in mock disappointment. "Ouch."

"Oh… I don't know. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?"

Loker shook his head sadly, "I went to a Catholic school. Just old nuns."

"What's the your most embarrassing moment?" Cal inquired.

Loker sighed and smiled sheepishly. "In ninth grade I got the lead in the school play. It was Romeo and Juliet. That week Juliet had the stomach flu, but she ensured everyone it was a minor case and she was fine. She threw up all over me during the kissing scene. Kids thought she threw up because I was just that ugly." He shook his head, "High school's a bitch."

"What is the weirdest thing you've done when you were drunk?" Torres was getting into it again, the embarrassing moment igniting so many new questions.

"I kissed Loren. He was my best friend."

Torres smiled, "He?"

"Yeah," Loker began to twirl softly in the chair again. "My girlfriend Mia dared me to kiss him."

Torres was really getting a kick out of this, "With tongue?"

"A true gentleman doesn't kiss and tell." This got a smile from Cal. "Besides, it's not your turn."

Gillian smiled, curiosity getting the best of her, "With tongue?"

Torres began to laugh harder and Loker looked a little frustrated. "No, it was just a quick peck."

Gillian raised an eyebrow suggestively before laughing herself.

Just as Loker was about to defend himself Reynolds knocked on the glass and opened Lightman's office door, "Health Department says we can go."

"Thank God." Torres whispered.

The three began to stand up and Loker stared up at them, flabbergasted. "Hey, no one else got a turn." He frowned.

Gillian smirked, "I have a feeling that's okay." She walked past everyone and hollered out a quick "Goodnight!"

"Well," Torres began, "It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun so I'll see you guys tomorrow." And she too left.

"Wanna play a game, one on one?" Loker asked enthusiastically.

Cal raised an eyebrow, "Not a chance. Goodnight, Loker." Cal then left and Loker stood in Lightman's office.

Loker sighed and stood up. He glanced at a clock—5:48 PM. "Seriously?" He wondered aloud. "Almost six hours to clean a building?" He shook his head and headed out as well. Looks like he wasn't going to be able to shower before his date. Eh, she'd survive.

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