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Author's Note: Okay. I'm changing a few facts from the actual story to make this work.

-Bella is a mind reader, exactly the same as Edward. The same tpes of mind reader cannot read each other's mind unless they both allows it, that's why then Edward couldn't read Bella's mind

- Mind readers can also talk to others by telling something in their mind

. Oh yeah, and she also have a mental shield that she can use on her self and others.

- There is NO Renesemee (sorry guys.)


Bella's POV

I just argued with Edward AGAIN. It's been 2 months now; they still won't let me near the humans. Being stuck in this place is just.. TORTURE. Currently he went out hunting with Jasper and Rosalie.

Oh look, they're back. I heard Emmett jump up right away, running down to them shouting. "WE'RE PLAYING TRUTH OR DARE NOW!" Jasper and Edward groaned. "ALICE, BELLA DOWN. HERE. NOW." Emmett shouted again. No wonder Rosalie can be so mad at him sometimes.. He's so annoying.

On the way down, I saw Alice, I had an idea.

Alice's POV

Yay! The last time we played was at least.. 30 years ago? We got banned for a week for destroying Carlisle's car last time.. Oh well. Better go down before Emmett breaks something. It's probably be fun since it's Bella's first time playing with us anyway. I'll finish that magazine later.

On the way down Bella stopped me. I wonder what she wanted..

(Bella telling Alice something..)

"… great plan." I replied.

Bella's POV

This is just total revenge for both Jasper and Edward. This game is gonna be fun.


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