Itachi was in akatsuki HQ alone in the hall, no one could disturb him.

Tobi saw Itachi crouching on the floor doing nothing.

Tobi stood behind Itachi and stomp his foot but a little low, itachi did not respond.

Then a little louder still Itachi did not respond.

This made Tobi mad then 'BAM BAM' and this time Itachi responded.

"No Tobi this is not international airport."

Tobi ran way crying and then Sasuke came with a kitchen knife to kill Itachi.

And then itachi stopped him, "And Sasuke you cannot touch this."

And Itachi started shaking his butt, and then Sakura came from the kitchen kicked itachi aside, "Sasuke! I know it is too late but I have to tell you this that I love you. And I have what Naruto doesn't have, these BIG BOOBS!"

Sasuke disagreed, "But Sakura – chan they are too small, but oh well I have to agree."

And was about to touch them, but Tobi came and knocked Sasuke out and took him a way.

Sakura now was sad, "What is wrong with y'all UCHIHA'S!"

And Kakuzu came saw Sakura and took her heart out.