The Uzumaki Clan

By Maori Hard

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Chapter 2

Naruto all of six years young, sat on his lonely swing, by himself . . . again.

His white shirt covered in dirt and small blood stains, scratches and marks covered his pants and shirt, he had a small bandage across his lower chin, three whisker marks across each cheek that symbolize what he had contained

His sun kissed blonde hair covered his lowered face as he stared down at the dirt and bark ground, he could hear the happy mummers and congratulations being called out in the air, Naruto felt the jealousy peak at the sweet sounds of love and care being called to the other children.

Naruto was staring at the ground, not daring to look at the newly graduated genin a few years ahead of himself being congratulated, with hugs and kisses on their successes from happy parents.

Don't look up, don't look up, don't look up. . .

He repeated this in his mind again and again trying to hopefully convince that what he would find if he looked up would be something that just wouldn't interest him, he thought of his favorite flavored ramen or his dreams of being Hokage, anything that would distract him from his rising jealousy but hearing the squeals of joy from caring mothers made him slowly and regretfully look up.

Seeing a glimpse of family happiness always made Naruto's 'mask' break, if only slightly and unnoticed, it was just, seeing something his dreams only thought of, he chuckled at the thought, he always screams at the top of his lungs that he would be Hokage.

You would think that he dreamt about that goal one of these days.

Not once.

Always he dreamt of a happy carefree day with his father and mother, knowing that they would protect them from anything, from the villagers, from the nightmares, he amused himself with the thought of a younger sibling, someone who he could teach about what he knew, someone who would look up to him, but the more he thought of it he wouldn't be able to share them, it was selfish, he knew, but he didn't care.

Naruto amused himself of the thought that the fourth Hokage was his father, you know the hair, the eyes, funny, someone like him being related to him, he was lucky enough to be in this village that once was guarded by the legend himself, and the thought of just being known by him, let alone related would be a dream.

Yeah right.

The village pariah and the village hero being in the same family, heck if they lived on the same street as his he would be beaten down forte mere thought, he would be honored if he glanced his way once, oh well, dreams are what they are, dreams.

But for now he would stare teary eyes at the sight he would give up his dream of Hokage for any day.

He noticed that one of the elderly family members of the passing genin saw him and was giving him a dark glare, several other people caught on to what the man was staring at and joined in.

The previous sounds of laughter and congratulations and the feel of happiness was quickly changed silence and the feel of hate directly aimed at one Naruto, everyone there felt it was justified to just blame him, he held the Kyuubi that obviously meant he was the demon.

While everyone was there their children noticed the silence and saw that most of them were staring at that loudmouth dead last, some of them even joined in to the glares there family sent Naruto, thinking best of their parents wisdom.

Naruto felt the familiar feel of rejection and loneliness, he should of known better, to look up like that thinking he could join in their happiness, stupid, just stupid.

Naruto continued his staring contest with the ground, while hanging on his lonely swing, still feeling their stares, almost stinging his back.

If he looked hard enough he might of seen his sensei smiling evilly, seeing all that just unfolded in front of him, a plan formed in his mind, the more he thought of it the more it seemed to work, it was just too easy.

Several Hours Later. . . .

The sun was setting almost ending this dreadful day.

Mizuki walked slowly and with efficiency of a low chunin rank, he walked up to the lifeless Naruto, not surprised with the fact he didn't notice him, actually if he didn't have a goal that involved him taking most of the heat, he could just take the dam demon out right now.

'No, not now, be patient' he said to himself

"Hello Naruto, why so sad" he said with an all to cheery voice "Oh nothing sensei, its just . . . I failed that damn clone technique exam, man it's killing me, I'm meant to be Hokage soon I should be able to do this" he said covering for his actual sadness, although happy someone decided to talk to him.

"Hmmm . . . you know Naruto, have you considered the alternate way to the clone technique, something the Hokage uses himself, but before I teach it to you, I need some sort of test" he said in a knowledgeable tone, "Alternative?" Naruto knew what this meant of course, but the Naruto the world knew wouldn't of.

Mizuki sighed in contained frustration, knowing of Naruto's reputation he should stick to simpler, smaller words.

"A different way to do the clone technique, something the Hokage uses himself, but before I teach it to you, I need some sort of test" he said evilly

"All you need to know is . . .

Several Hours Later . . .

Naruto was somewhere deep in Konoha's forest, not really knowing where he was, was a part of the test as Mizuki, something about adjusting to your surrounding as sensei put it.

He looked around with a fox like grin, seeing the usual sight of tall oak trees and heavy rain forest covering the surrounding area.

Naruto was looking through the secret scroll of Konoha again quickly looking at things that just didn't seem appealing to him, that shadow clone technique was easier than he anticipated, all that was needed was a different hand sign and an easier amount of chakra to give out (meaning a lot more) and a few hundred appeared like nothing to Naruto.

He thought the more jutsus he learnt he might advance all the way to Hokage.

But there soooo many boring ones, Yamanaka Clan jutsus, pufffff . . . . Nara Clan Jutsus, weak . . . . Hyuga Clan jutsus, weird eyes . . . . Uchiha Clan jutsus, anything connected to the teme made him sick, except for Sakura . . . . Uzumaki clan Jutsus . . . Abur-

Naruto stopped faster than he thought he could, he stared at the name just to reassure himself that his bad reading skills didn't make him mistake it for something else.

In deep bold black ink, it was unmistakable, this was no typo, it was no joke, it was real.

Uzumaki Clan . . . Clan, I'm sure means family, family.

He has a family.

He was part of a family.

The mere thought of a belonging to a family was invigorating; it made the already excited blonde, ecstatic.

He found there was three available jutsu's he read:

Uzumaki, Great Opening, Uzumaki Wind release, Wind Cutter, Uzumaki Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet Technique.

He saw the first one and immediately read the instructions he'll see the effects soon.

He read the hand signs, reread it again and again, saying in a song-sign song voice, anything to get this complicated technique down in his head, this, to Naruto was the hardest part.

Experinced nin said it was the chakra experience and doing the head signs without any mistakes but to Naruto remembering the hand signs was most difficult, usually he just forced the chakra into the technique and that worked well with that shadow clone technique.

Eventually Naruto got the hand signs down, not to an art form but, acceptable to his self teaching standards.
He moved his hands slowly getting used to this interesting formation of seals and hand signs, he learnt from the shadow clone technique that if you practise the seals and don't put in any chakra, you tire less.

Soon he finished the hand signs and was preparing to place in as much of his chakra as he could.
He performed the hand signs, but he concentrated on the chakra he was molding, he was pulling all he could muster, he was going to pass this test with flying colours. He knew that before he let out this jutsu.

"Uzumaki, Great Opening jutsu" he screamed a bit more loudly than he would of preferred. But the feeling of accomplishment, soon overcame him.

Seeing the result come alive in front of him was surprising.

He was expecting the whole forest to go off in flames or something under the lines of cool, but instead his skin started to illuminate, first a little glow like effect, which soon turned to a fully blinding light, he closed his eyes in pain and surprise but the light was so bright, it went through his eyelids, he moved his hands to cover his eyes, but it just made it worst.

The longer the jutsu went it seemed to get stronger and more painful, the light could be seen from anywhere, minutes past and it showed no mercy.

He was going to have to endure the painful experience of this jutsu, he must of made a mistake, he must of, he didn't do the hand signs right or that he didn't put enough chakra in, he didn't know, but he desperately needed too, he wanted to get this down for his family's honor.

Realizing he was out of chakra, he fell face first in the now bare dirt patch, in a surrounding forest of full soft grass, ha.

His luck.

Couldn't even get that one jutsu down.

His own Clan technique.

He was no Hokage.

He didn't deserve his family name.

with Hokage-

He never felt so old before.

He was staring out to the city, hoping and praying for Naruto's quick return, praying for him to be unharmed, knowing full well the intentions of most of his shinobi, if they saw him outside the village walls, unprotected buy his hidden ANBU escort and under the watchful sight of the third.

Then he felt it.

A massive chakra pulse incredible for anyone other than himself.

He worried, wondering if this had to do with his second grandson, chakra that strong and potent must come from the fox.

The sight of that light brought a feeling of astonishment, he knew he had chakra pools of an ANBU but this, incredible, he then realized the effects this would have on others.

He showed the reason to being a Kage level ninja and ran with chakra enhanced legs.

with Mizuki-

He was worried that the light would attract someone, but he needed this, to get stronger he needed the feeling of being a superior to all, he would kill that brat too, he had no use for him if anything if he got caught, he would be just released if the masses found out he murdered the fox.

The thought of the powerful scroll soon to be in his hands made him shiver in excitement, something about being the stronger, more superior ninja always excited him and then he has this scroll with so many forbidden techniques, his thoughts drifted back to the light, he would have to hurry, he was strong but an ANBU could put him in his place any day.

He could always kill the brat and offer him as peace sakes.

He smirked; this brat was useful even when he was soon to be dead.

"Naruto . . . Naruto" Mizuki called out softly.

"S-sensei, I-I passed, I d-did everyt-thing you sa-id" he said weakly being drained from his chakra, coughing up fits, but buy pure will power alone, he was awake trying desperately to ignore the screaming of pain from his muscles.

"Naruto do you want to know why everyone hates you" Mizuki said slowly, trying to get ready to memorize the facial expressions he was about to see knowing full well they'll be memorable ones.

Naruto wasn't expecting this question, this question had been stuck in his mind since as far back as he could remember, his muscles screamed at Naruto to close his eyes and take a small rest, but Naruto had to know, he had to.

"Sensei" He said trying to say words that could explain how much he wanted to know.

He rose to his feet, straining and groaning on his way, he limped four feet closer to Mizuki, he fell over and was on his knees and hands looking up with tears rolling down his eyes.

This was the first time he had cried in over three.

"Please" he said in a whisper.

Mizuki didn't answer, loving the way he was sniveling at his feet, begging.

"Please" he said shouting; he tries to get up again but fell to his face, crying desperately wanting to know why he wouldn't answer him.

Mizuki couldn't play around anymore he wanted, no needed to see the look of horror and shock, displayed across his face.

"You hold the demon Kyuubi No Yoko, the killer of thousands" Mizuki was right, the look of horror and realization displayed across his face was memorable, but he wanted more.

"That's why no one loves you, that's why everyone ignores you, that's why the call you demon, you killed your own parents, you called thousands of families, children, women, innocent civilians, you killed them all" he said, to him it felt like he was just twisting the kunai deeper opening the wound wider.

And he relished in the feeling.

Mizuki went for his large weapon.

Naruto body went stiff, his arms to his side, his back on the grass staring at the beautiful night not bothering to move, he felt nothing, he wouldn't ask for mercy, not bothering to ask to for a quick death, he deserved a slow painful death, he was a demon and a demon deserves no less.

Mizuki had his fun he unhooked his giant shruiken and got in a throwing position.

"Let me finish you, demon" he said smirking.

Naruto, didn't move when he heard him say this, he didn't move when he heard the shruriken fly loose in the air.

The only thing he noticed was that he broke his first ever nindo.

Never cry.

Mizuki saw that death was near for the demon, until a simple kunai stopped it in its tracks, he saw the third Hokage seething feeling the killing intention made him feel like he needed to end this, he reached around trying to end his life.

The third threw a kunai, aimed for his jugular, he wanted him to bleed.

When the Third removed the KI and Mizuki started to think rationally, realizing he didn't want to die, he tried to avoid the kunai but he was too late.

Mizuki fell to the ground a meter away from the secret scroll, blood flowing freely from his open neck, but he needed his power, he crawled with all his might and reached for the scroll but he died before touching the scroll.

The third moved to Naruto side from a distance he could hear mumbling, the closer he got the more he could understand, and the sadder he got.

"That's why . . . that's why . . . everyone hates me" he said with a sad expression on his face.

He moved to his side, he was going to comfort him but his now, life filled eyes were dead, it startled and scared him.

He picked him up with a tears falling down his checks.

Somewhere Unknown . . .

The elderly man felt a stinging pain coming from his Tattoo, he stared at the color and concentrated on how it felt, the deep orange glow that did not fade but glowed.

He didn't know how or what was happing but the tattoo only reacts to one thing.

"Boy" he screamed out.

A young servant came to his call.

"Yes, Kenji-sama" he asked politely, with a bowed head, nothing but respect for a person such as him.

"Send for the council, a meeting in ten minutes, anyone late will be severely punished" he dammed his unreliable and ageing council.

This was Important.

Very Important.

This was his Grandson.

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