Written for an old challenge on the Sugar Quill forums. A bit of a prelude to a story I will begin posting soon.

He sat in the corner, hoping the book he was holding, and his reputation for creative and accurate hexing would keep the others away. Glancing over the top of the thick tome, he assured himself that dropkick Draco was still clamouring for the attention of his peers, quoting his father's letter about the upcoming execution for the ...third? fourth? something like that time. All because he'd been dumb enough to insult a hippogriff, which in itself showed how useless he was. A mistake to be expected from mudbloods, not wizards, who should know better. Pity it hadn't been Granger really, pathetic know-it-all that she was. Theo preferred to know silently. What value was there to knowing if your enemy knew that you knew?

His musings were interrupted by the high pitched giggle of pug-face Parkinson. Theo tried to keep the look of revulsion off his face as she drooled over Malfoy, almost slobbering like that mutt of the gamekeepers. Sweet Merlin, she was even pawing at his hair.

"Oh Draco how I love you, please let me touch your sweet silver hair, I'm your's to command my love." Theo turned to the speaker, who had perfectly mimicked Pansy's tone. "Disgusting isn't it?"

"You're just jealous cause you're not getting any, runt." Blaise grinned evilly at him. Theo bit back a snappish retort. After all, Blaise was getting plenty, his current fancy being a fifth year prefect. The advantages of being tall, handsome and born in early September.

"Oi!" he cried suddenly, as Blaise jerked the book out of his hands.

"Hmmm, fascinating, Olde and Forgotten Bewitchments and Charmes. Any good ones?"

"A few," snapped Theo shortly, grabbing for it. The grin widened on the black boy's face as he stood, holding it well out of Theo's reach.

Two seconds later he was grabbing at his mouth, trying to prevent his teeth from growing any further. "Like that one, for example," Theo muttered as he reclaimed his book and headed for the boy's dorm, ignoring Blaises' yell for him to come fix him up. Hopefully Lacerta noticed the improvement to her boyfriend's looks before anyone reversed the hex.

Of course, Blaise would be out for revenge now, but Theo didn't care. His way in life was to ignore those around him and if they didn't return the favour, hex them until they did. So far it seemed to be working.