Sam squinted at the image stuck on the fridge. The grainy black and white splodge which was apparently her child, their child, at 14 weeks gestation.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" Jack murmured. He too had stopped from where he was unloading the groceries on the kitchen counter to stare at the printout Sam had just pinned up on the fridge.

Sam nodded, "Yeah," she flicked him a teasing grin, "Could be a boy though."

Jack left the apples on the counter and joined her to stare at the picture, "Nah, it's a girl. You can't see any guy bits."

Sam rolled her eyes, "I can barely make out where the baby is in the picture, let alone any minute detail."

"Hey!" Jack protested, "Any male offspring of mine has never and will never be described as minute."

Sam pushed him back to the counter, "Janet said she couldn't tell yet anyway."

"So I guess we paint the baby's room yellow then," Jack said lightly. A silence fell between them at the mention of the baby's room. Six weeks after their return from the ice planet, they had been taking things slowly. Dating, Janet had teased her, but Sam wasn't sure that the term was entirely accurate. They spent time together outside of work, sure, but it didn't feel like just dating; instead, it felt as though they were, slowly letting each other into their private lives. It went beyond the usual lightness of dating, yet the slow and easy pace had been perfect in adjusting into the recent changes. But any deeper discussion of their situation, of their relationship, had been kept to a minimum.

"I guess we need to figure out what we are going to do about the living situation." Sam turned a serious gaze on Jack, "Things are going well and…"

"No rush," Jack said gently, "Things are fine as they are, if that's all you want right now."

"Do you want more?" Sam asked.

The intensity in Jack's gaze should have scared her, instead it felt as if her entire body had been filled with a strange tingling sensation, "You know I do," he said evenly, "But you know I can wait 'till you're ready."

Sam thought back on the weeks that had just spent together. The weekends spent gardening and visiting the local national parks, of Jack attempting to fix her heater and making it worse; late night phone calls, soft kisses and the feel of his steady hand on the back of her neck during the worst of her morning sickness.

The vague feeling that it was wrong had faded, the barrier of work was gone, and while she was still adjusting to her life away from active duty, she had reached a certain point where she no longer felt held back from what she wanted.

"I'm ready." The words were out of her mouth before the thought had even ended.

"You sure?" Jack stepped closer to her, one hand stretched out between them hesitantly, "I need you to be sure."

Sam reached out and grasped his hand tightly, "I'm sure."

Jack pulled her close to him tightly and she rested against his chest tucking her head under his chin, she closed her eyes and listened to the sound of his heartbeat, feeling his hand drift down to press against the barely-present bump at her belly. His lips brushed a kiss against her hair and he whispered quietly, "Thank you."

Sam shook her head, thinking of the past month and all the drama and the hurdles still to come, "Don't thank me yet."

Jack rubbed a hand over her belly, his voice soothing, "Things are going to work out just fine, Carter."

The usual uncertainty failed to flare at his words and Sam felt the stirrings of contentment settle through her. She really did believe things were going to be okay. Maybe not smooth and easy, but Jack was right, things would be fine.

"I know." Sam shifted to look at him and gave him a grin, "I'm hungry, lets make pancakes."

"Pancakes?" Jack raised his eyebrows, "It's three in the afternoon."

"Pancakes," Sam said firmly, "We can discuss the living situation once I've eaten." She picked up a teatowel and swatted him lightly.

"Okay," Jack stepped out the way and towards the cupboards, his hands up in surrender, "The lady and the bump want pancakes. Pancakes they get."


The END!

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