Chii-kun- "Um…. Hi! This is probably my first D. gray man fan fic."

Miranda- "Probably?"

Chii-kun- "Yes, but not the first planned. This idea came to me a moment ago and yeah…. And couldn't resist writing it down before I go crazy."

Miranda- "…Chii-kun does not own D. gray man."

Chocolate and Vanilla

I stared in disbelief at the stack of plates beside the teenage boy sitting in front of me. Allen ate: one plate of steak, two servings of salmon, and a medium bowl of salad with ranch dressing, two bowls of curry, etc.

After eating all of THAT, he's currently eating vanilla sundae with chocolate syrup with whipping cream and a cherry on top.

On top of that, he didn't seem full….yet.

I seemed to wonder if he got a stomach ache after eating odd combinations of food; but I never heard any complaints from him about it ever since he joined the Order.

A question then popped into my mind…..



"What do I taste like?" I replied simply.

He choked "Wha-what?"

I covered my mouth after realizing what I just said. I slightly shook my head. "Sorry, it's nothing," I assured. It was silly of me to ask such a question. What made me to think of, or ask something like that?

I hoped that he'll forget and dropped the subject, but my hopes were turned down when he pressed.

"R-really, c-could you repeat the question?"

I bit my lip nervously. I glanced at him warily….into his beautiful dark grey eyes. He stared back at me with that….look. I swear that he is not only cursed with that left eye and able to see akuma; but he is extremely cursed with cuteness that would sadly put puppies and kittens to shame.

" I taste like?" I repeated.

"Um… I don't know just by looking at..."

I stood up and walked over towards him as I was pulled by my heart strings. I bent down to his level and stared into deep into his eyes. I softly caressed his cheek; my hand slowly slid beside his mark and twined my fingers between his white locks. I closed my eyes as I puckered my lips as I reached for his lips. My heart beat raced rapidly; my lips trembled. I felt his nervous breath against my nose, but he didn't move. As I locked my lips with his, loud gasps and shock echoed in the cafe from the finders, staff, and other exorcists.

I parted my lips with his grasping for air. His face flushed beet red and his eyes were filled with shock. I quickly turned away from him as blood rushed to my cheeks. As I placed my hands to my cheeks, I could feel that my face was almost red as his.

What have I done? I….. I didn't think I was ready for this…but…but… I just did….I kissed him! I hope this won't ruin our friendship… I shut my eyes as these thoughts ran through my mind. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard him say,

"Y-y-you t-taste like chocolate." I glanced back at him. His eyes were focus to the direction of my seat. He had a slight blush on his cheeks. He then looked at me curiously with a grin. "What do I taste like?"

I licked my lips to taste the leftover from his lips. I then smiled. "Vanilla"

"Chocolate and vanilla, they go well together, ne? Especially if it's a sundae."

I chuckled. "Yes"

He stood up and wrapped his arms around my waist and drew me close as I wrapped my own arms around his neck. I then paused.

"Wait, Allen-kun, I don't think we…."

He smiled. "As a gentleman, it's natural to return a kiss to a lady." My cheeks flushed pink.

We then kissed each other passionately on the lips ignoring my older brother's loud panic scream from the entrance.



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