The Uzumaki Clan

Chapter 12

The battle between villages

the dark clouds rolled over the gentle blue skies, and the sound of fire and explosions in the distance as the cries of help and mercy went to deaf ears.

The six men trapped inside the purple shield stared at each other with mixed emotions, Orochimaru's smirk was maddening to Sarutobi, to think that this was all avoidable, with a strike off his hand he could have easily finished off his weakened former student and now karma was back.

And it was a bitch slap to the face.

His sensei's and a person who he considered a somewhat second son figure, returned from the eternal slumber, used by Orochimaru's cursed techniques, Sarutobi damned his student and promised to his sensei and successor that they would never be disturbed ever again.

The Nadaime and Shodaime looked basically as he remembered as a child, they both had the same armor type, light metal armor that protects from basic metal attacks, the key difference was Nadaime's dark blue and the Shodaime's dark red.

Each had black long sleeved and taped ankles with open foot sandals, Nadaime had a large white fur collar and a helmet like shinobi headband that covered the sides to his face and his forehead, he had three red stripes marked on his face, two on his cheeks and one on his chin, his hair was grey and spiky, his skin was a unhealthy pale looking color and his normally vibrate ice blue colored eyes seemed dull and inattentive, Sarutobi could see the life being pulled from him, it only angered him further.

The Shodaime's armor was a pale red, mixed with the blood of his former enemies, his headband wrapped firmly across his forehead with several strands of his black hair loose across his aging face; his light metal shoulder pads hid the sides of his neck and his long dark hair moved with the strong winds, his usually tanned skin matched the paste color of his brothers and his light brown eyes looked distant and outward towards the sky, ignoring his surroundings, to Sarutobi, it seemed like he was embracing the life that was forcibly taken from him all those years ago.

Sarutobi glared at his student, his pale skin and black hair clung to his head in the heat of the excitement, his smirk was maddening and his yellow eyes made him wonder how he didn't see the look of desire, the look that meant nothing was too valuable, nothing was going to stop him from his goals, nothing was impossible to him.

The first kept his vision on the sky as he watched with a frown as the dark clouds rolled over the peaceful skies, he turned his head to the side to see his only brother, and you would expect a somewhat heartwarming reunion between the two who have been separated for many years, but a simple nod from the first to his younger brother and a return nod, not a word spoken as they looked outwards to their surroundings.

"A strange technique wouldn't you say brother" Hashirama said to his brother.

The second raised his arm, looking at it in an intrigued manner "Yes brother, truly a sight to see" he said as he flexed his shoulder as he continued looking around at his surroundings, ignoring the buildings that were blazing in the distance, the dead bodies of their fellow shinobi and civilian scattered across the roads and buildings all went ignored or somehow unnoticed to them.

Tobirama looked behind him as he felt the hate and excitement growing; a young Orochimaru came to mind as he looked at this man, which had the many features that resembled the young rookie of the year.

Hashirama looked at the elderly man that stared daggers towards the older Orochimaru, not a smile or frown, not a single speck of emotion as if he never saw the man in front of him, as if he never treated him like his own son.

But the lack of emotion and the hate filled air was nothing compared to the electricity building between the one and only Minato Namikaze and the legendary Kenji Uzumaki.


Jiraiya was a pervert.

I'm sorry Jiraiya is a pervert.

Super pervert actually.

There's a difference.

Trust me.

Tsunade liked to drink.

Like a lot.

Like borderline Alcoholic a lot.

She was also a gambler.

Gambled like hell.

Did I forget to say she was unlucky?

Like being called 'Legendary Sucker' unlucky.

So mixing it all together resulted in a very unpredictable situation.

Take a guess.

As the strikes of Tsunade blew past as he held her chakra enhanced arms with little success, she pushed him away as he was thrown back, he gathered his feet and balance as he leapt towards his former lover.

Jiraiya watched with regret as each opening went ignored, he dodged and sidestepped, he avoided any fatal blows and found his body not attacking with that killer intent to harm, it reminded him of his weakness when fighting Orochimaru, never trying to truly harm him and now Tsunade.

As the fight proceeded, Jiraiya couldn't help but let his mind wonder to better times, the times of when they held each other in their arms, stared into each other's eyes for who knows how long.

The sex was great, but it all was subpar to the times they had spent together, he truly fell for her and no matter how many years they had been separated he was hers.

He remembered the day the two broke up, truly a day he hated to remember so vividly, he had been gone on an undercover mission to Iwa, a gather information assignment with an unusually large assignment time.

But the only downside to Jiraiya's life at the time was the long time he would spend away from his beloved, his life at the time was at an incredible upside, he was young, in love, well known, lived in a time of short lived peace and he recently found a new interest in novel writing nothing was wrong, everything was perfect.

Tsunade reached behind her and felt a decently large boulder, she moved her chakra with hard worked perfection and felt her muscles clench with newly found power and strength.

She winded her arm back and aimed for his still body she remembered the times together.

Oh the wonderful times, how they could talk for hours on end and yet they could just stare at each other without speaking a word, how his perverted side was slowly shrinking and focusing on her and how her inner pervert felt thrilled at the thought that she was all that he needed.

Jiraiya pushed aside the projectile as he waited for the next move, Tsunade charged forward with her arm drawn back and green chakra building within her fist waiting for the perfect time to release and destroy her target.

Jiraiya frowned at the seriousness of the attack, he pounced backwards and slammed his fist to the ground, he muttered the small sentence, as black markings rushed around the small hallway and the pinky wet flesh quickly surrounded the room in a sickeningly fast pace.

The flesh didn't seem to stop her momentum as she felt the chakra reach its final stage, Jiraiya snared as his hair sharpened and surrounded his body.


Temari watched her lap as she pulled batches and batches of grass in frustration, she pulled and pulled, ripping the grass apart, she looked at the piled up grass and made a cry of frustration, pushing it away from her in an almost scared expression.

She stood up in a huff as she tried her best to control her emotions, especially at an important time like this where her throat could be slit at anytime without warning or emotion, she looked around with teary eyes, memories of those tear filled eyes piercing her soul, she felt the hollow look he gave her as she felt the emptiness enter her.

She betrayed him, she said to herself, she betrayed him.

"And for what" she yelled to herself, not really caring to be heard or not, feeling the pent in emotions roll off, if only slightly.

The pent in emotions felt like a heavy weight across her shoulders and a screaming pain in her chest.

His eyes, his beautiful eyes staring at her with an expression she never wanted to see, ever.

The look of betrayal and emptiness, the look of heartbreak and sadness, she remembered the sight all to vividly, the aura of heartbreak surrounded him as the smoke blocked her vision.

She had never been so emotionally and physically exhausted at a time like this, her chakra was running low and the stress she felt from her decision to leave Naruto was slowly, slowly building.

Someone placed a hand on her shoulder, she stiffened in fear for a split second, but years of training forced the kunai in her hand.

She saw Kankuro staring at her with a confused look, she eased her tensed muscles and her guard went down slightly, she cursed herself for letting herself being caught in this predicament of emotional distress.

"Temari what-

"Gaara over there" she pointed at the direction she last saw her sibling in, wiping the fresh tears with her free hand.

"Temari what hap-

"Leave me alone" she said yelled, wanting to be left alone.


"Just Leave" she screamed at him, Kankuro moved back confused.

"Please just. . . just leave" she whispered to her brother, just loud enough to be heard over the sounds of war and battle echoing in the distance.

Kankuro was confused, but complied, he frowned as he went in the direction she pointed at to help his brother.

As she used her kunoichi senses, she felt that Kankuro was out of ear shot as she felt fresh tears roll down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry" she whispered, somehow feeling that if she said it aloud somehow he would hear her.

"I'm sorry"


Kushina pulled the dark green blade out, jade was considered the deadliest to carriers of demon blood, legend foretell Shinigami's imprisonment was a jail cell made of the jade substance, until his eventual breakout, through help from the many powerful demons and gods.

The sunset in the distance was blocked by the black smoke of burning buildings and the growling grey clouds slowly swallowed the very few rays of sunlight left to illuminate the village and battlefield.

Kushina pulled the whirlpool headband tighter around her forehead and tightened the bandages around her wrists.

She looked at the crying mess of a Suna kunoichi, she pitied her as she saw the small glimpses of her that reminded her of herself.

It was such a shame that the Kyuubi's Influence was so strong.

Like that of her trapped son, she wouldn't allow the dark forces of the nine tails to harm anymore people.

She will ease the pain that she is suffering.

The dagger glinted in the distance as Temari saw the red headed woman holding a dagger in the distance.

"Who are you" Temari said as she held the kunai to her chest, in a defensive manner, looking at the flanks, wondering if this woman was a distraction.

She smiled as she looked at the strategic mind that this young genin displayed, the way she looked at her surroundings as to check if she was surrounded, her mind was focused on detecting any genjutsu or trap that she may have laid, her kunai was not aiming at her location but was centered at her chest, a way of defensive to protect her center.

"Who are you" she said once more and even louder, but was bluntly ignored by the smirking red headed nin, she felt herself curse again as she had left her fan with Gaara, she was a well rounded nin, but her ninjutsu was based around her fan.

Temari's eyes concentrated on the headband to try and gather some research from this kunoichi, who was strangely staring at her and even more unusually standing still.

"The Kyuubi . . . . his influence has harmed you" she said in a slickly voice that seemed unnatural to the woman.

Temari stared confused at the woman, Kyuubi . . . . the nine tails, what had the demon have to do with this, the demon had perished with the fourth Hokage a long time ago, why did this psycho bring it up all of a sudden.

"It has my baby, and now, it has you under its dark spell" she said in a low unnatural voice that just felt evil and unstable, her green eyes flickered to the side to side, and her hands shook with some sort of fear, Temari herself could feel the aura of paranoia, fear and power all together in this unstable kunoichi.

"What are you talking about" Temari spoke in a shaky voice, filled with fear and curiosity, Kushina eyes squinted at the look of confusion set heavily across her face, this in turn confused Kushina, she was under the impression that the underlings of Kyuubi would know a fair amount about their master.

"You know exactly what I am talking about, young Kunoichi, your demonic master has his spell over my poor baby Naru-chan" Kushina spoke with a stable, insulted voice.

Temari mind blasted at the name, Naru-chan . . . . Naruto-kun, could this strange woman be the mother of her beloved.

Temari's guard stayed as it was, if anything the way she talked made her more concerned for her safety, the crazed mother of Naruto thought she was under some sort of demonic influence.

Kushina saw the closing gap between her and the possessed Suna girl and sneered as she slowly dragged out her jade dagger "I will ease your suffering girl; your soul will be released from the grip of the nine tails" she said as she slowly started walking towards her, turning into a slow jog and into a fast sprint as she aimed for the heart.


Sasuke slashed downwards as the warm gushing blood escaped the downed sound nin as it was soon replaced by twelve men and women of different enemy villages.

I need my sharingan, he repeated in his mind over and over, again and again as each nin he took down was replaced by another, but after every kill a scratch and mark, a bruise and puncture, his muscles burned and screamed at him to stop, but his survival instincts and Uchiha mindset and natural stubbornness pushed himself further and further into the lines of battle.

His dark seal glowed an evil aura, as his Uchiha blood rushed in pleasure as each nin fell to his hands, it was a rush that had no superior, he lived for this feeling.

The Iwa and Suna nin that consistently fell to his hands made his confidence grow and his ego inflated at each kill that he accumulated.

Then all of a sudden, he felt a rush of energy, not like that of the seal, the seal felt like he had an extra arm or like his chakra was suddenly enlarged and expanded through little to no effort.

But this, this feeling made him fell free, like he could do anything ahead of time, he slashed down at a man and saw the reflection in some scattered glass.

He felt his burden lift, if only slightly, in his mind he looked ahead and saw his brother, he looked ahead and saw that he was closer, closer than he ever was before.

He yelled a war cry as his body reacted to the newly found strength, his joy met no end as he attacked man after man, his blood rushing faster than ever before, his eyes burning the memories into his brain.

His mind was so preoccupied, that in this situation he was prepared for a enemy nin to be under a genjutsu.

Sasuke's mind went white as his neck succumbed to the blow that paralyzed his body for a second, his body collapsed underneath his own weight as he felt strong arms catch him roughly and carry him off from the battle.

His blood red eyes closed slowly as his Sharingan recorded one last image of a silver haired man with glasses, a Konoha headband and a devilish smirk.


Naruto stood still as the medic working on him pulled the needle in and out, the men that were assigned to guard over him were impressed and disgusted at the sight they were witnessing.

The memory of the fresh wound being opened and his eyes not even showing the signs of pain, even as the medic poured some sort of concoction of that seemed like clear water to the untrained eye but as the liquid made contact with the bloodied skin it turned into some white foam.

Even the medics stopped for a second in surprise as the stunned look on their faces made them believe this was a truly painful procedure, the men from a fair distance could feel a slight heat from the reaction of the liquid, yet the boy showed no sign of pain and or discomfort, not a flinch, not even a blink of the eye.

The medic finished and bowed in silence, the procedure was complete.

"Naruto-sama, your surgery is complete" he said in complete respect, this boy went through a hell of a lot of pain and didn't even flinch, he earned his respect.

"Please leave me" he said standing up, groaning in pain, the first indication that his body reacted to the pain he felt earlier, the two medics left with their heads bowed in respect.

Naruto sighed in a tiresome tone, he walked inside the large ceremonial tent to the large vanity mirror to see the injuries he was dealt.

He looked at his body through the mirror with a frown, his long golden hair was spread across his sweaty forehead and body, his whirlpool headband worn across his upper arm, the material holding the metal insignia was damaged heavily, slightly burnt and worn out in some corners, marks and scratches all across the metal, nothing as noticeable as a nuke-nin mark, just a worn out, treasured headband.

His body was ripped with full muscles, a full six-pack and chiseled chest, deep muscle cut arms and legs that carried power, small nicks and scars were marked across his body nothing to deep thankfully.

His entire lower body was covered in dark scarlet bandages, he rasied an eye at the look of the damage, he slowly removed the bandages with a frown marked across his face.

The bandages fell with a thud, Naruto stared at the damage caused by Gaara.

All around it wasn't that really that bad, he had a fairly large scar across his abs, and a large pink burn mark over his left hip.

His entire body was covered in grime and dirt, dried up blood and sweat covered his body, he mind was swimming with emotions, as the only decently clean part of his body was his cheeks, he knew why as fresh tears continued to slowly roll down his cheeks.

He wiped his tears off and said to himself "Get over yourself" as if that would help.

He looked over to the side and grabbed a wet rag and slowly washed the layer of dirt, blood and sweat off.

But a small glint in the mirror showed a hidden figure in the dark corner.

Naruto rolled to the side and got to his feet and grabbed his sword, he sheathed it quickly and was about to attack, before he saw the nin quickly bow.

"Who are you" he said in a demanding tone.

"I am sent from the village hidden in the clouds" the nin said as Naruto stared closely at the nin.

The nin was heavily covered in dark baggy clothing and had a ANBU like mask covering the nins face, this unnerved him.

"Show me your face" he said pulling the sword out closer to the bowing nin, the ninja stiffened if only slightly and slowly pulled the mask off.

Naruto eyes looked at the newly discovered woman, she has long blonde hair reaching her lower back and bangs all tied together tightly, most of her hair covered a fair amount of her Kumo headband, she had a pretty face, small nose and cat like eyes with a dark brown color, her lips were full and plump and her cheeks seemed to be blushing madly at the younger shinobi presenting himself.

"Your name, rank and explain to me why you are here" he barked at the woman, maybe a year or two older then he.

"My name is Yugito Nii, special jonin of Kumogakure and my mission was to send you a message from my master" she explained holding out a ceremonial scroll in her small hands.

Naruto snatched the scroll from her, before looking at it he demanded one final thing.

"And who is your master, the Raikage" he said as his voice and body language didn't show his trust in this kunoichi.

"No, no sir" she said in a small voice.

"Well then who is it from" he yelled, he was having a bad day, he felt that he had the right to act like a jerk if only a while.

"It is from master Killer Bee" she said in a respectful tone.


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