aruto of the Transcendent Eyes

Chapter 1

Umino Iruka, the boy's ninja academy sensei lay in front of him. With a giant shuriken embedded in his back in. Yelling at the blond youth to run.

Mizuki an instructor of the Academies laughter filled the air. "You really do care for that, demon don't you Umino. You're such a dumb mother fucker."

"He isn't a demon." Iruka weakly yelled back as he tries to get to his feet.

"He is what he is Umino. You can't change that." The silver haired Sensei retorted in disgust. "I'll just kill you like I'm going to kill him." He drew another giant shuriken and leaped forward.

The boy clutched the scroll to him tritely, as he sobbed lightly. Trying to sort out all the emotions going through him. He looked at his fallen sensei, then to approaching attacker. As the words reached his eras "I'll just kill you like I'm going to kill him."

Naruto's tears stopped flowing, his hair covering his hairs. "Now time to die UMINO!" Mizuki threw his shuriken at the Chunin instructor. Naruto looks up as it started to rain. Iruka, his eyes as wide as dinner plates, not because of the incoming shuriken, but because of the blondes eyes.

Instead of the cerulean blue eyes full of life, I there place is a set of dull grey eyes with six concentrated black circles around a black iris.

The blonde boy simply holds up and the giant shuriken stops in its tracks. Naruto looks up with a sadistic grin, "If I remember Shuriken like these are quite rare. Shuriken like these are also quite expensive. So, Mizuki-sensei how about I GIVE IT RIGHT BACK SHINRA TENSEI (Divine Judgement)!" Naruto thrusts his arm forward. Mizuki's eyes widen as the shuriken flies towards him. Before he can blink the shuriken cleaves him in two.

Both halves spray blood everywhere. Naruto grins as; Mizuki's halves hit the ground with a thud. Pulling out a kunai knife, he attaches an explosive tag to the end. Throwing it he forms the ram seal, "Boom!" As the kunai knife hits, Mizuki's upper half it explodes burning the half corpse.

Hokage office hour later

Naruto was surprised to see how well the old man had taken the news. He was proud of Naruto for handling the fact that he had killed someone so well, and had actually handed the boy a Hitai-ite, officially making him a Shinobi of Konoha. Naruto stays seated as, Iruka leaves the room.

"Yes what is it, Naruto?" asked the aged Hokage smoking his pipe. Naruto looks at his feet, "Um well Jiji you see…um…the team placements are in well one month. So I was wondering if for that tie…I'd be allowed to train.

I was also wondering if…well…you could tell me about my eyes and more so my parents…Please Jiji…" Naruto looks at the third, his grey eyes staring into his aged ones. Hiruzen Sarutobi smiles at the boy and nods his head.

"Well, Naruto there's not much I can tell you about your bloodline. The only thing I know is it's called the Rinnegan or Transmigration Eye. The Rinnegan is a Doujutsu more powerful then the Sharingan and Byakugan. In fact the Sage of Six paths was told to have it.

I do know that the Rinnegan grants you all element affinities of Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning and Gravity. Aside from them the sub elements Wood, lava, Ice, Metal, Sand, Glass, Crystal, Storm and Steam" explained the third as he puts his pipe down. Naruto nods as he digests this information.

"Now about your parents, your mother her name was Kushina Uzumaki. Your mother I'm sorry to say died in child birth…" Sarutobi stares at the young child before continuing, "Your mother fell in love with your father, Minato Namikaze Konoha's Yellow Flash and Yondaime Hokage!" Naruto's eyes widen in shock finding out his father was the fourth. Hiruzen smiles at the boy, before pulling out two scrolls labelled 'Minato' and 'Kushina'.

"Inside these scrolls is everything your parents left you, from their techniques to their wills and letters. Your father had an affinity towards Lightning Ninjutsu, your mother like most Uzumaki's Ice, Water and Wind." Naruto accepts the scrolls gratefully. Smiling the blonde boy looks up at the aged leader, "Jiji I was wondering if you could lend me some scrolls on the g basics of Fuuinjutsu, Advance Fuuinjutsu, Katon Ninjutsu, Fuuton Ninjutsu, Doton Ninjutsu, Raiton Ninjutsu and Suiton Ninjutsu, Also if possible some for my sub elements." Hiruzen gives a hearty chuckle, "That I can do also I'll give you some chakra control and element manipulation exercises. Anything else?" "Um yes some new cloths would be nice. I mean I like orange, but it screams 'I'm right here come kill me'." Hiruzen nods his head, "Oh and Naruto your father left you his Taijutsu styles and your mother her Kenjutsu stance and her personal sword."

Naruto thanks the third, "Jiji can you make sure no one else uses training ground 1 please." Hiruzen nods his head once more, "I'll have your new cloths waiting upon your arrival."

Time Skip 1 month

(Not going into training but will give brief description)

So over the month, Naruto trained hard. Lucky for him he read the entire description of Kage Bunshin. So using Shadow clones he increased his training ten fold. Upon arriving at the field he found that, Hiruzen had left him some gravity weights.

So every morning he'd up his weights and do 10 laps around the training ground, 500 push ups, 500 sit ups, 500 left punches, 500 right punches, 500 right kicks, 500 left kicks, 500 pulls and 500 jumping jacks. But of course he upped his training programme every week.

Using shadow clones he learnt the leaf balancing, tree climbing, water walking and kunai knife balancing exercises. He also learnt Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Lightning manipulation. In three days using clones he was able to learn the Rasengan. But he didn't perfect it until the end of the week.

As his clones was learning from scrolls. He was learning his fathers Taijutsu style and his mothers Kenjutsu stance. Inside his mothers scroll was a long Muramasa blade.

He rarely slept only for about four maybe five hours. Once he was up, he'd continuing training, summoning up to a thousand shadow clones. He'd have 100 on Fuuinjutsu, 100 on Katon, 100 on Suiton, 100 on Fuuton, 100 on Doton, 100 on Raiton, 100 on Chakra exercises, 100 on Genjutsu, 100 on Element Manipulation and 100 on human anatomy.

Even though he had a month of training his Jutsu library wasn't that big. But it as bigger then most Chunin maybe most Jounin. He had learnt 15 Fuuton, 12 Katon, 14 Doton, 21 Suiton, 9 Raiton, 6 Mokuton and 8 Hyouton. By himself he had managed to create about five or six Gravity Jutsu.

Since there wasn't any known Jutsu's for Crystal, Sand, Glass, Storm, Steam, Metal or Lava he had to make his own. But sadly he hadn't got there far only make 2 Glass Ninjutsu, 1 Storm, 1 Metal and 2 Lava.

His skills with Genjutsu were easily greater then his skills in Ninjutsu. His chakra control was perfect, so he could easily perform, Genjutsu without hand seals. One thing he noticed about his eyes was that he couldn't be affected by Illusions.

Naruto sighs as he looks at himself in a mirror. His orange jumpsuit had been thrown out the window. He now wears a long sleeved white kimono like top. The fabric is light, soft and durable.

He also wore white Anbu style pants tapped of at the end. Unlike normal Shinobi, he wore blood red combat boots. Strapped to his right leg are two Kunai holsters. His pants were specially designed that pockets could form over his holsters.

Strapped to his back is a long blood red Muramasa blade. It's sheathe is pure black with a red dragon wrapped around it. The blade unlike most katana or Muramasa is slightly more curved.

Strapped over the top is a white cloak. Around the edges of his cloak are red flames and on the back 'White Flash' in gold. His Hitai-ite is wrapped around his forehead. The cloth is longer then it should be so it flutters in the wind. His blonde hair is in a pony tail reaching mid back.

Naruto sighs as he remembers the conversation he had with Kyuubi a few days ago.


Naruto glares at the giant cage in front of him. More so he is glaring at the giant red fox behind the bars.

"So we meet at last young, Naruto…" The blonde boy glares at the Kyuubi with, "What is it you want fox?"

Kyuubi gives a girly giggle before going up in flames. Naruto shields his eyes. Opening them he finds a woman in her mid twenties standing before him. She has flowing red hair a DD cup, curves in all the right places dressed in a red kimono.

"I only brought you here to explain your bloodline, Naruto-kun." Naruto glares at the vixen, "Then explain."

Your eyes are the mark of your bloodline activating - the Rinnegan - The last human I knew of having this was the Six Paths Sage. I honestly never expected to see that Kami and Shinigami blessed gift again."

"Kami and Shinigami blessed my Kekkei Genkai?"

"Kami and Shinigami did bless this Kekkei Genkai. How else would it be able to pull the minds and souls of the dead out of heaven and hell?

Now there are several aspects to this bloodline. First off, you will gain several bodies, from the corpses of powerful warriors, to fight for you."

"Second, each body will have an independent chakra pool of it's own that will be the same size as your own pool at peak. This chakra pool refills like a regular body's, with food and rest, but also refills without those things when it's sealed within you."

"Thirdly, each body you get will specialize in one form of jutsu and one chakra type, usually an elemental type."

"Fourth of all, all your bodies will share a single mind, yours. You will experience all the senses of your other bodies at once and will control them all with a single mind. This is one of the strengths and weaknesses of the bloodline. Because of this aspect, when one of your bodies-even your own- is killed, all you have to do to revive it is pump enough chakra from any of your bodies into it to repair the damage. Since your mind is shared by all your bodies, even if your original body is killed, the other bodies still carry your mind, so you can still revive it."

"Fifthly, it brings back the soul and mind that originally owned the body and cages it within your mindscape so you can learn to use the body to its fullest from them. If they refuse to teach you, you'll absorb information from their mind as you sleep, but otherwise they can teach you while you're awake by instructing through mind-talking. The mind and soul are only released to go back to their place of judgment when you have mastered the use of their body, but if you die with them still in your mindscape, they'll simply cease to exist."

"Last of all, until you master a body, it will only be slightly better than you in it's chosen area of expertise. The bodies are better than yours because they are either better built or they have been better trained in that particular specialty. Call it muscle memory or chakra coil memory. But you can't use them that well because you don't know how to consciously do so.

Oh and I should mention I did a bit of tinkering with it. Your bodies I upped the number to ten instead of six. Technically it's 11 because you are included as a path. Also unlike the normal realms the aspects they had in life they will have as your bodies. For example if you used the fourth as a body he might have the gravity element, but he'll also have the lightning element. Beside that element he'll have all the techniques he had in life. Also he'll gain powers of that body he was named from for example Deva path.

Now leave kit I grow bored. Also become stronger, after all if you look weak I look weak and I can't have that. By the way you die I die so I'll try to stop that from happening!" Kyuubi then blasts the blonde boy with red chakra. (By the way explanation of Rinnegan and most of, Naruto/Kyuubi chat credits goes to Uzumaki Shurochka not mine just borrowing it cause I like the explanation.)

End flash back

Naruto sighs as he disappears in a whirl of leaves. Appearing in at the academy, our blonde hero takes a seat up the back. Pulling out a pair of black shade he puts them on. After all he didn't want anyone to know about his bloodline just yet.

Thanks to the explanation Kyuubi gave him, he entered the morgue and stole the bodies of 7 powerful Shinobi (Try and guess who). Which paths and who they were would remain a secret for now.

The door slides open as the new, Genin run into the room. Everyone takes their seats, none noticing the blonde. Chatter erupts making the blonde groan mentally. Thankfully Iruka soon walks in.

"Quite down class!" Iruka yelled, causing the excessive noise inside the classroom to cease. "As many of you know, all 30 of you will be placed in Genin cells of three, usually comprised of two males and one female."

"The Genin teams will be… team 1 (Who the fuck cares), Team 7, Uchiha Sasuke," "Uzumaki Naruto," At this point, all the fan-girls in the class could do was just glare at Iruka as menacingly as possible. That's when Kiba stands up, "But, Iruka the dobe didn't pass and he isn't even here!" Iruka looks around the room, looking for the orange clad blonde. A coughing sound is heard, and everyone looks to the back. The blonde boy in white raises a hand, "Yo." Iruka simple sweat drops and continues. "Final member of Squad 7, Haruno Sakura Haruno led by, Hatake Kakashi." Iruka finally finished, ignoring the death threats towards Sakura and the cries of joy erupting from the pink haired girl's (I think it's a girl) mouth.

"Team 8, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino and Hyuuga Hinata, led by Yuuhi Kurenai. Team 10, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji and Yamanaka Ino, led by Sarutobi Asuma. The Jounin senseis will be here soon." Iruka finished and heard a knock on the door, revealing one Sarutobi Asuma and one Yuuhi Kurenai.

I am Yuuhi Kurenai, Team 8, please follow me." The red eyed lady said, walking out the classroom.

"Sarutobi Asuma, Team 10 come with me." The Sandaime's son said, whilst lighting a cigarette.

Two Hours Later

Appearing in a puff of smoke is a one eyed Jounin wearing a black face mask.

"Erm…hi…I'm Hatake Kakashi. Team 7 follow me to the roof." Kakashi said as he went up in smoke.


"Why are you late?" An annoyed Sakura asked.

"I got lost on the road of life." Kakashi said in a bored tone.

"LIAR!" Sakura screamed at her new sensei.

"Okay now, introduce yourselves one at a time. Starting with you," Kakashi pointed to Sakura.

"Kakashi-sensei, what am I supposed to say?" Sakura asked.

Sighing, Kakashi replied by introducing himself. "I'll give you an example. I'm Hatake Kakashi. I like a lot of things and I dislike a lot of things. My hobbies are private and I'm not going to tell you my dream." He said the three Genin sweat dropped.

"Okay. My name is Haruna Sakura, and what I like is…I mean who I like is…" She looked at Sasuke. "My hobbies include watching…" She kept looking at Sasuke. "My dream is to…" She looked away from Sasuke and blushed. "I hate Naruto and Ino-pig." She said the last sentence with disdain.

"Now the brooding mental one." Kakashi said, motioning for Sasuke to introduce himself.

"Uchiha Sasuke. I like almost nothing. I hate almost everything. My hobbies include training and getting stronger. My ambition is to revive my clan and kill a certain man." As Sasuke finished, Sakura's eyes became hearts once again.

"Now the one who's copying my look?" The sensei said with an eye smile.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto. My likes are training, ramen, Jiji and my precious people. I dislike those who judge before getting know a person, emo's and fan-girls. My hobbies include gardening, reading and training. My dream well I've been thinking about it, and my dream is to protect Konoha with all my might!" Kakashi smiles at his blonde student.

"Now meet me at Training Ground 7 tomorrow at 7. We're going to have a test to see if you three are worthy to be real Genin. Oh and don't eat breakfast you'll throw up." Kakashi said.

"Wait, What?! We already passed the graduation exam at the academy, we're all Genin already." Sakura shrieked

"No. That test was only to see which students had the potential to become Genin." The ex-Anbu Captain said.

"What exactly will we be doing?" Naruto said

"Survival training." Kakashi did an eye smile and Shunshin-ed away, leaving the three Genin by themselves.

"Hey Sasuke-kun, want to get something to eat?" Sakura asked, trying to get a date.

"No. Stop annoying me." Sasuke said and walked away.

Sakura saddened and headed towards Training Ground 7. When she looked back, she saw that Naruto was gone as well, leaving her behind.

The end

thats all she wrote also some other stuff i borrowed from potential Paradox just to start of this chapter and a couple of te others. Just puttn it down as ta not get in trouble.