Well, I've finally made a Mai Hime fic, even though it wasn't the one I was planning. This was a spur of the moment story that popped into my head while showering. Features Mai/Nao as the crack pairing. Reviews are much appreciated.

"You have an addiction," is what she told me. I thought she was lying, just another crap story to get me to listen to her. In retrospect, I suppose she really cared.

I didn't really think about it at first. It was fun to lure men into dark alleyways in the middle of the night. They were the scum of the Earth, so willing to corrupt the mind of underage girls. The bastards deserved to be punished. It didn't hurt that their wallets were filled with money just waiting to be taken.

After the Carnival, I could no longer call on Juliet to tie up my prey, but a few martial arts classes and close combat lessons from Akira solved the problem. HIMEs were stronger than normal girls were anyway. I could take a few punches, but the key was moving fast enough to avoid them.

I usually took money and clothes. There wasn't a chance in hell those dirty bastards would report it, not with what I could tell the cops. Some of them fought back though, as if the knife I was holding against their throat wasn't frightening enough. Some of them were good at fighting back, and that's how I got to my situation today.

My whole body was aching from the last man who thought he could take me. He wasn't a fighter, but strong enough to rough me up a little. A couple of well-placed kicks made him crumple to the ground like a pile of trash. It wasn't a big deal. Himes healed quickly due to a leftover effect from the Carnival.

Anyway, here I was jumbling through my keys in front of the door when Mai's voice surprised me from behind. "Another rendezvous in the city?" She quickly unlocked the door and let me inside.

Don't misunderstand; we weren't roommates. I got lucky and ended up living with that hyperactive ball of hunger, who still likes to drag around a gigantic sword. Believe me; it wasn't by choice.

Mikoto graciously offered Mai a place to stay after she ended her three-year relationship with Tate. The two simply got bored of each other or something. It was unclear, but seemed like a mutual breakup. They still acted civil, even friendly around one another. I didn't particularly care.

That was nearly two months ago. Her reason for staying, as described by the untamed creature known as my roommate, was that she couldn't afford to live on her own. Loans from her brother's heart surgery had to be paid. She couldn't afford college so took culinary classes between shifts at the diner. For now, she still hasn't achieved any certification.

We walked into the room to see Mikoto sprawled over one bed. Mai sighed as she placed her keys on the kitchen counter. She probably had another long day at work. Both of us eyed the bathroom door. Who goes first?

I liked my privacy. These days, she probably wanted hers as well. However, both of us were exhausted. Compromising didn't seem like a bad idea. "Let's just wash up together, so we can sleep."

She nodded her head.

Mai was already sitting in the water by the time I got into the bathroom. The air felt hotter as steam continuously rose from the water. I couldn't help but notice her very large breasts. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't attracted to women at all. If anything, her chest was simply an anomaly. Something I could laugh at and recoil in shock from. It was bizarre for a Japanese girl to be proportioned in such a way. We're not exactly known for big chest sizes after all.

She told me that she planned to get breast reduction surgery someday. I was taken aback at the time. Why would anyone wish for breast reduction? Health issues she stated. Apparently, her chest size would lead to back problems in the future, if they haven't already begun. It made a lot of sense, so having large boobs did have their drawback, go figure.

I got into the water. God it burned so much when the water began seeping into my skin and reopening my cuts. I hated scabs for softening underwater; it allowed the searing heat to infiltrate my already painful scars.

She gasped when she saw my body. "Nao, where did you get those?"

"They're nothing. Don't worry about it," I responded hastily. Last thing I needed was the overly protective mother figure to get on my case about my late night hobby.

Mai huffed at my attitude. "Your wincing face tells me that they're more than nothing."

"It's none of your business," I snapped. Why wouldn't she let it go? I just wanted to sleep.

She looked at me in that annoying way a mother does when scolding a child; I hate that look. "You're my friend, so it is my business."

"We're not friends." I replied coldly. I didn't have friends, I didn't have anyone. I used to have my mother, but after she woke up in the hospital, all she could do was scream. The doctors told me that she had suffered from a traumatic event. Idiots! Of course she was traumatized. I was there, watching, hiding in the closet when she was attacked and raped by three men. They stayed there, violating her for the entire night before beating her into a coma. Hell, I was traumatized. The whole time I wanted to scream, but couldn't. I was so afraid that they would do something to me, so I just watched while muffling my screams in a tear soaked sweater. Some daughter I am.

After that, she was placed into the mental ward of the hospital. I still visited her every week, but all she did was huddle in a corner mumbling. I wasn't really sure what she talked about. Sometimes I'd try talking to her only to have her stare at me as if I was a total stranger. Not even my own mother could recognize me anymore.

I hated them, those bastards who hurt my mom. I wanted to hunt them down, slice them up piece by piece, starting with their genitals, so I went out every night. Secretly, I hoped to run into the men who made me who I was today. They raped my mother, beat her, and scarred her. It was their fault I became a HIME. Maybe I wouldn't have become this vindictive, sociopathic bitch I am now.

Mai pursed her lips at my statement. "We are friends. After the all that we went through in the Carnival, there is no way we aren't friends."

"That's crap. You and I didn't go through anything together. We suffered in our own ways, through our own paths. I didn't even fight against you." I glared at her.

"All that matters is we survived together. Our suffering is connected by our understanding of each other's pain." she grabbed her hair in frustration. "You're making me go off topic. Those cuts are from those guys you've been meeting at night right?"

"So what if they are. They're a lot worse off, believe me." I crossed my arms and turned my head. What did it matter if she knew or not. I was even a little proud that I could kick their asses.

"Nao, we've been over this. You need to stop luring men. It's dangerous," she said. Mai placed her hand over mine and gave me that motherly look that made children feel guilty. Damn, it worked on me too.

"I-" I stuttered, "I can't. They need to be stopped."

She sighed, "Don't do the police's job for them."

"If they did their jobs properly, I wouldn't have to," I growled back.

"No Nao, they do them fine. You're just unsatisfied." She leaned back to her side of the bath tub.

"Damn right, why should I be after what those guys did to my mother? They were never caught either." Things were getting heated now. Mai had no right to lecture me about my behavior. She never suffered the same way I did; all she had was a sick little brother. Sure that was responsibility, but hardly trauma.

"Nao, the police are doing fine. You're just looking for an excuse."

"Excuse for what!"

"You have an addiction." She firmly stated.

That was bullshit. People got addicted to drugs, not luring and entrapping perverted men. I could stop anytime; it wasn't as if I needed it to survive. It wasn't like I physically needed to go out, hunt down guys via my cell phone and take their money and clothes.

Mai was talking shit.