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"Oh my god, Bella, I love you so much" said Edward.

He was naked and in bed next to Bella. They had finished making love for the first time and it was totes the best ever. Bella was in a daze from all the love making and could only sigh as she laid her head on Edward's chest.

"Bella? Are you awake?" Edward asked.

"Hmm?" Bella was shaken from her reverie. " Oh, I'm sorry Edward, I was distracted…you rocked my world."

Edward was pleased to hear this but what he wanted to hear was an "I love you" from Bella. He really did care for her but he was beginning to think she was just using him but he did not know why. When the beautiful Bella Swan had asked the nerdy Edward out he thought it was just a joke but they had actually gone out for a few months and now they had just done it. Surely, she wouldn't have done the things they did together if she was just toying with his heart.

"What time is it?" Bella asked, sleepily.

"It's just after midnight." Edward answered.

"Shit!" Bella hurriedly got out of the bed and began dressing.

"What's wrong?" Edward inquired.

"My dad's going to kill me….God, I can't be late again." Edward began to look dejected and Bella noticed the look of longing in his eyes. "Hey, I had fun tonight," she said with a wink.

"Fun?" Edward was beginning to question if this whole affair had just been a cheap fling. He felt ill.

"Yeah, I mean, you were a virgin, right?"

Edward nodded.

"Well, I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said anything. The other guys I've been with have sucked their first time."

She had meant it as a compliment, but Edward was crushed although he couldn't understand why he felt so angry. He knew that Bella had been with other guys but he still thought they had something special. He loved her but he meant nothing to her. Deep down, Edward knew that he wasn't angry with Bella but with himself because he had fallen in love so easily.

Saying you love the first person you sleep with! God, what a cliché!

By now Bella had dressed and was had gone into the bathroom.

I need to harden my heart. I know this was just a fling so I'll fight the way I feel so things won't be awkward.

Bella returned to the bedroom, gently outlining the hickey on her neck.

"Wow, you really did a number on me." Bella laughed until she noticed the determined look that had replaced the longing on Edward's face.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No, everything is fine." his voice was so cold. "I had fun tonight too."

"Good. So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah…I guess I'll see you around." Edward said, suitably disguising his hurt and putting on a brave front.

Bella felt something pulling at her heartstrings. She wanted to crawl into bed with Edward and spend the night with him but she couldn't and not just because of her curfew. Bella had a reputation to protect, and love didn't fit into the equation. Besides, they were young and had all of their lives to fall in love. Right now, she was just looking for a good time.

"Bye, Eddie."

"Goodbye, Bella."

Somehow I'll learn how to fall out of love with you.

AN: Yes, this chapter is short, but the next few chapters are flashbacks.